Who has ten bucks I can borrow?

January 08, 2012 08:08am
Ten dollars, are we really talking about only ten dollars?

Have you always wanted to be an owner of something big? Perhaps you have found over the years that a mansion and a yacht will always be just a little more than your bank account can stretch. You do love sports, and always felt you could have done a better job of running the New York Yankees than George Steinbrenner did all those years.  Still, you are about $1.7 billion shy of swooping in and buying the Bronx Bombers. Never fear, the NFL’s Green Bay Packers have made ownership a reality for the masses. For the relatively affordable sum of $275, you can buy one share of the defending Super Bowl champs. Outstanding! Of course there is the small matter of what that investment actually gets you. A certificate of the stock ownership with the Packers logo is pretty cool, but how about a little bang for your buck. Not going to happen. The stock will not go up in value, there will be no dividends, and if you ever want to sell the stock, the Packers will offer you 2 ½ cents. Hmmm, maybe NFL ownership is not everything it is cut out to be unless you are a very big fish. What now?  Thanks to an exciting and innovative new offering about to be released by Frank Stronach, the Sport of Kings may finally have a good ownership option for Joe or Jane Average.

Stronach, the man behind one of the most successful racing and breeding operations in the world, Adena Springs, along with a number of racing associates, has formed Golden Pegasus Racing Incorporated. The horse racing stock exchange program and privately held company will offer stock in each of their six corporations at the cost of $10 per share. That’s right for the paltry amount of ten bucks; you can become a horse owner. 

Each of the six corporations formed by Golden Pegasus are named after former Adena Springs stars. There will be the Ghostzapper, Red Bullet, Awesome Again, Perfect Sting, Ginger Punch, and Macho Uno Racing Companies. Anyone can buy a share in one of the syndicates of horses for $10 a share and enjoy the thrill of thoroughbred horse ownership.

Here are some of the specifics of the corporations: Each one will offer 405,000 shares, and own 20 horses. Each of the horses will have turned two in 2012. All of the horses will be managed by Golden Pegasus, and all horses that are still owned by the corporation will be dispersed in November of 2013. 

You might be thinking, for $10 dollars, what do I have to lose? I agree, as long as you do not expect to make money for the venture. As the SEC application states, “Most racehorse ownership is not profitable.” But then again, some are, and you have to consider what are you really buying with your tiny investment? I would think the answer is buying a dream … a pretty fantastic dream. 

If you want to own horses with virtually no risk, but all the excitement of seeing a horse you own run, and win, then this horse exchange program might be the perfect way answer for you.  The application also states, “Our future success is dependent upon the racing performance of our horses and any appreciation in their value; investment in the offering is highly speculative.” It would seem Adena Springs would be a great partner in this speculation. Given the tradition of excellence demonstrated year in and year out by Adena Springs, don’t be surprised to see one of your horses running in some of the biggest races in the country. Can you imagine being a partial owner of a horse that enters the starting gate of the Kentucky Derby, or wins the Breeders’ Cup Classic? Sure you can, and so can I.

The website www.horseexchange.com is already up, but for now only says, “The Original Horse Stock Exchange … Coming Soon!”  So get ready, big things could be happening in your near future. 



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Scam, obviously. As said before, Stronach thinks of Stronach and no one else.
If you are going to invest in this scheme, READ the prospectus. Frank Stronach only cares about Frank Stronach, so I would be careful with something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is
this is a madoff scandal
Looks like a blast! I'm in!
When all is said and done . . . it's penny stock.
if you can really do it for a small investment, it would be worth the fun.
Come on people. You are investing $10 for all the excitement of having a piece of 20 horses, not because you expect to get rich. Count me in!
  • szulcc · If you only put $10 in, I agree that's fine. but if like I posted below anyone is considering "investing" more than that into this I beg of you to please look into it more deeply than they're advertising. This is one of the biggest screwjobs I've ever seen put out by partnerships in this business and I've seen a lot... · 2864 days ago
Mom always says, "if it sounds too good to be true..."
Frank can hardly wait to hear from any potential suckers, er, I mean investors.
This whole plan has a lot of things that scream 'red flag'...one, these horses have already been acquired by Stronarch/Adena and now are being passed on to these partnerships. Personally it seems that Stronarch/Adena is dumping their unwanted purchases on the unsuspecting public. Second, there is absolutely no chance at a person making any type of return on this - management fees, the biggest markup I've ever seen, and $150/day in training is outrageous. Yes, it's $10 which may be fun to have the smallest share of horses, but I wouldn't dare think about putting a $1,000 or even $100 into this. Also note that they are valuing these horses to an average of more than $2 million per horse, when the prospectus even says some have been purchased as low as $4,000. Buyer beware.
Whoa, this is huge!
I have $20 :)
Pretty darned cool!
Sounds good to me!! I'm in!
This Kentucky native has always dreamed of owning a horse - any horse - but a race horse?? Wow!!! Count me in!
We should pool our funds and form an HRN group!
$10 bucks for bragging rights is a bargain.......
This is awesome!!!!! I'm in also!
AWESOME; I can't wait for the site to start accepting buyers. I will be doing this in memory of my Tim "Tiznow" Reynolds; he would have loved something like this and would have enjoyed doing it immensely! Yes, Brian, I have $10 bucks you can borrow. Heck, I will even pay you ten bucks for a little advice. Which corporation do you think Tim would choose? I already have 2 that caught my eye!

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