2024 Derby Wars March Insanity Head-to-Head Bracket

March Insanity

Can YOU Make It To The FINAL FOUR?!

64 Players Start - Only 1 Champion wins the First Prize cash in this Head-to-Head bracket game!
Players go one-on-one in each round, with the winner advancing to the next round in the bracket.
Can you survive the brackets and advance to be crowned? SIGN UP & PLAY-IN TODAY!

How to Play - Prizes - Official Rules - List of Brackets Champions



To make the bracket, qualify in the play-in contests at DerbyWars.com - there are several ways to get in the game! 

The tournament consists of 6 rounds of Head-to-Head matchups.

Each time a player wins, they advance to the next round. It is the player's responsibility to check the bracket to find their next game.

A player that wins but does not make picks in the next round will be eliminated. No exceptions.

Please email support@derbywars.com with any questions.


Players will be seeded 1-16 based on where they finish in their Play-In game. 

Players will be informed of their seeding and their first game.

Multiple Entries:

Players may have up to 2 entries out of the 64 entries in the bracket.  The 2 entries will be on the opposite sides of the bracket.  The two entries would not meet until the finals.  If a player with two entries advances both entries to the finals, then the player wins the contest!  Most deservingly!  



  • First - $6,000 ($5,625 + $375 entry to $25K game)
  • Second$3,000 ($2,625 + $375 entry to $25k Game)
  • Final Four - $1,500 (3rd-4th, $1,125 + $375 entry to $25K game)
  • Elite Eight - $750 (5th-8th)


 - 64 players, Maximum of 2 entries per player.

 - If a player has 2 entries, they will be placed on opposite sides of the bracket. 

 - In the case of ties, the players will play in a 3-race playoff (Sunday morning for Saturday ties, Wednesday morning for Sunday ties).

 - If players are still tied, the winner will be decided by the highest winning mutuel throughout the entire set of races played.



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