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Able Friend
in DerbyVille!
13 year old Gelding

Able Friend - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
02/26/17-R3Able Friend2ndSha7 fTQueen's Silver Jubilee Cup -G13+Helene ParagonAble FriendJoyful Trinity1:21.31
01/30/17-R9Able Friend3rdSha1 mileTStewards' Cup-G13+Helene ParagonJoyful TrinityAble Friend1:34.38
12/11/16-R7Able Friend6thSha1 mileTHong Kong Mile-G13+Beauty OnlyHelene ParagonJoyful Trinity1:33.48
11/20/16-R8Able Friend4thSha6 fTJockey Club Sprint -G23+Not Listenin'tomeLucky BubblesAerovelocity1:08.26
12/13/15-R7Able Friend3rdSha1 mileTHong Kong Mile-G13+MauriceGiant TreasureAble Friend1:33.92
11/21/15-R7Able Friend3rdSha1 mileTJockey Club Mile-G23+Beauty FlameContentmentAble Friend1:33.74
10/25/15-R9Able Friend1stSha6 fTPremier Bowl3+Able FriendGold-FunPeniaphobia1:08.35
06/16/15-R1Able Friend6thAsc1 mileTQueen Anne Stakes-G14+SolowEsoteriqueCougar Mountain1:37.97
05/03/15-R8Able Friend1stSha1 mileTChampions Mile-G13+Able FriendRewarding HeroDan Excel 1:35.39
04/07/15-R7Able Friend1stSha1 mileTChairman's Trophy3+Able FriendBeauty FlameRewarding Hero1:33.76
03/15/15-R7Able Friend1stSha7 fTQueen's Silver Jubilee Cup -G13+Able FriendBeauty FlameGold-Fun1:21.10
01/25/15-R8Able Friend1stSha1 mileTStewards' Cup-G13+Able FriendBeauty FlameRewarding Hero1:33.50
12/14/14-R7Able Friend1stSha1 mileTHong Kong Mile-G13+Able FriendGold-FunGrand Prix Boss1:33.49
11/23/14-R8Able Friend1stSha1 mileTJockey Club Mile-G23+Able FriendGold-FunAmbitious Dragon1:33.46
10/26/14-R8Able Friend4thSha6 fTPremier Bowl3+AerovelocitySuper JockeySmart Volatility 1:08.70
05/04/14-R9Able Friend2ndSha1 mileTChampions Mile-G13+Variety ClubAble FriendDan Excel 1:34.11
04/06/14-R3Able Friend1stSha1 mileTChairman's Trophy3+Able FriendPacking WhizPleasure Gains1:37.19
03/16/14-R8Able Friend2ndSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Derby4Designs On RomeAble FriendDibayani2:02.04
02/16/14-R8Able Friend2ndSha1 1/8 mTHong Kong Classic Cup4Designs On RomeAble FriendSecret Sham1:47.91
01/19/14-R7Able Friend1stSha1 mileTHong Kong Classic Mile4Able FriendDesigns On RomeDibayani1:33.43
12/08/13-R6Able Friend1stSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Able FriendRewarding HeroMajestic Falcon1:34.72
11/24/13-R10Able Friend1stSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Able FriendWah May StarHo In One1:22.12
10/12/13-R10Able Friend3rdSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Winning LeaderGalaxy PrancerAble Friend1:22.62
06/08/13-R7Able Friend1stSha6 fTClass 3 Handicap3+Able FriendMaster SommelierMy Name Is Bond1:08.95
11/22/12-R2Able Friend1stWyg6 1/2 fTClass 13Able Friend1:19.71
11/06/12-R3Able Friend2ndRsh6 fTMaiden Handicap3+Able Friend1:10.64
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