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A Nother Sur Thing - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
02/07/98-R6A Nother Sur Thing7thMnr1 mileDClaim3+ChantytownBottomoftheninthFaux Nom1:40.79
01/26/98-R2A Nother Sur Thing3rdMnr1 70yDClaim3+Arctic BoyPutoneoveronuA Nother Sur Thing1:44.86
09/29/97-R4A Nother Sur Thing9thMnr1 70yDClaim3+Our Gold MineChow Time1:47.25
09/01/97-R7A Nother Sur Thing7thMnr1 3/8 m TStr3+SumtimestwoCount Your ChangeAronimink3:11.24
07/26/97-R3A Nother Sur Thing4thMnr7 1/2 fTClaim3+Halo HansomVoodoo SlewBrave Illusion1:34.77
07/04/97-R9A Nother Sur Thing4thMnr1 3/8 m TStr3+Most ValiantJust SteadyAronimink2:19.61
06/15/97-R5A Nother Sur Thing6thMnr1 3/8 m TStr3+Priceless FreedomSilentcommunicatorSundarijal2:22.44
05/03/97-R9A Nother Sur Thing8thMnr1 1/4 mDStr3+Mystic MornPrivate BetSilentcommunicator2:06.58
04/20/97-R8A Nother Sur Thing5thMnr5 1/2 fDStr3+Broad JetSpeed BarrierVallejo1:05.79
10/21/96-R5A Nother Sur Thing5thMnr1 mileDClaim3+Thank's J And TV. CodeSoarcielo1:38.82
09/27/96-R9A Nother Sur Thing5thMnr1 mileDClaim3+SilentcommunicatorRay Jr.'s FantasyFallston1:39.06
08/18/96-R8A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 3/8 m TStr3+Just SteadyA Nother Sur ThingWalter Zeldow2:57.26
08/04/96-R7A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 3/8 m TStr3+Just SteadyA Nother Sur ThingPradera Gold2:17.58
05/25/96-R4A Nother Sur Thing1stMnr1 mileTClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingNipomo DunesBob's Dash1:37.67
05/11/96-R2A Nother Sur Thing7thMnr1 mileDClaim3+Walter ZeldowThirty CaratsSenda Jade1:41.22
04/28/96-R9A Nother Sur Thing8thBeu1 70yDClaim4+SamwalkiHit The BricksRed Clay Comet1:43.83
04/14/96-R3A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 mileDClaim3+Walter ZeldowA Nother Sur ThingPrince Ozanian1:43.63
04/08/96-R7A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 70yDClaim3+WillowshadeA Nother Sur ThingBob's Dash1:48.75
03/30/96-R7A Nother Sur Thing5thMnr1 70yDClaim3+Doc ShomperThirty CaratsWillowshade1:49.14
03/03/96-R8A Nother Sur Thing4thMnr1 70yDClaim3+Hold Your DonutsPebble HillWaccasassa Bay1:45.93
02/23/96-R6A Nother Sur Thing1stMnr1 mileDClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingMister BudNun To Steady1:45.09
02/04/96-R6A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 70yDClaim3+Energy MachineA Nother Sur ThingDee Litigator1:43.42
01/27/96-R6A Nother Sur Thing1stMnr1 70yDClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingDuke's OrbitA Real Corker1:46.19
12/26/95-R7A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 70yDClaim3+Ichabod RiderA Nother Sur ThingPebble Hill1:42.96
11/26/95-R8A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 1/8 mDClaim3+Dr. CookieA Nother Sur ThingJimbos Key1:54.05
11/18/95-R7A Nother Sur Thing3rdMnr1 1/16 mDClaim3+Doc ShomperDr. CookieA Nother Sur Thing1:46.60
11/06/95-R7A Nother Sur Thing2ndMnr1 70yDClaim3+Coconut's WishA Nother Sur ThingSpringshift1:45.47
10/23/95-R8A Nother Sur Thing3rdMnr1 mileDClaim3+Floyd's ProTo The ForumA Nother Sur Thing1:40.57
10/14/95-R14A Nother Sur Thing9thTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+RecuwinJade LightGreengage1:47.18
10/01/95-R9A Nother Sur Thing4thTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+GreengageStormy NormanCatalina Cruise1:47.44
09/24/95-R7A Nother Sur Thing6thMnr1 mileDAllow3+MariousWapati InnHop Ashore1:40.85
09/10/95-R4A Nother Sur Thing6thTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+Last Minute SallyKulaMeadow Bowl1:47.40
08/26/95-R14A Nother Sur Thing5thTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+KulaTo The ForeWalsenburg1:47.11
08/19/95-R3A Nother Sur Thing7thTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+Last Minute SallyGimme Da WordPriceless Freedom1:46.13
07/24/95-R8A Nother Sur Thing8thTdn1 70yDClaim3+Sweet Baby GlenLifey LadMy C. P. A.1:43.02
07/09/95-R7A Nother Sur Thing3rdTdn1 mileDClaim3+Turning HawkKulaA Nother Sur Thing1:39.27
06/22/95-R8A Nother Sur Thing1stTdn1 70yDClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingGats Golden GlovesDays Dwindle Down1:44.10
06/10/95-R4A Nother Sur Thing1stTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingNasty BusinessGrincheux1:45.72
12/09/94-R9A Nother Sur Thing1stTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingLittle Bold BobJoe Pat1:48.35
10/09/94-R3A Nother Sur Thing7thTdn1 70yDClaim3+Bald DancerFree VentureAlpha Mover1:44.54
09/23/94-R11A Nother Sur Thing6thTdn1 70yDClaim3+T. K. CanTrust ProtectorAlpha Mover1:44.32
09/09/94-R8A Nother Sur Thing4thTdn1 mileDClaim3+Fun ToniteUrgencyWinston Manor1:41.90
08/17/94-R7A Nother Sur Thing5thTdn1 70yDClaim3+Trust ProtectorUrgencyNocanflirt1:44.98
08/05/94-R13A Nother Sur Thing1stTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingSnap ChoiceJolie Count1:47.71
07/18/94-R8A Nother Sur Thing1stTdn1 70yDClaim3+A Nother Sur ThingAn Ocala ChargerPleasure Rolo1:45.18
06/29/94-R8A Nother Sur Thing2ndTdn1 70yDClaim3+Fred's In JailA Nother Sur ThingWestern Finale1:43.22
06/13/94-R13A Nother Sur Thing5thTdn1 70yDClaim3+Bar KeepCase The AceWhite Rain1:42.94
06/04/94-R12A Nother Sur Thing4thTdn1 70yDClaim3+Sir HastyWhatasarosRegally Gold1:44.80
05/21/94-R5A Nother Sur Thing10thTdn6 fDClaim3+Joe The Feet Son Of Levre1:11.66
04/30/94-R6A Nother Sur Thing9thTdn6 fDClaim3+Ho Hi HoOhiyaOld Smoothy1:10.93
11/17/93-R15A Nother Sur Thing10thTdn1 70yDClaim3+Lucky White StarCamping OutDahlonega Dan1:44.24
11/08/93-R12A Nother Sur Thing8thTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+Master DueceLittle Bold BobHurricanes Revenge1:45.08
10/17/93-R10A Nother Sur Thing3rdBeu1 mileDClaim3+Thousand PalmsFelliniA Nother Sur Thing1:39.57
10/02/93-R8A Nother Sur Thing6thTdn1 1/16 mDClaim3+An ImprinceTips In CommandDelt House1:46.21
09/06/93-R4A Nother Sur Thing4thTdn1 1/16 mDAllow3+Wisdom SeekerTis Andy's TurnE. C. Brinckerhoff1:45.95
08/28/93-R12A Nother Sur Thing5thTdn1 1/16 mDAllow3+Lord Try OnRaise A Prince Malibu Express1:46.31
08/14/93-R12A Nother Sur Thing9thTdn1 1/16 mDCleveland Kindergarten Stakes3+Dashing DevilCozzemightCat's Spats1:45.16
08/01/93-R12A Nother Sur Thing4thRD1 1/16 mTBassinet3+The Fierce LookTis Andy's TurnDashing Devil1:42.80
06/23/93-R7A Nother Sur Thing1stTdn1 1/16 mDAllow3+A Nother Sur ThingGnarleySidelfi1:47.22
05/29/93-R9A Nother Sur Thing7thTdn6 fDAllow3+Mandy's LadSecret AlibiMurtaugh's Appeal1:12.02
05/09/93-R13A Nother Sur Thing4thTdn6 fDAllow3+Optimum ModeTiger LongPannier1:09.84
04/25/93-R7A Nother Sur Thing2ndTdn6 fDAllow3+Honors For ParA Nother Sur ThingBig Guys Bulwinkle1:13.02
03/14/93-R5A Nother Sur Thing8thFG1 1/16 mTClaim4+First ChallengeVroletNorrey1:45.60
03/07/93-R11A Nother Sur Thing1stFG1 70yDClaim4+A Nother Sur ThingPrince J. P.P. J.'s Show1:41.20
02/19/93-R10A Nother Sur Thing5thFG1 70yDAllow4+AppointeeRicki's CopyNational Judgement1:40.00
02/05/93-R10A Nother Sur Thing6thFG1 1/16 mDAllow4+Presidents CounselMilitante BluesHoist De Rum1:44.60
12/31/92-R7A Nother Sur Thing8thFG1 1/16 mTAllow3+In Like FlynnHeza MirageDiamond Collector1:43.40
12/13/92-R7A Nother Sur Thing4thFG1 mileTAllow3+Coaxing MattRough Tough DancerWild Dancer1:39.80
11/29/92-R5A Nother Sur Thing5thFG1 1/16 mTAllow3+GrebeDiamond CollectorBasic Dose1:45.40
11/12/92-R9A Nother Sur Thing8thLaD1 1/16 mDAllow3+Lori's BritchesHouston RealityNdole1:45.72
11/07/92-R9A Nother Sur Thing8thBeu1 1/16 mDHoward B. Noonan 3Joe PatTis J. J. C.Queen's Prospector1:45.98
10/24/92-R7A Nother Sur Thing2ndLaD1 1/16 mTClaim3Press To Get EvenA Nother Sur ThingThree Times Around1:43.27
10/14/92-R8A Nother Sur Thing7thJnD6 1/2 fDAllow3+Optimum ModeKool KaseyKelly's Gold1:19.20
09/27/92-R6A Nother Sur Thing12thLaD1 1/16 mTTemperence Hill3ApartFirst 'n GoldExplosive Knight1:44.29
09/07/92-R9A Nother Sur Thing5thLaD1 1/8 mDPrincess (La.Downs)3Orbit's RevengeHill PassCoach Rabbey1:51.78
08/16/92-R7A Nother Sur Thing4thLaD1 1/16 mDAllow3+Delightful GoldSon's TouchOrbit's Revenge1:46.36
08/02/92-R8A Nother Sur Thing6thLaD1 mileTAllow3+NaviatorOrbit's RevengeDusty Sassafras1:37.47
07/18/92-R9A Nother Sur Thing7thLaD1 1/16 mDElge Rasberry3ApartNaviatorPress To Get Even1:48.01
07/03/92-R9A Nother Sur Thing1stLaD1 1/16 mTAllow3A Nother Sur ThingRoyal CrisisSenor Comandante1:44.77
06/20/92-R6A Nother Sur Thing5thBir5 fDClaim3+SnafflesReal BreezyPromise Me Doc0:58.95
05/29/92-R9A Nother Sur Thing2ndLaD1 1/16 mDAllow3+Financial RewardA Nother Sur ThingDr. Fager Special1:47.96
05/16/92-R10A Nother Sur Thing3rdJnD7 fDAllow3+Kool KaseySpringsteenA Nother Sur Thing1:26.60
12/12/91-R8A Nother Sur Thing6thFG1 mileTAllow2Showem What Ya GotDon't Forget EmRicki's Copy1:40.40
11/30/91-R6A Nother Sur Thing1stFG6 fDMSW2A Nother Sur ThingSwirl RingPrince Rullah1:13.30
11/14/91-R6A Nother Sur Thing4thFG6 fDMSW2Johnny's JessiNalee's GamblerGandy Racer1:12.20
10/26/91-R9A Nother Sur Thing7thJnD6 1/2 fDAllow2Twister's TideGranja's PrinceRun First1:22.30
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