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Action Star
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9 year old Horse

Action Star - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
02/10/19-R11Action Star12thKyo1 3/8 m TKyoto Kinen-G24+DanburiteStay FoolishMakahiki2:14.80
10/28/18-R11Action Star11thTok1 1/4 mTTenno Sho (Autumn)-G13+Rey de OroSungrazerKiseki1:56.80
10/07/18-R11Action Star11thTok1 1/8 mTMainichi Okan-G23+AerolitheStelvioKiseki1:44.50
02/11/18-R11Action Star9thKyo1 3/8 m TKyoto Kinen-G24+ClincherAl AinRey de Oro2:16.30
10/09/17-R11Action Star12thKyo1 1/2mTKyoto Daishoten-G23+Smart LayerTosen BasilCheval Grand2:23.00
02/12/17-R11Action Star9thKyo1 3/8 m TKyoto Kinen-G24+Satono CrownSmart LayerMakahiki2:14.10
01/17/17-R11Action Star9thKyo1 1/2mTNikkei Shinshun Hai-G24+Mikki RocketSciacchetraMondo Intero2:25.70
10/10/16-R11Action Star6thKyo1 1/2mTKyoto Daishoten-G23+Kitasan BlackAdmire DeusLovely Day2:25.50
09/25/16-R11Action Star8thNak1 3/8 m TAll Comers Stakes-G23+Gold ActorSatono NoblesseTsukuba Azuma O2:11.90
06/04/16-R11Action Star9thHan1 1/4 mTNaruo Kinen-G33+Satono NoblesseStaphanosPrince Pesca1:57.60
04/03/16-R11Action Star8thHan1 1/4 mTOsaka Hai-G24+AmbitiousKitasan BlackShonan Pandora1:59.30
03/26/16-R11Action Star6thNak1 9/16 mTNikkei Sho-G24+Gold ActorSounds of EarthMarialite2:36.80
12/12/15-R11Action Star11thHan1 1/8 mTChallenge Cup-G33+FlukyHistoricalSiberian Superb1:46.10
02/15/15-R11Action Star10thKyo1 3/8 m TKyoto Kinen-G24+Lovely DaySuzuka DeviousKizuna2:11.50
01/18/15-R11Action Star16thKyo1 1/2mTNikkei Shinshun Hai-G24+Admire DeusHula BrideAdmire Flight2:24.80
01/04/15-R11Action Star13thKyo1 mileTKyoto Kimpai-G34+Win Full BloomExtra End Meiner Merienda1:32.80
04/27/14-R11Action Star10thKyo1 mileTMilers Cup-G24+World AceFieroExtra End 1:31.40
03/15/14-R11Action Star17thChu1 1/4 mTChunichi Shimbun Hai-G34+MartinboroughLachesisLovely Day2:01.70
02/16/14-R11Action Star7thKyo1 3/8 m TKyoto Kinen-G24+DesperadoTosen RaUncoiled2:16.00
10/20/13-R11Action Star9thKyo1 7/8 mTKikuka Sho (Japanese St.Leger)-G13EpiphaneiaSatono NoblesseBande3:05.20
09/22/13-R11Action Star4thHan1 1/2mTKobe Shimbun Hai-G23EpiphaneiaMajesty HeartsSatono Noblesse2:24.08
05/26/13-R10Action Star14thTok1 1/2mTTokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G13KizunaEpiphaneiaApollo Sonic2:24.30
05/04/13-R11Action Star6thKyo1 3/8 m TKyoto Shimbun Hai-G23KizunaPeptide AmazonGiant Leap2:12.30
03/17/13-R11Action Star10thNak1 1/8 mTSpring Stakes-G23LogotypeTamamo Best PlayMeiner Ho O1:47.80
01/21/13-R11Action Star2ndNak1 1/4 mTKeisei Hai-G33Fame GameAction StarK I Chosan2:02.30
12/22/12-R11Action Star4thHan1 1/4 mTRadio Nikkei Hai Nisai Stakes-G32EpiphaneiaBad BoyKizuna2:05.40
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