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Why no love for I’ll Have Another?

Poor little I’ll Have Another
He just can’t get no respect. I’ve decided to forsake proper English in this piece, because frankly, I’m a little fired up over the total lack of appreciation being given to a really nice horse. Have we already forgotten who won the Kentucky Derby, and the fact that he is perfect so far in 2012?
“This group of 3-year-olds appears even worse than the weak crops of 2011, 2010, and 2009, with the notable exception of Bodemeister, whose effort on Saturday was so good that the defeat didn’t even sting Baffert.” ~Andy Beyer.
Hey check the chart, Andy. It says I’ll Have Another won the race. In fact, he has already won more stakes this year than Animal Kingdom, Super Saver, and Mine That Bird did their entire sophomore seasons. Never mind that Beyer picked Bodemeister to win before the race, as that could easily explain his one-sided crowing about the performance of the talented son of Empire Maker, but to completely disregard all the other horses that ran well on Saturday, especially the 1 ½ length winner, I’ll Have Another, seems downright out of line. And it is not just one of the deans of racing handicapping that is ignoring the winner. 
Social Media seems to be reacting much the same way.  All I have been hearing since the dust settled on the first leg of the Triple Crown is how great Bodemeister is, or how wonderful Bodemeister ran on Saturday; so much so that it would have been no surprise to hear I’ll Have Another muttering, “Bodemeister, Bodemeister, Bodemeister” on his trip over to Baltimore this afternoon, like something out of the Jan Brady diaries. 
Poor little I’ll Have Another.
When Eli Manning won the Super Bowl, he went to Disneyworld. We know this because we saw him asked about his plans on national television. The only thing it seems people want to know after the Derby is what Bodemeister will do next. Remind me again which horse has lost three times this year, and which one is flawless in three graded stakes.
Surely the Derby winner will be favored in the Preakness, because everyone wants to see a Triple Crown winner after 34 years without one. Uh-uh, it ain’t happening. The straw poll over on the right clearly demonstrates how I think the bettors will go with the Preakness betting. Bodemeister will be a clear favorite, while horses like Union Rags, Went the Day Well, Hansen and Creative Cause lumped in with I’ll Have Another in the second string. And if the Bodemeister camp decides the Preakness is too much too soon for their horse, I still don’t expect I’ll Have Another to claim favoritism.
Union Rags had a trip from hell. Dullahan went way too wide. Went the Day Well was shuffled back so far, he could not possibly get there in time. I’ll Have Another had the perfect trip. Blah, blah, blah. 
Maybe he had the perfect trip simply because he was good enough and relaxed enough to be able to put himself in the perfect positions throughout the race. Keep in mind most people considered his spot in the starting gate to be far from a bargain.
So let’s give the horse that became the first one ever to win the Kentucky Derby from the 19-post some credit. I mean please. He’s yet to be beaten in 2012, nor has he lost on fast dirt, nor around two-turns for that matter, and he just won the race that eeeeveryone wants to win by a full length-and-a-half. Sure Bodemeister ran big, as did Dullahan and Went the Day Well, and maybe Union Rags was a victim of circumstance, but none of them have a chance to win the Triple Crown. Capisce?


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There are many horses even some of the great ones that just didn't get recognition. assault was one who wasnt even the favorite for his tc sweep. I like I'll have Another and CC as well
he reminds me of Secretariat when he came from behind................one can only hope!I name does stand out in his pedigree........PrinceQuillo......same one with Secretariat.
  • Dressage3295 · @ Secretariatlvr73- obviously you never saw Secretariat run then. IHA's run was no where NEAR Secretariat's- neither in performance nor style. · 2078 days ago
Its plain and simple, Ill Have Another was the best on kentucky derby day, best on santa anita (by the way a horse name Bodemeister ran away to Arkansas because he needed an easier way into some graded stakes money), and he was the best in the Lewis. The horse kicked butt. Has to be one of the favorites for "leg2" of the crown.... Ok, who will be the likely favorites...Bodemeister, Creative Cause, Ill Have Another. He may not win but Id like to find one person that wont put him on their ticket. I hope Union Rags, Gemoligist, El Padrino and Hansen run as well so the Yankees and southerns can play some dumb money and I can get some good prices. Nuf said.,
  • cooler · three track records were broken with the speed favoring track. almost every race was won by the frontrunnner. Both of the Oaks horses in the speed duel ran 1-2. Front runners went wire to wire in the 11th and 12th(20 to 1 shot). Still, you can't take off like a quarter horse in the derby. Controlled speed easily wins Bodemeister the race. I'll Have Another was · 2082 days ago
I wasn't impressed with any of these horses. Not Hansen, Bodemeister, Creative Cause and Union Rags. As far as I was concerned it was a wide open race. I'll Have Another had the best racing luck and was clearly the best horse that day, but I just don't believe he has the stamina to win the Triple. If I'm wrong I'll gladly come on here and apologize.
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  • silverruffian · DedaBaber, what I posted was my opinion of IHA, and I stand by it. I've watched him, and I'm not impressed. So you say he's "a very strong horse and the best part is he knows it." That's YOUR opinion. Or is that your imagination? Either way, you're entitled to it. Try not to throw a hissy fit if someone else expresses a belief that you don't share. · 2083 days ago
  • DedaBaber · silverruffian - That wasn't a hissy fit, sorry you see it that way. Just wondering why you might feel that way? To speak of a horse you've never really seen train... Its not my opinion, nor my imagination- its a fact, just ask the rider or xrider of this fine horse. Apologies if I offended you. · 2082 days ago
The sad part about the Derby is that selfish owners and trainers who control nice horses like Hansen and Trinniberg only care about their own egos and not what's best for the horses. Both these horses need schedules that better suit their racing styles and abilities. Trinniberg should stay in races that are one turn up to a mile. Hansen needs to avoid anythiing over a mile and a sixteenth
  • GoldMerry · I agree. Trinniberg looked like a nice little miler to me, I was impressed. Hansen is a special horse. There are a lot of good races out there 1 1/16 and shorter. · 2083 days ago
Excellent comment, Zipses. It would be nice to finally have a Trple Crown winner.
Hmmm, reminds me of another horse who also drew criticism and didn't bolt out in front like a Bodemeister...it seems the ones who are really fast get all the glory, not the closers or the lesser known I'll Have Anothers.
iha ran a very tactical race, but i'm going to reserve my excitement until at least after the preakness.
Wow, read some of these posts & you all are following the diss on IHA. Well watch and see this is a real racehorse, as I've said for the last 4 months on this site. HE CAN be a triple crown winner. And a few more furlongs DID NOT make Dullahan a winner only in your imagination cuz if IHA is headed he has another gear. Have a little respect for a MONSTER.
I think I put little credence in what Andy Beyer thinks. That being said, I'll Have Another got a great deal of racing luck, and Bodemeister should not have run as fast as he did with Trinninberg (who obviously was going to fade). If the race had been a couple furlongs longer we would have been celebrating a win by Dullahan, but Desormeaux didn't turn him lose fast enough. I didn't hve I'll Have Another on my ticket, but I did have the other three, which amounted to 0 winnings. I don't think there is a chance of a repeat in the Preakness, but I've been wrong before. I do know after the TC Doug Neil is going to be suspended for Milikshaking horses, so you have to wonder about his integrity for sure (along with a lot of other trainers), but it looks bad right now while the TC is being run. I just wish good good luck to all the horses and jockeys and that they come home safely.
Fans still don't belive in Jockey Mario Gutierrez, I was in Vegas and had $50 to win on I'll have another and told everyone in the sports book he would win, all were saying the same thing, they didn't like the post nor the Jockey and even trianer Doug Oneil, I told them all how do you not like a Horse that just won the SA derby and showed a big heart doing it, hey let them dislike the horse, better odds for us,
Ever notice west coast horses' Beyers rarely make 100?
i thought I'll Have Another ran a big race, then along comes beyer (which I have rebutted him many times to no avail) with his God like figures and smashes down a incredibly low BSF. His numbers have wayyy too much influence to just be throwing them around like this. I applaud your rebuking to Beyer. My blog: http://handicrapper.blogspot.com/
Love your article, Brian! A great rebuttal to Andy Beyer's obsurd and ridiculous DRF article. Weak crop?? You've got to be joking! Although I'll Have Another was the only horse I bet to win- and I was confident in him, this whole field is TOUGH. Handicapping was very difficult. This horse is extremely talented. Triple Crown? Maybe... but this field is SO talented, it wouldn't shock me if one of the others made it to the line first in the Preakness or Belmont. Just hope this horse can hold on!!
I agree Brian....I'll Have Another was in my top 5 before the Derby and immediately after I was inclined to ignore him because I was so ticked off at Union Rags bad luck. But I'll Have Another is a serious racehorse and I think he's got a brilliant future ahead! P.S. I'm also going with Bodemeister in the Preakness :)
I dont understand it? I have liked this horse and trainer for a while. I laughed all the way to and from the betting window.
Bodemeister was my Derby pick, but I did look long and hard at I'll Have Another before settling on my pick. I liked both colts' runs in the SA and AK derbys. So I'm certainly not going to whine now that my pick got beat in the stretch by a bad horse (am I the only one that sees the illogic in that?).
i am a fan of both bode and iha;; have followed them in cali for a while;; but lets be honest;; mike smith, after 30 yrs of racing new he had to rate just a bit ;;; i dont care what baffert told him;; he messed up with zenyatta and bode;; i am still a fan but what are u thinking mike;; no horse can run all out and win at 1.25 mill jmo
well call it what you want, but Bod didnt have to change his game plan, he ran exactly how he was trained to, he just ran out of gas. No bumpiin, no grindin, no clippin heals, as they say in NASCAR "just clean Air"
I don't think you can call fractions of 22.1, 45.3, 109.4 and 135.3 in a mile race, a dream trip. Especially after only running 4 times and none as a 2 year old.

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