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A J Princemambo
in DerbyVille!
11 year old Horse
Florida (USA) by Peter D. Fuller  -  [Add Data]

A J Princemambo - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/17/13-R5A J Princemambo6thCT6 1/2 fDClaim3+Royal TakBuy OutPast Glory1:21.38
10/28/13-R7A J Princemambo7thSuf5 1/2 fDAllow3+Dear BoSoldier MountainPrimal Humor1:06.90
09/24/13-R8A J Princemambo5thSuf6 fDAllow3+SuperlookJustforgetaboutitPrimal Humor1:11.65
09/16/13-R8A J Princemambo2ndSuf6 fDAllowStar DestinyA J PrincemamboSingingmyhymnsong1:12.41
09/09/13-R7A J Princemambo1stSuf5 1/2 fDClaim3+A J PrincemamboBravaccioKillthemessenger1:05.67
08/17/13-R2A J Princemambo3rdSuf1 mileDClaim3+My BambinoFlying AptitudeA J Princemambo1:42.83
08/06/13-R6A J Princemambo3rdSuf5 1/2 fDClaim3+Act One Scene OneMy ValentinoA J Princemambo1:06.79
07/27/13-R5A J Princemambo5thSuf1 mileDClaim3+Symphonic HeroMr. RoessinkMy Bambino1:41.12
07/10/13-R6A J Princemambo1stSuf5 1/2 fDClaim3+A J PrincemamboFriends RuleFrank Be Cool1:06.55
07/03/13-R4A J Princemambo4thSuf6 fDClaim3+TrillionaireHoliday ImageGimmeonemore1:12.95
06/15/13-R4A J Princemambo8thPrx6 1/2 fDClaim3+BrahmanMore ReubensIn Free1:17.45
04/01/13-R6A J Princemambo10thPrx6 fDClaim4+Red Zone FlyerEcstatic CatExchange Can Rate1:13.00
03/03/13-R3A J Princemambo5thPrx5 1/2 fDClaim4+Offlee CleverEcstatic CatMiami Mako1:06.32
02/11/13-R6A J Princemambo6thPrx7 fDClaim4+M J PlusChief ThundercloudRed Zone Flyer
01/08/13-R3A J Princemambo8thPrx6 1/2 fDStr4+Arrogant OfficerProud ValayMonty Haul1:16.82
12/29/12-R3A J Princemambo4thPrx6 1/2 fDStr3+Dr. WesleyMajor HighwayHard Line1:17.95
12/08/12-R6A J Princemambo1stPrx7 fDClaim3+A J PrincemamboSticky CactusFiddlers Celt1:26.43
11/18/12-R3A J Princemambo4thPrx6 1/2 fDClaim3+Offlee CleverJames LeeTen Best1:18.88
10/27/12-R7A J Princemambo2ndPrx7 fDClaim3+Brooklyn ProudA J PrincemamboSticky Cactus1:26.49
10/01/12-R4A J Princemambo4thPrx5 1/2 fDClaim3+Quite A LegacyLarry Of LynnArrogant Officer1:05.62
09/23/12-R5A J Princemambo7thPrx6 fDStr3+Proud ValayLeroidessiouxBos'n Alwyne1:10.48
08/18/12-R6A J Princemambo1stPrx6 fDMcl3+A J PrincemamboAgain Again AgainFat Jack1:12.93
07/29/12-R4A J Princemambo4thPrx6 1/2 fDMcl3+Wicked IrishMr. Beer GogglesSocio D'oro1:16.38
07/10/12-R5A J Princemambo5thPrx5 1/2 fDMcl3+PanderDevils LighteningIts Time For Lime1:04.60
06/16/12-R3A J Princemambo2ndPrx6 fDMcl3+Afleet AheadA J PrincemamboShoeless Joe1:11.06
05/08/12-R2A J Princemambo6thPrx1 mileDMcl3+Royal AffairSudden CalmNeon Tan1:40.57
04/14/12-R4A J Princemambo6thPrx6 1/2 fDMcl3Hard LineDr. WesleyWinning Deal1:17.54
03/25/12-R4A J Princemambo4thPrx6 1/2 fDMcl3Color CamGenius CatBravaccio1:19.33
03/04/12-R9A J Princemambo8thPrx5 1/2 fDMcl3Zippity KickExclusively AppleSmokinsarisk1:06.62
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