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A Lot Of Mary
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26 year old Mare
Maryland (USA) by [Add Data]

A Lot Of Mary - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
01/31/03-R9A Lot Of Mary6thTP6 1/2 fDAllow4+Timeless LoveKeepondealingUnbridled Approval1:18.90
12/30/02-R7A Lot Of Mary5thSuf6 fDAllow3+GuessValid Miss ChainCrescent Coast1:12.87
12/02/02-R7A Lot Of Mary5thSuf6 fDAllow3+Lucky PawsPleaserDancerosydance1:13.13
10/09/02-R7A Lot Of Mary2ndBel6 fDClaim3+Anita CocktailA Lot Of MaryImages In Jade1:11.79
09/22/02-R8A Lot Of Mary6thPrx6 fDAllow3+Malvern RoseAnything For YouQuixote's Hope1:10.65
08/29/02-R7A Lot Of Mary4thCT7 fDAllow3+Olympic NightReal WomenTalking Point1:27.27
07/29/02-R3A Lot Of Mary2ndSar6 1/2 fDClaim3+Rude CoyoteA Lot Of MaryBonefide Reason1:18.05
07/12/02-R2A Lot Of Mary2ndBel7 fDClaim3+Betty's HatA Lot Of MarySeminole Gal1:23.40
05/31/02-R7A Lot Of Mary10thCT7 fDAllow3+Wildwood PennySweet AnnuityReal Women1:25.93
05/18/02-R1A Lot Of Mary4thPim6 fDAlwOC3+Malvern RoseQuixote's HopeSexual Harrasment1:12.51
05/04/02-R10A Lot Of Mary4thPim6 fDAlwOC3+Karaoke DancerArianna's PassionMalvern Rose1:10.10
09/03/01-R9A Lot Of Mary4thPrx7 fDSouthampton3+Vikki SlewLorlineCedar Knolls1:22.59
08/25/01-R9A Lot Of Mary4thTim1 1/16 mDStr3+La Belle DanseDinner PardnerLady Cordelia1:47.75
08/11/01-R2A Lot Of Mary3rdMnr5 1/2 fDAllow3+One To FiveAlma MaterA Lot Of Mary1:02.67
07/22/01-R7A Lot Of Mary4thCT7 fDDuplicate Race3+Vanna GoSweet AnnuityMy Sister Pearl1:26.71
06/09/01-R8A Lot Of Mary2ndCT7 fDDuplicate Race3+Vanna GoA Lot Of MarySweet Annuity1:26.51
05/23/01-R8A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDAllow3+A Lot Of MaryVanna GoSpanishinquistion1:26.77
05/10/01-R8A Lot Of Mary2ndCT7 fDAllow3+La Belle DanseA Lot Of MarySpanishinquistion1:26.69
04/14/01-R8A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDSugar Maple3+A Lot Of MarySudden SunnyBadger Pocket1:27.42
03/24/01-R9A Lot Of Mary1stLrl7 fDConniver4+A Lot Of MaryCase Of The BluesSilent Valay1:24.57
03/10/01-R8A Lot Of Mary1stCT6 1/2 fDBlue and Gold3+A Lot Of MaryBea MinuteBlues Sistah1:21.78
02/04/01-R8A Lot Of Mary1stPrx6 1/2 fDStrHcp4+A Lot Of MaryTimely AffairElfin Glen1:17.07
01/07/01-R8A Lot Of Mary1stCT6 1/2 fDAllow4+A Lot Of MaryBadger PocketCassie's Deer1:18.42
12/23/00-R8A Lot Of Mary2ndPrx7 fDStrHcp3+Hialeah DreamA Lot Of MaryDebutante's Dream1:24.49
12/02/00-R9A Lot Of Mary1stPrx6 1/2 fDAllow3+A Lot Of MarySilent SerenadeAshwood Tie1:17.65
11/18/00-R9A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDAllow3+A Lot Of MaryBluemont AffairTiptop Slew1:30.42
11/04/00-R9A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDDuplicate Race3+A Lot Of MaryVitageCall Home Eileen1:27.46
10/28/00-R7A Lot Of Mary2ndDel6 fDAllow3+GodmotherA Lot Of MaryWild Fashion1:11.74
10/04/00-R6A Lot Of Mary2ndDel5 1/2 fDAlwOC3+Silver StockingsA Lot Of MaryMary's Silver Pen1:05.01
09/19/00-R6A Lot Of Mary1stDel6 fDAlwOC3+A Lot Of MaryNessa's DancerBelieve In Prayer1:11.43
09/02/00-R8A Lot Of Mary1stPrx5 1/2 fDAlwOC3+A Lot Of MaryFindinapleasureHialeah Dream1:04.18
08/06/00-R5A Lot Of Mary1stCby6 1/2 fDClaiming Crown Glass Slipper3+A Lot Of MaryPretty LillyCinderella Island1:16.75
07/01/00-R7A Lot Of Mary1stPrx7 fDClaim3+A Lot Of MaryMystique FlightSunshineboysaward1:25.89
04/06/00-R6A Lot Of Mary4thPim6 fDClaim4+Striking JoshReef ClubFortunate Kate1:11.25
03/03/00-R9A Lot Of Mary1stCT6 1/2 fDAllow4+A Lot Of MaryShes A Caper TooCherokee Rose1:23.19
02/12/00-R7A Lot Of Mary2ndCT4 1/2 fDClaim4+Smart ProA Lot Of MaryChris's Colleen0:53.43
01/01/00-R7A Lot Of Mary8thCT7 fDClaim4+Lady ParrotPulverise SpringThe Right Pinch1:30.31
11/10/99-R4A Lot Of Mary5thCT6 1/2 fDStr3+Lusty GirlSpy PowerHat Boy Hatta1:22.26
10/30/99-R4A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDAllow3+A Lot Of MaryLongfield StarCedar Run's Pride1:29.45
10/03/99-R3A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDStr3+A Lot Of MaryLusty GirlDa Ditto1:28.53
09/10/99-R7A Lot Of Mary1stCT6 1/2 fDAllow3+A Lot Of MaryHurricane WatchSiouxperhoney1:20.30
08/27/99-R8A Lot Of Mary5thCT7 fDAllow3+Bird's VerseIn A BlinkSiouxperhoney1:27.21
08/13/99-R4A Lot Of Mary2ndCT7 fDAllow3+Da DittoA Lot Of MaryVirginia Star1:28.93
08/01/99-R8A Lot Of Mary1stCT6 1/2 fDAllow3+A Lot Of MaryAye A TreatLovely Loudoun1:20.61
07/09/99-R8A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDClaim3+A Lot Of MaryReal WomenLone Wolf1:28.88
06/25/99-R8A Lot Of Mary2ndCT6 1/2 fDClaim3+Mercedes RacerA Lot Of MarySilver Acting1:21.99
06/06/99-R8A Lot Of Mary2ndCT6 1/2 fDAllow3+Aye Got A SecretA Lot Of MaryLovely Loudoun1:21.74
05/29/99-R7A Lot Of Mary2ndCT7 fDClaim3+Skaters WaltzA Lot Of MaryGogo's Express1:28.27
05/09/99-R7A Lot Of Mary3rdCT7 fDAllow3+FestiviteTiptop SlewA Lot Of Mary1:28.49
04/25/99-R9A Lot Of Mary2ndCT6 1/2 fDAllow3+Bonita's GirlA Lot Of MaryAdams April Lady1:21.31
04/11/99-R9A Lot Of Mary3rdCT7 fDAllow3+Our SaydeeShes Feelin FriskyA Lot Of Mary1:27.48
03/26/99-R9A Lot Of Mary7thCT7 fDAllow4+AppeasementChris's ColleenBrad'soutahere1:29.56
02/13/99-R2A Lot Of Mary1stCT7 fDMSW4+A Lot Of MaryUptown AnnTough Punch1:28.53
01/01/99-R2A Lot Of Mary2ndCT7 fDMSW4+MiniqueA Lot Of MaryUptown Ann1:29.87
12/11/98-R4A Lot Of Mary3rdCT7 fDMcl3+Gelede MasqueradeMeneskeA Lot Of Mary1:29.96
11/22/98-R5A Lot Of Mary6thCT6 1/2 fDMcl3+Margarita LucieEaster GloryAla Adam1:21.37
10/17/98-R1A Lot Of Mary4thCT4 1/2 fDMcl3+Over IndulgeBuck's HeroineL V Express0:53.91
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