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Will Take Charge is an amazing racehorse. Not only has he flourished despite an almost unheard of demanding schedule by today’s standards, but the way he finishes every race, in which he has any chance at all to hit the wire first, is truly unique.

I’ve seen them all in the last forty years, and while I am not saying that Will Take Charge is one of the best I’ve seen, at least yet, I honestly cannot remember a horse with a better nose for the wire than this one.

I can still vividly remember how Forego would power home late like a runaway freight train, or how Kotashaan’s turf rally was irresistable, and more recently, how Zenyatta almost always got there, but talk about determined … Will Take Charge is really something else. Let’s take a look at his best seven performances this year.

- Fifty yards from the wire in the Smarty Jones Stakes, I thought that Texas Bling had effectively fought him off. No, one final surge carried Will Take Charge to victory.

- In the Rebel Stakes, I thought his stablemate, and Preakness winner, Oxbow, was home free in deep stretch. He would have been if Will Take Charge had not found another gear or two in the closing stages.

- He may not have won the Jim Dandy, but his impressive late surge not only earned him second money, but could well have carried him to victory against the Belmont winner, Palace Malice, if they had gone much farther.

- Moreno to shock the Travers field? It sure looked that way just yards from the wire after fighting off Orb, but alas, Will Take Charge had something special left for the last several strides.

- Even in his one easy victory of the year, the Pennsylvania Derby, he was in fifth place turning for home and not exactly looking like he was going anywhere fast. He must have seen the wire early that day, because this one was over quickly.

- What can you say about the Breeders’ Cup Classic? Mucho Macho Man and Declaration of War ran big, and the former looked like a sure thing winner fifty yards out. Of course, by then we knew better. One determined lunge, and Will Take Charge was just a whisker away from breaking the Macho Man’s heart.

- And finally, today in the Grade 1 Clark Handicap, Game On Dude did everything perfectly. He stalked the early lead and powered to the front in the stretch. Only a horse with a heart as big as Texas was going to get him beat in this one. No, it wasn’t Forego or Zenyatta, it was Will Take Charge, and you just knew he was going to get there today.

Will Take Charge has been a true warrior for trainer D. Wayne Lukas, owner, Willis B. Horton, and rider Luis Saez. He will be crowned Champion Three-year-old male in a few months, of that, I am convinced. You know what else I’m convinced of? If Will Take Charge has a chance to get to the wire first, even if it looks like he won’t, he is going to summon up one final surge that probably gets it done. He is an amazing horse.


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Horses have NO IDEA where the finish line is ..They couldn't tell it from a carrot
This thread includes some of the many things I like/meh about this place… outlandish takes, talking out of both sides of the mouth, provocative takes, solid opinions, lively debate, interesting interjections by others, pissing matches with interjected quips {lol Mary and jenna) and fade to black as another 5 day defilement of a “ZIPSE AT THE TRACK” comes to a close :D
It is called being your own boss.Funny how someone knows so much yet is never on the site.Like i said Fraud.
There was no whining... the fact you think you get to me in any way shape or form is absolutely hysterical. My above post (a few up, the paragraph) was eluding to the fact of how I don't give two (fill in blank) about the garbage you spew out of your mouth on a daily basis... I have thoroughly enjoyed this hour (or so) on HRN.... filled with laughs.. Please, mallios, keep posting... actually going to log off now... I have a life, a family unlike you... I got stuff to do, unlike you who literally posts on this wonderful forum ALL DAY EVERYDAY. G'day all.
enough of the whinning you fraud.Articulating,the next time you do that will be a first.
Hmm, has Mallios left? He obviously left the room because of the heat.... just to counter your ridiculous logic.
(leaving as in logging-off, not leaving the sire)
What heat? I mean, I was going to log off, but perhaps I'll stay.... This is what's funny: you believe I am dodging or leaving when you say this nonsense. The fact is, I don't give a shit about what silly garbage you spew out of your non-articulate mouth. The reason I elude to leaving is simple: I don't see the point of *conversing* (if you wanna' call it conversing) with you. You can't speak English, your posts are frequently redundant, boring, arrogant, and rude. You can keep kissing people's a$$', but to say I am *leaving the room* because of heat is simply hilarious. I have been laughing at your posts for the past half hour. Care to enlighten me with any other of your garbage?
Do I need to run to the store to get some pepto bismol? I think we're all out.
Because I would just have to pee if I said that, lol.
Ah!!!! the predictable event.The heat goes up and you leave the room.Thanks for clarifying Mary,i never pegged you to say that.
No, have not, am not a guy.
*rather good day, not night.
Lol, trust me, everybody can bring THAT up if they want to.... LMAO at you. Alright, goodnight y'all.
Oh yes Vodka,just a little coincidence in bringing up the English language.
Perhaps you are jealous of my decipherable typing and ability to speak english far better than you can... Remember English was not my first language...
Just hilarious it was used immediately after someone posted. Relax there cupcake,if you are in the right no need to get upset copy cat.
I have heard you use it and many others... regardless, it is not a term we have not seen on this forum before, that is for sure.
That is not one of my sayings. Add a long drive, cramped conditions, and barely enough money and this is like a family road trip.
Stealing? Why do you think I said *pissing matches* (in regards to the *....*, indicating it is a saying used by someone earlier, or like quotes). For the record, many have used *pissing matches* on here, but that might be before your time on HRN.... Sullivan, I, Mary and many, many others have used the term *pissing matches*. Relax, take a chill pill, and stop trying to be some stupid detective trying to accuse me of stuff I did not do, miallios.

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