HRN Power Rankings Explained

How To Rate Your Favorite Horses

Once you've created your free account, you're ready to login and rate any horse on Horse Racing Nation - from Secretariat and the Top 250 Horses of All-Time to your favorite Kentucky Derby contenders

Rating horses

What are the different rankings? 

Each time you rate a horse (or person), it impacts their overall rating and ranking.  This creates rankings in different categories, including: 

  - Kentucky Derby 2021
  - Top 100 Active
  - Top 3-year-old fillies
  - Top International
  - Top 250 Horses
  - Fillies & Mares of All-Time

How Ratings Work

Each horse's rating is given a statistical computation based upon user ratings. The ratings are move than just an average as the rating is based on the number of votes each horse has received. This prevents a horse from being ranked #1 in the all time ranking with just a single vote of 10.

Thus it is important to vote horses based on ability, not in an attempt to "move them up."  

You can vote on each horse once per week.   

How To Fix Errors

If a horse has been retired (or deceased) and should not be included on the active lists, just go to that horse's page and click "edit" and edit the status and save. 

How should I rate horses? 

Everyone has a different opinion, but below are some general guidelines for rating horses: 

Guideline for voting
Horse of the Year types
Grade 1 winning performance
Grade 2 winning performance
Grade 3 winning performance
Allowance winners
Maiden and claiming race winners
Have not won yet or infrequent winners

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Great win against the boys in the Queen's Plate
  • Show All 12 Comments
  • Mary Z. · Came in means how she did in her previous start(s). Asserting Bear ran well in defeat. Separate ideas. Can you(plural) handle that? Seriously, not on my care scale, but I hate the ganging up, as you all know. · 2669 days ago
  • amino998 · Dominant brainfade explains the rest, "I suppose" :) · 2668 days ago
yep, chrome will romp. several of the big boys couldnt beat moonshine mullins, chrome will crush them
  • CauseForConcern · Only hope that the sabbatical that California Chrome is now enduring(and well deserved), will not turn into something similar to Rachel Alexandra. In her case, the time off proved to be a case of her losing that competitive edge. Of course, her time off amounted to something around six months? Looking forward to seeing his next race. · 2683 days ago
I think Chrome will win the Vox Populi of 2014. And the Breeder's Cup Classic.
10 Horse of the Year!
10 horse of the year
10 Horse of the Year!
!0 Horse of The year !!!!
tonalist should be at least 8.0 especially after recent G2 Belmont Peter Pan win by 3.5 length in the mud
very good jock 10 out off10
TYPO "The rankings are move than just an average." Should be moRe
Time will tell. Its too easy to get excited over 3yr. olds anymore only to be dissappointed yet again. I had high hopes for I'll Have Another.... CC IS A LOOKER THO.
I think he is a bit young and gives up to quick. He's not great at completing a run all the way through. He sits up to early and gets passed up by a neck way to often. If he isn't in first or second count on him not completing a run and falling back a bit at the finish.
  • Show All 5 Comments
  • Mary Z. · bryan, go to that jockey's page by typing his name into the search box, upper right coner of this main page. Hit enter. Click on the jockey's name when the search results come up. Enter your comment where it says, "what do you think?' · 2771 days ago
  • Mary Z. · What Sullivan said :) · 2771 days ago
Sorry, I meant "between alw winners and grade III winners." My keyboard is sticky.
Shouldn't there be something (listed SW) between alw winners and grade II winners?
congrats to all the eclipse winners and honorees! Go Horse Players!
Congrats to Royal Delta on another Eclipse win!!
  • yukichan · It sounds like you don't agree or you are puzzled by the rankings? Many on this site are as well! · 2883 days ago