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19 year old Horse
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A. J. Melini - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
07/09/09-R4A. J. Melini7thCrc1 1/16 mDClaim3+Notice Me NowJazzaholicFive Card Monty1:48.64
06/20/09-R1A. J. Melini6thCrc1 70yDClaim3+Welcome BackValue DriverFive Card Monty1:48.29
05/31/09-R5A. J. Melini1stCrc1 1/16 mDClaim3+A. J. MeliniNative DoodFire Striker1:48.65
05/15/09-R7A. J. Melini9thCrc1 70yDClaim3+Polar StarNative DoodVery Arrogant1:48.32
04/05/09-R8A. J. Melini8thGP1 mileDClaim4+Diamond IsleEarly ReleaseCruzatte1:38.78
01/29/09-R2A. J. Melini2ndGP1 mileDClaim4+MinidropA. J. MeliniMama's Wonder Boy1:38.34
01/10/09-R6A. J. Melini4thGP1 mileDClaim4Mystery ProspectI'm SpectralHigh Brass1:37.96
12/12/08-R9A. J. Melini2ndCrc1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Mean SaxA. J. MeliniHabitual1:46.98
11/07/08-R4A. J. Melini1stCrc1 1/16 mDClaim3+A. J. MeliniDashing PirateDeisel Power1:47.23
09/18/08-R7A. J. Melini4thCrc1 mileDClaim3+Flint MountainShucksSunsational1:41.40
08/24/08-R9A. J. Melini4thCrc1 mileDAlwOC3+PackerWild 'n' Waki GuyBrassie Prince1:39.68
08/07/08-R8A. J. Melini5thCrc1 mileDAlwOC3+Marnesia's Big BoyPop Goes The TigerA. P. Eddie1:40.01
02/15/08-R3A. J. Melini5thGP1 1/8 mDAlwOC4+DelosvientosDeputy IndyActin Good1:48.02
01/06/08-R9A. J. Melini8thGP1 mileDHal's Hope Stakes-G34+ChatainMiner's LampActin Good1:36.39
11/04/07-R10A. J. Melini2ndCrc7 fDAllow3+Whos Crying NowA. J. MeliniB. B. Best1:24.39
05/19/07-R11A. J. Melini2ndCrc1 3/16 mDMajor Moran3+Tacit AgreementA. J. MeliniMaraquero2:00.05
05/05/07-R10A. J. Melini2ndCrc1 1/4 mDMy Frenchman3+Tacit AgreementA. J. Melini2:07.47
03/31/07-R9A. J. Melini10thGP1 1/2mTPan American-G34+JambalayaHotstufanthensomeFri Guy2:24.98
02/11/07-R9A. J. Melini9thGP1 mileDAlwOC4+Lawyer RonIstanEcclesiastic1:35.17
09/18/06-R7A. J. Melini3rdCrc1 1/4 mDOur Dear Peggy3+I'mroyallymecke'dA. J. Melini2:09.00
07/22/06-R7A. J. Melini4thCrc2 milesDBob Umphrey Turf Sprint3+Tacit AgreementIndia HaloSupervisor3:37.94
07/01/06-R5A. J. Melini3rdCrc1 1/2mTAmerican Dreamer3+India HaloSupervisorA. J. Melini2:31.03
06/10/06-R12A. J. Melini1stCrc1 1/2mDAlwOC3+A. J. MeliniHopefortherosesBlue Mon2:38.80
05/20/06-R11A. J. Melini1stCrc1 3/16 mDAlwOC3+A. J. MeliniHopefortherosesTacit Agreement2:01.31
04/08/06-R6A. J. Melini3rdGP1 1/8 mDAlwOC4+Super TuscanSiphon CityA. J. Melini1:50.23
03/18/06-R8A. J. Melini4thGP1 mileDAllow4+Premium TapSurvivalistBank President1:35.28
01/16/06-R9A. J. Melini3rdGP1 1/8 mDAllow4+Master CommandPremium TapA. J. Melini1:48.63
12/24/05-R9A. J. Melini2ndCrc1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Electric LightA. J. MeliniThunder Mab 1:46.74
12/11/05-R7A. J. Melini2ndCrc1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Fire PathA. J. MeliniThunder Mab 1:46.88
10/17/05-R2A. J. Melini1stCrc1 1/16 mDClaim3+A. J. MeliniGinger's FellaHopefortheroses1:47.69
09/22/05-R8A. J. Melini7thCrc7 fDAlwOC3+Chino CharlieUniversal FormFrolic For Joy1:24.15
09/05/05-R10A. J. Melini4thCrc7 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Cut BackNoah A.Halo Heaven1:32.51
07/16/05-R12A. J. Melini1stCrc1 mileDAllow3+A. J. MeliniDual JewelsSouthphilly Barry1:41.86
06/19/05-R4A. J. Melini4thCrc6 1/2 fDAllow3+Alkys BoyKnight In FlightBlue Pepsi Lodge1:18.26
05/14/05-R9A. J. Melini2ndCrc7 fDAllow3+Memo PadA. J. MeliniSwift Mercedes1:25.94
04/02/05-R3A. J. Melini3rdGP6 1/2 fDAllow4+The Cheetah's TaleAnewA. J. Melini1:17.86
08/28/04-R8A. J. Melini3rdCrc6 fDAllow3+John's MeckeFortunate BuyA. J. Melini1:13.13
07/31/04-R12A. J. Melini4thCrc6 1/2 fDAllow3+ResplendenceUniversal Form1:18.92
07/04/04-R3A. J. Melini6thCrc7 fDAllow3+Frolic For JoyClassic WineJohn's Mecke1:25.04
06/15/04-R3A. J. Melini6thCrc1 1/16 mTAllow3+Flight To JusticeMaxinkuckeeGold Way West1:44.02
05/29/04-R10A. J. Melini3rdCrc7 fDAlwOC3+Doc WildImage Of ApprovalA. J. Melini1:25.72
03/27/04-R9A. J. Melini9thGP1 mileTAllow3Carrots OnlyFairforforestGood Reward1:40.30
02/25/04-R7A. J. Melini4thGP1 70yDAllow3Forest GroveNotorious RogueNightmare Affair1:43.01
01/31/04-R2A. J. Melini1stGP6 fDMSW3A. J. MeliniGainangoEverwood1:11.69
12/27/03-R6A. J. Melini2ndCrc6 fDMSW2Fortunate BuyA. J. MeliniFrolic For Joy1:11.61
12/06/03-R8A. J. Melini6thCrc6 fDMSW2Classic WineValid AgainRenard Bleu1:12.55
11/15/03-R6A. J. Melini2ndCrc6 fDMSW2Ultimate LightA. J. MeliniValid Again1:13.05
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