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Ace And Jim
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18 year old Gelding
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Ace And Jim - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
06/07/13-R5Ace And Jim4thEvD6 fDClaim3+Zarby's HomeMylekaRazmataz1:11.19
05/23/13-R6Ace And Jim1stEvD5 1/2 fDClaim3+Ace And JimHaitian HeroWaiting On Hunter1:04.99
04/25/13-R10Ace And Jim8thEvD1 mileDClaim3+Commodore WayAvenue BHigh Stakes Silver1:39.05
03/31/13-R2Ace And Jim2ndFG6 fDClaim4+RazmatazAce And JimHumor's Punch1:11.38
03/20/13-R4Ace And Jim1stDeD7 fDClaim4+Ace And JimYukon BanditHighhopeside1:26.97
01/25/13-R8Ace And Jim2ndDeD6 1/2 fDClaim4+Market IceAce And JimStealth Hero1:20.38
01/11/13-R7Ace And Jim7thDeD5 fDClaim4+Drifiting WindLorenzoGoldzar0:58.91
12/28/12-R5Ace And Jim7thDeD7 fDClaim3+Sea The SoldierKarma DistractionKeep The Money1:27.75
12/06/12-R6Ace And Jim2ndDeD6 1/2 fDClaim3+Teenager In LoveAce And JimCape San Blas1:19.56
11/21/12-R4Ace And Jim6thDeD5 fDClaim3+Stretch O'brienToolengthsofliteProlonged0:59.27
10/26/12-R4Ace And Jim2ndDeD5 fDClaim3+Stretch O'brienAce And JimPart Of My Family1:00.30
10/05/12-R6Ace And Jim1stRet6 fDStr3+Ace And JimSpecial TreePort Of Seattle1:10.56
09/21/12-R2Ace And Jim2ndLaD6 fDStr3+Storm HalfAce And JimRiverboat Bandit1:11.15
09/06/12-R2Ace And Jim1stEvD5 1/2 fDClaim3+Ace And JimTupelo PlayboySalty And Fast1:04.43
08/09/12-R2Ace And Jim1stEvD6 fDClaim3+Ace And JimTribute's Best OneBrendyn Jo1:10.00
06/29/12-R5Ace And Jim1stEvD6 fDClaim3+Ace And JimPart Of My FamilyGiant Hit1:11.27
06/06/12-R4Ace And Jim1stEvD6 fDClaim3+Ace And JimDrifting WindYouarefun1:10.74
05/24/12-R9Ace And Jim4thEvD5 1/2 fDClaim3+Paid UpDynamic TimeTupelo Playboy1:04.35
03/15/12-R6Ace And Jim5thDeD5 fDClaim4+Seattle SniperCan't ComplainWilby's Ray0:58.38
02/25/12-R8Ace And Jim4thDeD5 fDAlwOC4+Rail RidgeWilby's RayBrite Desire0:58.34
01/07/12-R8Ace And Jim7thDeD5 fDAlwOC4+Baggy CatWilby's RayBamjan0:58.93
12/21/11-R4Ace And Jim1stDeD5 fDClaim3+Ace And JimWilby's RayHuffs Hunter0:58.32
11/25/11-R1Ace And Jim1stRP5 fDStr3+Ace And JimBold MinardiDistinguish0:57.30
11/12/11-R4Ace And Jim3rdRP3fDStr3+Banner CatBlack Ida's Jo JoAce And Jim0:32.37
10/29/11-R8Ace And Jim4thRP5 fTClaim3+Momma's BadnewsWholelotatricksEbbtide0:56.77
10/14/11-R5Ace And Jim1stRP3fDStr3+Ace And JimLoves BonusA J's Cat0:31.75
09/22/11-R7Ace And Jim2ndRP5 fDClaim3+Henshin HeroAce And JimBig Cat0:56.90
09/03/11-R4Ace And Jim7thRP6 fDClaim3+Bold MinardiMctallahRotary1:09.11
07/03/11-R1Ace And Jim4thPrM5 1/2 fDAlwOC3+Plenty O' JackGraysoniaShorty Small1:03.08
06/18/11-R7Ace And Jim4thPrM5 1/2 fDClaim3+GraysoniaRange WarBullfighter1:03.65
05/31/11-R7Ace And Jim5thPrM5 fDAlwOC3+Vinny V.Antelope RidgeShorty Small0:57.75
05/16/11-R7Ace And Jim4thPrM5 1/2 fDAlwOC3+The Big WaveCactus TownHappy Humor1:03.66
04/26/11-R1Ace And Jim1stPrM5 fDAlwOC3+Ace And JimShorty SmallCactus Town0:57.88
03/26/11-R6Ace And Jim3rdWrd5 fDClaim4+ConkigoAgosto's TuneAce And Jim0:57.78
02/18/11-R2Ace And Jim5thDeD5 fDAlwOC4+Captain BuddyBamjanRanger Danger0:58.06
02/11/11-R4Ace And Jim6thHou5 fTStr4+Her ManDove ExpressWilby's Ray0:57.56
01/24/11-R8Ace And Jim3rdHou5 1/2 fDStr4+At The BrinkStorm TunerAce And Jim1:05.52
12/30/10-R8Ace And Jim1stDeD5 fDAllow3+Ace And JimRichmarCamp Bret0:59.28
12/03/10-R10Ace And Jim1stRP5 fDAlwOC3+Ace And JimMctallahCape Seattle0:57.00
11/19/10-R9Ace And Jim6thRP6 fDClaim3+True CoursePhantom StrikeDirty Dub1:10.04
10/30/10-R7Ace And Jim3rdRP5 fTClaim3+Daring AttractionFlatland FeverAce And Jim0:56.49
10/06/10-R8Ace And Jim6thRP5 fTAlwOC3+WholelotatricksTomahawk CreekBizet0:56.00
09/18/10-R3Ace And Jim8thRP6 fDClaim3+True CourseCharlie's PrayerWorld Wide Web1:09.83
09/01/10-R9Ace And Jim8thRP5 fTClaim3+Flatland FeverTen SevenHesluckytoo0:56.31
08/19/10-R6Ace And Jim7thRP3fDStr3+Tomahawk CreekWild BuckarooTalkin Fine0:32.58
08/05/10-R8Ace And Jim1stPrM6 fDAlwOC3+Ace And JimYes He's A PistolTenth Power1:10.12
07/23/10-R1Ace And Jim2ndPrM6 fDClaim3+The Big WaveAce And JimOrientation Hall1:09.54
06/29/10-R1Ace And Jim1stPrM6 fDClaim3+Ace And JimYes He's A PistolBlyde River Boy1:09.52
06/18/10-R5Ace And Jim1stEmD6 fDClaim3+Ace And JimAfleet PeteYouhadyourchance1:09.00
05/21/10-R2Ace And Jim1stEmD6 fDClaim3+Ace And JimDo BoyGotadowatisdidtoo1:10.20
09/25/09-R7Ace And Jim1stEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+Ace And JimSlashedBijou Barrister1:03.00
09/10/09-R1Ace And Jim1stEmD5 1/2 fDMcl3+Ace And JimChatham RoadHubble Cast1:03.00
08/29/09-R3Ace And Jim2ndEmD5 fDMcl3+Star Of NomeAce And JimStorm Leader0:58.00
08/15/09-R3Ace And Jim5thEmD6 fDMcl3+Lacuenta Por FavorCaliph's BluffCougar Defense1:09.60
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