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Florida (USA) by Cloverleaf Farms II
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AlkeGrand SlamGone West
Bright Candles
Princess Matilda
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A K Racer - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
09/06/13-R5A K Racer6thEmD6 fDClaim3+Olympic LightsKool ComicWild Hoss1:09.71
08/24/13-R4A K Racer7thEmD6 fDClaim3+Defend LibertyOne Lucky HossKool Comic1:10.03
08/02/13-R7A K Racer1stEmD6 fDClaim3+A K RacerMarvin's MagicHillbilly Cadillac1:10.12
07/04/13-R1A K Racer6thEmD3fDClaimFastestSeventy EastThe Bien's Gift0:40.16
06/08/13-R5A K Racer9thEmD6 fDClaim3+UntilifindyouKinzie's KingJust Say It1:09.35
05/25/13-R4A K Racer2ndEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+My Mans No LadyA K RacerMemphis Mobster1:02.91
05/12/13-R5A K Racer5thEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+Exchng Traded FndsJust Say ItPrince Giddyup1:03.21
04/26/13-R3A K Racer1stEmD5 fDClaim3+A K RacerRainierOur Marshal Cahill0:57.05
09/03/12-R5A K Racer4thEmD6 fDClaim3+Cresent McgainRoyal ShrineEpic Cast1:09.40
08/16/12-R5A K Racer5thEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+Olympic LightsGdarz XpressImmigration1:02.65
08/04/12-R6A K Racer4thEmD6 fDClaim3+Heza Witch DoctorTapaderoGoldledue1:08.46
07/08/12-R10A K Racer1stEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+A K RacerTapaderoEpic Cast1:02.36
06/16/12-R7A K Racer2ndEmD6 fDClaim3+Hard SliderA K RacerSilver Sneakers1:08.37
05/19/12-R2A K Racer2ndEmD6 fDClaim3+TapaderoA K RacerRocky Ice1:09.18
04/28/12-R2A K Racer1stEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+A K RacerChickasaw ParkKool Comic1:03.48
04/20/12-R7A K Racer6thEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+HumongousMove On OverNewaukum Creek1:04.07
08/18/11-R6A K Racer5thEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+Buddy DaveChaching PeteHighdleburg1:03.87
08/04/11-R7A K Racer6thEmD6 fDClaim3+Snake AttackChaching PeteHighdleburg1:10.60
07/21/11-R1A K Racer3rdEmD6 fDClaim3+Snake AttackHighdleburgA K Racer1:10.00
07/03/11-R7A K Racer1stEmD5 1/2 fDClaim3+A K RacerItsafineredwineYes Bay1:02.90
06/19/11-R2A K Racer5thEmD6 fDClaim3+Havin A Good DayHighdleburgKool Comic1:11.37
05/21/11-R7A K Racer2ndEmD6 fDClaim3+WillycanA K RacerTritium1:09.14
04/23/11-R8A K Racer1stEmD5 1/2 fSStr3+A K RacerFlaming BulletCandyman Slew1:04.57
04/03/11-R4A K Racer3rdGG5 fSClaim4+Make It a CougarClassielyteA K Racer0:58.07
03/13/11-R7A K Racer2ndGG5 1/2 fSClaim4+Sky ThrillA K RacerE. P. Bombay1:03.34
02/18/11-R5A K Racer3rdGG5 1/2 fSClaim4+BuckatunnaMr. FuriousA K Racer1:04.00
01/13/11-R5A K Racer1stGG5 fSClaim4+A K RacerAlbacore BobRaptor Force0:57.54
04/11/10-R3A K Racer4thGG5 fSClaim4+Sacred MountainBev's ExKalookan Heat0:57.23
04/01/10-R4A K Racer4thGG5 1/2 fSClaim4+CavanaughRoar Of EaglesBabs Moosa1:04.37
03/14/10-R6A K Racer4thGG6 fSClaim4+So BeholdDr. J JRooster1:10.62
02/21/10-R3A K Racer5thGG6 fSClaim4+Dr. J JEast IndianCape Town King1:10.64
01/07/10-R6A K Racer7thGG6 fSClaim4LordgivemealiftI Wanna Go FastSundance Kiddo1:10.39
12/04/09-R3A K Racer1stGG5 1/2 fSClaim3A K RacerRaising MemoThegreatcrosby1:02.92
11/13/09-R5A K Racer1stGG5 fSClaim3+A K RacerMonkey Boy JackVelikaya0:56.65
10/09/09-R9A K Racer8thFsn1 mileDClaim3+Wizard Of DornelloChop House GeorgeSudden Excess1:37.83
09/12/09-R7A K Racer9thGG6 fSAlwOC3+Live SundaysAngusBlaze N Waggin1:08.93
08/23/09-R2A K Racer7thDmr5 fDAlwOC3+Bruce's DreamTrail MixIts In God's Hands0:55.69
12/20/08-R8A K Racer5thGG1 mileSGold Rush2Merus MiamiAdriatic MoonCut The Check1:38.48
10/23/08-R2A K Racer5thGG6 fSAlwOC2FrumiousDave's PacemakerDelaware Doe1:10.34
06/22/08-R4A K Racer6thGG5 fSLost in the Fog Stakes2Maidens JusticeLightning DiabloSeismometer0:58.71
05/25/08-R3A K Racer1stGG4fSMSW2A K RacerCapital CatDon't Be A Rick0:45.34
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