2019 World Harness Handicapping Championship

2019 WHHC, presented by DerbyWars!Congratulations and Good Luck to the players who have qualified for the 2019 World Harness Handicapping Championship, now April 13 at the Meadowlands, presented by DerbyWars!

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$150,000* ESTIMATED in 2019!

Date Qualified


DerbyWars Handle

Player Name 


03/02SAT Night Q
(2 Spots)
TazergunTodd SlembarskiPA

 NmonteNucholas MontemurroNJ

(3 Spots)

bluejaysRocco DibelloON

 ChgobradyBrady KosicIL

 NmonteNicholas MontemurroNJ
02/16SAT Night QualifierMadbeeThomas CameronMI
02/09SAT Night QualifierNmonteNicholas MontemurroNJ

NmonteNicholas MontemurroNJ
01/26SAT Night Q
(2 seats)
DboomDerick GiwnerNY

 NmonteNicholas MontemurroNJ
01/19SAT Night QualifierSkullangelDelroy KernPA
01/12SAT Night QualifierMhsffaowlJeff BillingsDE
01/05SAT Night QualifierThebigsexymachineJoe PizzicaPA
12/29SAT Night QualifierNmonteNicholas MontemurroNJ
12/22SAT Night QualifierLoopersElliot GregoryPA
12/15SAT Night QualifierNmonteNicholas MontemurroNJ
12/08SAT Night QualifierNatskStan KoperIL
12/01SAT Night QualifierKdc612Keith ChisholmMA
11/24SAT Night QualifierBoccirockBrian GrazianoNJ
11/17SAT Night QualifierWhipperWhitney NassimosNY
11/10SAT Night QualifierRyneolsenRyne OlsenNJ
11/03SAT Night QualifierOnebobBob BandzwolekMD
10/27SAT Night QualifierNateannAnn SchiroNY
10/20SAT Night QualifierShysterThomas CatapanoNY
10/06SAT Night QualifierNatskStan KoperIL
9/16SAT Night QualifierFitz606 Michael FitzgeraldNJ
9/08SAT Night QualifierSkullangelDelroy KernPA
9/01SAT Night QualifierTravknowsRocco DiBelloON
8/25SAT Night QualifierUndividedattentionStephen LevineNJ

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* Based on 150 entries.

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