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Kentucky Derby Tickets

Kentucky Derby 2011

Kentucky Derby tickets can be some of the toughest tickets in sports.  That being said, you can always find a ticket broker website or a scalper in Louisville that is selling tickets.  You may want to start with a visit to the Churchill Downs website on Derby Ticket information

General Admission 
One other good option for tickets is to pay for General Admission tickets on the day of the race.  General Admission tickets won't get you a view of the race, but they will get you into the infield and the paddock area where you can be a part of the day's festivity.  General Admission tickets are $40 for Derby and $25 for Oaks.  

Ticket Brokers and Travel Agencies 
There are a number of other ways for you to witness the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

Whether you're looking for general admission infield tickets or seats on Millionaire's Row, you can find a wide selection of Kentucky Derby Tickets from ticket brokers like GoTickets.com.

For a more complete Kentucky Derby experience, including tickets, hotel accomodations, souvenirs and much more, visit SportsTravel.com -- a full service tour provider with over a decade of experience in helping fans witness history at the top sporting events in the world. 

Seating chart map
As you research the seats you are looking for - use this helpful seating chart as a guide.

Notes on under cover seating: 

Sections 111-113 - Chair back seats & No under cover seats 

Sections 114-117 - Chair back Seats & Rows G & up are under cover 

Sections 118 - Chair back seats & Rows I & up are under cover 

Section 119 CH - Chairback seats & No under cover seats 

Sections 119-128 - Bleacher Seating & No under cover seats 

Sections 218 & 220 - Chair back seats & Rows C & up are under cover 

Sections 221-225 - Bleacher seats & Rows K & up are under cover 

Sections 312 - 325 - Chair back Seats & Row C is partially covered, D & higher covered

Ask the audience!
One great option about HorseRacingNation is that you can ask the community.  Whether you're wondering about the best place to sit for Derby, what to wear or what the infield will be like - just ask a question below and you will likely get several answers from the community. 

Kentucky Derby 2012 Parking and Ticket Gate Map

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The $40 GA tickets worked for me. Right at the rail inthe paddock. Get there early and you will get up close views of all the Derby horses. Been ticketed on the front side too, but only 4-5 seconds of the race are visibleunless you are in a front row. Watch it on the big screen at the paddock.
box,,covered seat only...is the only way to go..
what is derby dress code, yes I plan to purchase a hat
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  • tiznow · What in the hell is your last post even about??? lol!!! The boxes that are owned are on the 2nd and 3rd levels then you get into suites...how is a grandstand seat horrible. You can literally get a seat right next to the rail?? How is that as ridiculous as sitting behind a post?? You are ridiculous. · 2570 days ago
  • humphrey · waste of time if you want to watch and wager......Experience getting shoved around and having all matter of foodstuffs landing on your person, guessing where the horses are etc. AH what abmiance....You will see the race better at a hotel up the street · 2570 days ago
I am planning to go to the derby for the first time, where should we sit for a good derby experience
  • railbird33 · planning?--hmmm. Unless you want infield or gen. admission, you won't find tickets -other than paying stubhub or craigslist- ridiculous premium. The home-stretch runs from about sections 112 thru 119. Last year I scored 4 seats when Churchill downs web-site ran a "first time ever" lottery on the internet. 3000 tickets were sold, 120,000 hits the first hour to buy these few. The previous 37 years I have watched on TV, at another track or OTB. · 2570 days ago
  • tiznow · Call 1-800-28-DERBY...the lottery is not for all seats. You can get grandstand seats. · 2570 days ago
what happens in the infield at the derby
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  • mshutty · This is a little known fact, but arazi is the current record holder for longest shirtless belly slide on a rain soaked Kentucky Derby day Churchill Downs infield. · 2570 days ago
  • humphrey · Mayhem. The tickets are almost all sold as legacies to those who purchased them the year before, so NO ONE evey lets them go unless there is a death. Large travel companies own huge blocks of tickets so unless you want to deal with the insanity of the infield (and never see the race to boot) I would watch it on TV. Better yet, visit that track during the Fall meeting so you can really set it. I went to K Derby museum and met Pat Day that way. · 2570 days ago