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A. J.'s Conquest
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17 year old Gelding
Kentucky (USA) by Rosemary Lotz  -  [Add Data]

A. J.'s Conquest - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
03/12/11-R8A. J.'s Conquest7thPen1 70yDClaim4+Parade Of PeaceSaint OmegaWest Lido1:45.20
01/17/11-R7A. J.'s Conquest7thPrx1 70yDClaim4+Nikosi ReignsOldhamSovereign Fund1:43.28
11/20/10-R5A. J.'s Conquest10thCD1 mileDClaim3+Tap N PointGame Play's IconGot A Question1:37.79
11/03/10-R10A. J.'s Conquest9thCD1 1/16 mDClaim3+Saratoga VicarItsallboutthechaseChilliness1:47.94
08/13/10-R4A. J.'s Conquest2ndElP1 1/16 mTStr3+CornwhiskeyA. J.'s ConquestTee's Best Man1:47.36
07/31/10-R6A. J.'s Conquest2ndHoo1 1/16 mDClaim3+Royaly LuckeyA. J.'s ConquestBatten1:43.60
07/04/10-R2A. J.'s Conquest1stCD1 1/16 mDStr3+A. J.'s ConquestAppoint VictoryFearful Woman1:45.92
06/04/10-R5A. J.'s Conquest2ndCD1 1/16 mDClaim3+Sweetest RhythmA. J.'s ConquestCitizen John1:45.75
05/15/10-R11A. J.'s Conquest2ndCD1 1/16 mDClaim3+Scariff IslandA. J.'s ConquestNoroamin1:46.17
03/05/10-R6A. J.'s Conquest9thOP1 mileDClaim4+CondoboundPineapple JoeFast Eddie Charles1:40.04
02/20/10-R6A. J.'s Conquest11thOP1 mileDClaim4+Art ThiefCurly CameliPineapple Joe1:40.55
01/23/10-R6A. J.'s Conquest2ndOP1 1/16 mDClaim4+Jolly Ol' NickA. J.'s ConquestFour Sons Money1:47.59
11/22/09-R7A. J.'s Conquest7thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+Marilyn's GuyToo Many SinsPower Forward1:45.58
10/24/09-R4A. J.'s Conquest4thHaw1 1/16 mDStrHcp3+BrunzerGo To The Sun Beaufort1:48.21
10/02/09-R9A. J.'s Conquest1stHaw1 70yDStrHcp3+A. J.'s ConquestReboundedBig Bold Place1:45.40
09/11/09-R2A. J.'s Conquest3rdAP1 1/16 mDClaim3+Just Kick 'emPerfect VacationA. J.'s Conquest1:48.98
08/05/09-R4A. J.'s Conquest3rdAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+First MovementSnowblind FriendA. J.'s Conquest1:47.26
07/10/09-R7A. J.'s Conquest1stAP1 1/8 mSClaim3+A. J.'s ConquestFirst MovementOak Forest1:52.91
06/18/09-R3A. J.'s Conquest1stAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+A. J.'s ConquestCowboy CodeI'm A Good Guy1:46.92
05/28/09-R10A. J.'s Conquest5thAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+Jazzy GallopTejano WhoSeamans Village1:45.18
05/07/09-R10A. J.'s Conquest6thAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+Big Bold PlaceCane Garden BoyI'm A Good Guy1:45.13
04/09/09-R11A. J.'s Conquest4thOP1 1/16 mDClaim4+FinishWatch CupidHadacure1:46.25
02/21/09-R10A. J.'s Conquest7thOP1 1/16 mDClaim4+Oh So AwesomeFilet GumboGin Real Officer1:47.96
01/24/09-R9A. J.'s Conquest4thOP1 mileDClaim4+Commander BuckPrivate WindGin Real Officer1:39.64
12/27/08-R6A. J.'s Conquest6thHaw1 1/16 mDClaim3+Da GrizzSefa SplitSixteen Gauge1:49.44
11/21/08-R5A. J.'s Conquest4thHaw1 1/4 mDStrHcp3+My Little ConnorIndian MoonshineI'm A Good Guy2:06.31
11/01/08-R1A. J.'s Conquest5thHaw1 1/8 mTStrHcp3+Manchu PrinceSixteen GaugeLudmig1:50.52
10/15/08-R5A. J.'s Conquest9thKee1 1/2mTAllow3+Hidden GlanceCurrent CaseDarboy2:32.50
09/13/08-R12A. J.'s Conquest1stAP1 1/8 mSStr3+A. J.'s ConquestFirst MovementJohnny Tornado1:51.27
08/21/08-R3A. J.'s Conquest1stAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+A. J.'s ConquestSalt MinerMy Little Connor1:47.46
08/01/08-R2A. J.'s Conquest4thAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+SplashofscarletDangerous SummerGreat Victory1:47.32
06/13/08-R1A. J.'s Conquest1stAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+A. J.'s ConquestTak ManSplashofscarlet1:47.22
05/31/08-R4A. J.'s Conquest3rdAP6 fSClaim3+ItsatrystTampa's Big CityA. J.'s Conquest1:10.66
05/04/08-R8A. J.'s Conquest9thAP1 mileSClaim3+San SabaGhost Ranch HillLonesome Skier1:37.33
04/06/08-R4A. J.'s Conquest6thHaw1 1/16 mDClaim3+Lead OnGhost Ranch HillRoaring Rex1:46.37
03/08/08-R6A. J.'s Conquest9thOP1 mileDClaim4+MatchedFour Sons MoneyCowboy Culture1:41.33
11/10/07-R4A. J.'s Conquest6thHaw1 1/16 mDClaim3+SkagwayBig ThicketNeosho Red1:47.52
10/24/07-R2A. J.'s Conquest1stHaw1 1/16 mDClaim3+A. J.'s ConquestSalt MinerDon't Judge Me1:47.11
09/15/07-R7A. J.'s Conquest8thAP1 1/16 mTClaim3+Dangerous SummerBrave UlyssesCry Havoc1:44.27
09/03/07-R3A. J.'s Conquest4thAP1 mileTClaim3+Twisting RoadBeaufortSiteofawinner1:36.51
08/12/07-R5A. J.'s Conquest4thAP1 mileTClaim3+Rock GoldDynamanCry Havoc1:42.81
07/18/07-R6A. J.'s Conquest4thAP1 1/16 mTClaim3+Houghton RegretsCiti SmokeBumpingrindstone1:47.51
05/27/07-R7A. J.'s Conquest7thAP1 1/16 mSAllow3+Bird CharmShim's PrideSo Busted1:43.98
03/25/07-R8A. J.'s Conquest8thFG7 1/2 fTAllow4+Wild SundayHouse NoteSir Smart Lee1:31.48
02/18/07-R10A. J.'s Conquest5thOP1 1/16 mDAllow4+Steel PierKanacatooseAntrim Country1:45.40
01/27/07-R5A. J.'s Conquest5thOP1 mileDAllow4+Brother BobbyAntrim CountyGreat1:38.23
12/22/06-R7A. J.'s Conquest9thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+Valley OakTampa's Big CityClever Dude1:46.75
11/29/06-R2A. J.'s Conquest2ndHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+Trick LanternA. J.'s ConquestCape Fox1:45.58
11/08/06-R5A. J.'s Conquest4thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+AlmagnusMarnesia BoyTrick Lantern1:49.84
10/21/06-R6A. J.'s Conquest1stHaw1 mileTMSW3+A. J.'s ConquestArt Of DiplomacyValley Oak1:42.24
09/29/06-R8A. J.'s Conquest2ndHaw1 1/16 mTMSW3+VolcanoA. J.'s ConquestMysterious Charm1:44.32
08/20/06-R9A. J.'s Conquest4thAP1 1/16 mTMSW3+Absolute ArroganceMunitionVolcano1:42.70
07/30/06-R9A. J.'s Conquest3rdAP1 mileTMSW3+OnotheregostokyoVolcanoA. J.'s Conquest1:37.11
06/14/06-R4A. J.'s Conquest5thAP1 mileDMSW3+Shift In PowerSaint's RelicFreedom Rules1:37.67
05/21/06-R9A. J.'s Conquest2ndAP1 1/8 mDMSW3+Not Broke YetA. J.'s ConquestGray Star1:50.88
05/11/06-R9A. J.'s Conquest4thAP1 mileDMSW3+CatmantooSaint's RelicVictory Flyer1:40.01
04/18/06-R2A. J.'s Conquest2ndHaw1 1/16 mDMSW3+Shim's PrideA. J.'s ConquestArt Of Diplomacy1:46.72
02/11/06-R8A. J.'s Conquest11thOP1 1/16 mDMSW3SayhellotolarryPizzi's PrideSea Of Tree1:47.42
01/20/06-R7A. J.'s Conquest6thOP1 mileDMSW3BrilliantEl Chile DogFour Boy Sham1:39.19
12/17/05-R4A. J.'s Conquest2ndHaw1 1/16 mDMSW2Best Of BuddiesA. J.'s ConquestCrimson Mike1:46.04
12/02/05-R5A. J.'s Conquest2ndHaw1 1/16 mDMSW2So BustedA. J.'s ConquestDon't Judge Me1:45.04
11/04/05-R2A. J.'s Conquest7thHaw1 1/16 mTMSW2ReverentialYate's Black CatIcanroll1:44.08
09/29/05-R9A. J.'s Conquest9thHaw1 70yDMSW2ReenlistIcanrollOnotheregostokyo1:46.99
08/31/05-R4A. J.'s Conquest10thAP6 fDMSW2He's A Dixie BoyHigh BluesLord Of Midnight1:11.37
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