• La Coronel (5-1) leads them all the way in the Grade 1 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup.Posted 4 days ago
  • Rubilinda (6-5) finds the wire just in time to take the Pebbles Stakes.Posted 4 days ago
  • Engage (1-2) rolls home from last to win the Grade 3 Futurity Stakes.Posted 4 days ago
  • Bolt d'Oro is the 12-1 favorite in the current Las Vegas line for Kentucky Derby 2018.Posted 7 days ago
  • Romantic Vision (6-1) takes the sloppy Spinster (G1) at Keeneland.Posted 10 days ago
  • Unique Bella (1-5) returns with a clear victory in the L. A. Woman (G3) at Santa Anita.Posted 10 days ago
  • Flameaway (5-1) wins a three-horse photo finish in the Dixiana Bourbon (G3) at a wet Keeneland.Posted 10 days ago
  • War Flag (9-1) wins the stretch battle in Belmont's Flower Bowl (G1).Posted 10 days ago
  • Separationofpowers (9-5) impresses in the Frizette at Belmont Park.Posted 10 days ago
  • Roy H (4-5) lives up to favoritism in the Grade 1 Santa Anita Sprint Championship.Posted 11 days ago
Breeders' Cup 2017

HRN Original Blog:
Zipse At The Track

Two Weeks on Twitter: The Saga of Paynter

As the racing world has come together to send our collective prayers to one of the best horses in America, owner Ahmed Zayat has worn his heart on Twitter (chronicled below) so that each of us could keep up with all the latest on the daily ups and downs as Paynter has battled for his life. I would personally like to thank him, and his son Justin, for the love and compassion they have demonstrated through their continuous updates during this heart-wrenching ordeal. To say that they have proven their love for Paynter seems a massive understatement. Paynter’s many fans have responded in kind. Power up Paynter!


August 28 – 

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Paynter got sick again, very high fever did ship yesterday from saratoga. Dr. Cheney attended to him. We sent him to clinic 10 minutes away.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Very sad and nervous that he got sick again , it happened again before he flies , always when Jim leave him @JustinZayat @Midnightlute

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Get well soon Paynter! Say a prayer, he is special horse #crushed #praying #sad #he is very tough animal @JustinZayat @Midnightlute

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 paynter update; he is stable No significant improvements from early morning ..getwell Paynter #praying #specialcolt @JustinZayat @midnightlute

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @jayemesssam @JustinZayat @midnightlute thank you very much. He is really sick and he is fighting hard #bighearted

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @MsVFAB thank you. We can all use it. Very depressed and crushed, he is a strong and special colt @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @ZayatPaynter @justinzayat @zipseatthetrack Same as the Morning. Will is not good. He needs to improve.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @WOOKIE318 @justinzayat you just set me off. ! It's very emotional. I sound like a cry baby. I guess I am! I am full of faith and hope.


August 29 – 

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 fever is still there diarrhea still there, his feet are comfortable this morning .stable. only good thing his attitude is better #pray

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Paynter update; just got this from Dr. Javsicas "he is eating fresh grass and more playful " whatever works! @JustinZayat @Midnightlute

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @newspaper1974 thank you. We can use all the prayers. Perk up Paynter!! @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @ClaireNovak thank you. Yes tough last two weeks bode then now Paynter! #hope


August 30 – 

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Wasn’t a goodnight for Paynter yesterday! Keep praying #Fighting hard @justinzayat @Midnightlue

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Driving now to visit Paynter with @justinzayat and Benjamin. The drive is 3 hours to upstate NY. Will update in afternoon. #star #fighter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat will send update now, as I am driving back from the clinic to NY.

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 We are driving back from Saratoga. Tough day. Very sad. We are very emotional. Our only console and comfort pic.twitter.com/c0r8LYyH

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Is the angle that is attending paynter. She has not slept since Monday. An incredible professional vet who has no stopped crying since we

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Have been there. Dr. Laura Javsicas. You can tell that she genuinely cares. She warned us that he lost around 100+ pounds since Monday.

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat He has been an unbelievable patient. Full of class and very easy to work with. He looked sad to me and depressed. I can feel his body temp

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat And how high it is. When I was touching him. His head was low down. Totally heartbreaking. I can see Benjamin totally tearing and trying

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat To hold back his tears. He is a brave and class horse but he is not the paynter I know. He still has a high fever and diarrhea. On the

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Positive side. His feet are perfect no discomfort at all. He is in critical condition the next 24 hours are crucial. He needs to fight. I

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Hope we gave him the love and care and encouragement to do that. With all your good wishes and prayers we will pull through that. Actually

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat As we were petting and kissing him. He started looking at us with his sad eye kind of saying I know you are here for me. Justin tried to feed

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Him when we first got in and he refused. After 2 hours he rubbed against Justin and was ready to eat. As you would expect his appetite has

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Been horrible. So he started eating fresh grass from benjamins hand. As time went on. He for the first time since Monday he went to his hay

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Bin and Dr. Laura was very happy since it was his first time eating hay since Monday. She had been trying to give him treats he didn't want.

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat So I guess that is kind of positive. Our main concern is that his white blood cells go up so the infection and bacteria that are now in his

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Colon and intestines don't travel through his bloodstream and infect other organs. And his body becomes septic. If that happens that is the

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat End of it. So again next 24 hours are critical that this nightmare scenario doesn't happen. I am very comforted that the best vets and equine

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Care from all over the country so please #pray this was dictated by @jazz3162 my dad as he is driving. We are doing this for his fans #wecare

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat I wish everyone can see the amazing tweets and support we are getting from all the paynter fans.Thank you so much #PowerUpPaynter @jazz3162


August 31 – 

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @deborahcarlino @justinzayat excatly Waiting on his vets to report back. Perk up Paynter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Omg omg the power of prayer. Please keep praying his white blood cell is 9000 which is 9X of what it was. Good sign. Appetite improving cont

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Best birthday gift. Will send more updates as we get them today #PowerUpPaynter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat Paynter update: our warrior is continuing to fight and fight hard. I can describe today as a good day for Paynter. Thanks for

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat for all your prayers and good vibes you are sending to his team of vets. #PowerUpDrLauraJavsicas

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat on the positive side. His appetite is good. Not only is he eating fresh grass and hay but for the first time he has eaten some

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Greens. His complete blood work is normal both the white blood cells and red blood cells.All enzymes both liver and kidney are totally normal

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 His feet continue to stay perfect. We changed the ice around them today and they were very happy with how they looked. Now we put them back

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 For precautions. By no means are we out of the woods yet but definitely we are feeling much better today than yesterday. On the negative

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Side his fever is still there at 103. His diarrhea is there but better. His lungs are the same as yesterday.We have started some antibiotics

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Just to be precautious that the bacteria that can travel through the bloodstream is not fungus. We are hopeful next update will be around

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 5pm after we take his blood work and new vital signs as well as an ultrasound on his lungs to see if there is change from this morning.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 It has been a great 12 hour turnaround. Please god let's keep heading in the right direction @justinzayat #star #warrior#keepgoingpaynter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat waiting on pins and needles for Dr. Javsicas to call with results of ultra sound,blood tests and other diagnostics. Update soon

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 I just got this from Dr. Javsicas "All ok was just working on him. Eating grass. temp 101.3. will call shortly." update to come soon

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat I just got off the phone with Dr. Javiscas VMD, DACVIM. very upbeat phone call. With a lot of laughter and happiness. We do not

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat want to get ahead of ourselves here but Paynter continues to be stable/ improving from the morning. His appetite is now pretty

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat good. He has perked up and is actually fighting with Laura which is the normal Paynter we know. Very excited to hear that. His

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat temp has broken. His diarrhea has slowed down significantly. His lungs are the same as yesterday. Bloodwork came perfect. Shows

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat no sign of fungus infection in his blood at this stage. All in all I will continue to take these baby steps towards god willing

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat a full recovery. #keepgoingpaynter #warrior #fighter#specialcolt being loved so much by his fans.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat just a warning. We will not have any updates Saturday morning until the evening. So don't get nervous. #PowerUpPaynter


September 1 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat Paynter update: he continues to head in the right direction. All in all it has been another good day keep your prayers coming

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat we need a couple more of these days. We have a long way to go BUT the major thing is his temp continues to be normal 100.3

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat all his bloodwork is normal. Vital signs are good. He continues to have diherria. All organs and feet are good. Only negative

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat his appetite is not as good as yesterday. But I will take that any day. We are hoping he Will perk up tomorrow.#PowerUpPaynter


September 2 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter update: Our angel Dr. Javiscas VMD, DACVIM. reports that Paynters temperature has been normal. His White blood count is

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat normal. He is brighter today. Still has diarrhea, his protein levels have dropped so we have him more plasma last night and

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat it has improved this morning. Appetite is fair. We are trying new foods.. We will update more later today #keepfightingpaynter

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Paynter heading in right direction. Long way to go. As soon as his diarrhea improves we will take him out to graze. @jazz3162

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Paynter update; best report we have had so far coming shortly, prayers must be working @JustinZayat #Laura my angel #fantasticjob

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Paynter update: Our warrior is being himself for the first time today. He is no longer timid with Laura in his stall. @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 In fact he was fighting her as she tried to do an ultrasound on him. His appetite has increased and his attitude is playful @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 His temperature and blood are both normal. His feet are perfect. It seems that Paynter has taken a big step today. @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 So all in all with his improved attitude, demeanor, his normal blood work and chemistry I am getting a huge sigh of relief. @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 It's good to hear that after Dr. Laura groomed him he rolled in his clean shavings like a normal horse @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Our star Paynter is responding to all your prayers and good wishes, all his vets are doing a fantastic job! We are so blessed. @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 POWER UP PAYNTER !! THANK YOU DR LAURA JAVSICAS #angle #caring #brilliant @justinzayat

Bob Baffert ?@Midnightlute Paynter has to be the most unbelievable horse I've seen fight for his life. Wow. Still hangin in there

Bob Baffert ?@Midnightlute We always thought Paynter was tough as nails. Let's keep prayin


September 3 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter update: Doesn't look like a good morning, the vets are working through some issues, can not take this emotional

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat rollercoaster. I am mentally drained as well as Laura, poor paynter. I hope it resolves itself in the next few hours. I will

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat report in detail when I know all my facts.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 This is insane and surreal Bob Baffert and I were texting and discussing what's best for Paynter as we were discussing. He sent me the

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 message. "omg my dad just died" my sincere condolences to the Baffert family and to my dear friend Bob on this sad news. RIP Mr. Baffert.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter update: Paynter continues to fight bravely his colitis. Today has been a tough day he is giving us mixed signals while

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat his appetite has improved and his temperature is normal. His blood work has been good. Today we had to deal with new issues

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat that arised at the first time. He has developed an infection where the catheter is placed and his angel Laura was having a hard

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat time finding an unswollen vain to insert it. It is important because this is where he gets his nutrients medications. Other

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat other problem for the first time. He has developed some clotting in his blood vains as a result of low protein. We have been

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat treating him with plasma. It has been an emotional tough day for Laura and myself as we are not dealing with issues that apply

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat to comfort and pain. We need to be very careful of how to deal with those serious issues. I personally have ZERO tolerance for

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat the word suffering. It is important that we give our warrior a chance to fight and battle his illness but also keeping our eye

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat on our goal which is to get him healthy and happy but not at any cost. Paynter has been good to all of us and we need to treat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat him with the love and dignity that he deserves. Laura and I and all his vets and @Midnightlute are particularly conscious of

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat of that. We once again ask for your prayers as the next 24 hours will tell the tale please god give me the strength and the

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat grace to do what's right with my horse and to give my vets the wisdom to make the right calls. And to bless Paynter with the

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat courage to fight this very tough battle.#PowerUpPaynter

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 crazy one day good. Next day not good. I hope tomorrow is a good one. #ToughGame #keepfightingpaynter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @HRTVJoanne @justinzayat thanks for your comments we Believe fans and horse players are our partners , they need Transparency in our sport.


September 4 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter update: Paynter situation continues to get worse. He had a bad night and not such a good morning. I have spent

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat significant time speaking to his angel Dr. Laura as well as Dr. Mark Cheney and other renowned vets all over the country..

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Unfortunately we have a very sick horse. who has developed serious complications in the last 24 hours. Other than fighting

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat bravely his colitis, he continues to have Diarrhea as well as his protein blood level is very low. we continue to give him

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat plasma to help him out. His blood work continues to be good as well as his temp so on a stand-alone basis he is fighting

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat bravely and hard the colitis and we he continues to make some progress fighting that disease on the other hand as I have

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat explained in my tweets yesterday that he is developing a new issue about his veins being swollen. a disease that is called

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat DIC which stands for disseminated intravascular coagulopathy the most concerning news is as of last night he started becoming

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat sore on his left foot and was scared to turn around and walk on it.. unfortunately we only thought it was some swelling and a

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat eczema but it has worsened because today he has been diagnosed with our nightmare scenario of laminitis it seems it is rapidly

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat progressing after taking additoinal xrays of the foot and discussing with some foot experts. Dr. Laura have found out that he

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat has developed it in 3 of his 4 legs, which is heartbreaking. Poor Paynter, i dont know how long hecan fight this out so bravely

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat without having pain and suffering. so far laura is very conscious of that and having his pain under control. But we need to look

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat at all these problems. My deep concern is that he if he is a healthy horse he can fight laminitis since it is the beginning

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat but to be a sick horse and fight all these issues all at once, it is asking for too much. We need to be compassionate and

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat merciful and treat our star with the respect and lovethat he deserves while giving him the best chance in fighting for his life

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat please pray. those are very detailed tweets. as i am at loss in whats the right thing to do here but i will leave it up to his

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat caring and loving vet to decide what are the right courses of action. please pray for pain free paynter.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter update: here is what we are trying to do to help paynter fight his battle, it will take a miracle but he is a fighter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter had mild signs of foot pain today and mild radiographic changes. We flew in Dr. Bryan Fraley, an affiliate of the

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Hagyard Equine Medical Center to evaluate him this afternoon and placed casts to support his feet. He was very good for the

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat procedure. His appetite has been greatly improved today and the diarrhea is improving. We are hopeful but are taking it day

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat by day and his comfort is our first concern. Please pray the hardest you can. We still want to give him the chance to fight it

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat as long as he is telling us he wants to. #keepfightingpaynter #warrior


September 5 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 paynter update will come shortly this has been a tough year its heartbreaking GOD has a plan I dont understand it but I am a man of faith.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 paynter morning update will be out around 11.45am, speaking with alot of Vets, trying to get all my facts correct @JustinZayat

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter morning update: We still have Paynter in our lives for that we are blessed. Paynter continues to go through a

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat rollercoaster sickness with significant complications. Ironically today he is having a decent day, he is one tough horse!

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat It is admirable but heartbreaking. On the positive side, he stays comfortable in his new cast fitting, unbelievably so

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat that according to Dr. Laura says he is actually walking around comfortably in them. What a star!! On the negative side

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat , he continues to fight his colitis hard.His fever is higher today than we would want it.The protein levels continue to be low.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat . He still has diarrhea, but amazingly enough his attitude is better and his appetite continues to improve.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat He is fighting and we will keep praying for him to fight as long as we are secsitive to his needs. Again, our primary concern

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat is his comfort #star #warrior #whatatrooper#prayforpaynter

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 Very thankful for every time I look at my phone,twitter or Facebook I see unbelievably nice things written about painter #truefans

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter update: Paynter continues to amaze his vets by his resilience, class, charm, determination, what a horse. Indeed he is

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat so special, Paynter has been walking comfortably all day. This afternoon his diarrhea resolved and he passed formed manure.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat He was mildly uncomfortable when defecating, which is not uncommon in horses with colitis as the diarrhea resolves.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat He has had an intermittent low grade fever but his blood work continues to be normal. He continues to be treated aggressively.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Please keep your good prayers and energy coming our champ is fighting and fighting hard. 


September 6 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat Paynter update: Paynter was comfortable overnight and has been eating well. He continues to pass soft formed manure.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat He is walking very comfortably in the stall. He continues to have low protein levels but his edema has improved dramatically.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 #PowerUpPaynter #warrior #keepfightingpaynter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat that was just a brief update on paynters medical situation. On a personal basis. I've heard from numerous people that it is

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @justinzayat impossible to beat laminitis particularly while fighting colitis! It's a lethal combination but I have hope because I know

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @Justinzayat that paynter is SPECIAL and will get through this.


September 7 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @Anita_Xanax how sweet.You fans are really special your love is being felt and all his vets are thankfulLet alone myself andfamily #thankful

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 Paynter up @Justinzayat ; Paynter continues to gradually improve. He is passing manure and eating . He remain comfortable in his casts

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 And walks freely around his stall. His fever is under control. His protein levels have stabilized @Justinzayat #star #warrior #champion

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @MargaretCleme20 no. But improving. Will take one day at a time. He is a champ!

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat paynter up; our BIG boy countinue to show his class, he is fligthing hard, stable this afternoon. he is much brighter and

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat hand it is hard to pull him away from the grass and his special food that Dr. laura Javsicas has has got him. i am happy

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat to have day like today. That’s good news super roller coaster toughest horse in America have a nice weekend #star#champ #warrio

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @digid6 YES YES YES. Mark my words. His name is PAYNTER. Power up @justinzayat


September 8 –

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 Paynter update: Doing well. Protein stable. Feet comfortable.Temp 101.3.We are stopping the iv antibiotic and will monitor fevers.

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 he is stable and comfortable.He has a long way to go but this is a step in the right direction. He's fighting hard

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 keep praying for OUR star. He can pull through this!!#PowerUpPaynter

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat The great day when we bought Paynter and Bodemeister on the same day.. youtube.com/watch?v=XNKcBz


September 9 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter continues to improve gradually today he is having a great day in fact he had an excellent weekend. He is stable

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162@JustinZayat his temperature has been totally normal for the last 36 hours. He is eating well. He likes his new grain

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat , his protein level is stable. His Edema continues to gradually improve. His manure is soft, his feet are very comfortable

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat . All in all a very positive and upbeat report from his angel Dr. Laura. Paynter has served us notice, I WILL BEAT THIS.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat He is brave and courageous and total class. He is a super horse, He is the toughest horse in America. #steelhorse

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat I think we have won the battle with his colitis but we are still fighting the war.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Keep your prayer and good wishes the champ will be back! #poweruppaynter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @Wahoowa95 @JustinZayat another 10days ...

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @avatarsound @JustinZayat will report tommorow in details about his battle with laminitis #will beat that one too


September 10 –

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 Is about to give a very good paynter update.. stay tuned!!! #PowerUpPaynter

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter Update: We continue to be blessed by a special horse, he continues to defy the odds.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat We have a happy horse today, no fever, all blood work is good. He is comfortable stable and eating well.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat His protein level is good all in all looks like painter continues to turn the corner and winning his battle with his colitis.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat On his fight with his fight with his laminitis, Let me explain more in detail…

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter has 3 of his legs with casts to support his feet. He has no had any rotation at any point since the start of his

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat his illness in any of his feet. None of them have shown any sinking ever since the beginning of his diagnosis.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat . It is fair to say that we caught a very mild laminitis in the first stages. We have taken today for the first time new sets

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat of x rays on his 3 feet since he has been in the casts since last Sunday. Dr. Laura was extremely happy to see that there was

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat no radiological changes from last week in fact there has been much improvement from the way his feet looked before

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat being in the cast.So she feels very hopeful and encouraged that if we continue to have comfortable feet

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat and we feel blessed that this courageous Paynter, not only beaten colitis but he has a very good chance of beating laminitis.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Miracles can happen; I am very heartened and encouraged that not only Paynter will survive as a stallion but in 10 days when

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat his casts are off. We can be in for a surprise that we have a chance of seeing him back as a racehorse in 2013.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Please god answer our prayers. I feel today like dancing and crying but this time out of happiness. #warrior #champ#special

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat #poweruppaynter I hope we didn't jump the gun!!!

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @co_pony @JustinZayat thats always a possiblity; the colt will always come first ... he will tell us

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat @jazz3162 Just got news that Paynter went outside to graze for his first time. Loved it

Justin Zayat ?@JustinZayat Here is a picture of OUR boy grazing today.. #keepfightingpaynter@jazz3162 @Midnightlute yfrog.com/nvg3uddj


September 12 –

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Paynter Update: Paynter continues to take big strides towards a healthy recovery. He had another great day yesterday.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat No Fever, Blood work great, Feet comfortable and walking sound on them.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat Enjoying his new variety of goodies and hay that he has been given. Went out again yesterday for grazing and play time.

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat All in all Dr. Laura is very happy with his progress. Paynter has an amazing desire to beat all odds

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat He continues to fight real hard and he is winning. In fact, I am getting really upbeat about his total prognosis

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat for a full recovery. I was very happy after my call with Dr. Larry Bramlage. We sent him x rays of Paynters feet

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat or his review and 2nd opinion. Our conversation made me very hopeful. He confirmed to us what other vets have told us

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat us that the x rays look great, that there is no sign of rotation or separation or sinking in his feet in fact,

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat he was very encouraged and “pleasantly surprised” by those images. He told me that he believed based on what he saw

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat that if the colt continues to improve there is no reason why he shouldn’t return to a full recovery as a racehorse in his

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 @JustinZayat opinion that he has all chances to race again at top notch level. Continue to pray for a speedy recovery for the peoples horse!

A.ZAYAT ?@jazz3162 #poweruppaynter #Warrior #fighter #letsdoitpaynter 


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Older Comments about Two Weeks on Twitter: The Saga of Paynter...

I wish there were more owners like the Zayats. I am praying not only Paynter but for them too.
I pray the Paynter will recover. Get well soon Paynter!
Power Up Paynter! What an amazing story!
once able to walk, I would let this colt just graze away the rest of his life with stud duty
  • karen.sweatman.9 · What makes you think this horse fought like hell to beat his ailment so he could be turned out to pasture for the next 20 some years? He's a proud spirited thoroughbred who loves to run and compete, he's not a cow. · 1860 days ago
Today's tweet: A.ZAYAT ‏@jazz3162 @JustinZayat walking sound and comfortable. laura changed his bandages, all looking great maunure solid he is healing keep praying #warrior
Reading through those "tweets" is moving and somewhat exhausting as the emotion and distress of Mr. Zayat is almost palpable. If Paynter does complete his remarkable recovery, the Zayats should be reluctant to return him to racing to face the same "stressors" he encountered before his illness. I hope he continues to PowerUp and then retires to stud.
It's been so moving watching Mr. Zayat through Paynter's illness. It's evident that Mr. Zayat and his son, Justin, are top-notch owners and certainly have had everyone rooting for Paynter and for them, too.
Good news happy for all the connections.
Just so happy for the Zayats and their wonderful courageous boy. Thrilled is probably a better word, for a few days I was afraid to come to Horse Racing Nation, afraid he might be gone. But every day he was still there.
no I thnk of Secretariat when thinking laminiat ans Barbaro as a severely comminuted fracture that should have never been attempted to correct. No human would have had a good outcome with all those lose pieces and poor blood suppl. I felt sorry for the suffering that animal had to endure for a human's FOLLY
The recovery is amazing. This horse may have more fans than barbaro by the time all is said an done. Barbaro is the one everyone remembers when they think of laminitis. This colt should he beat this, would be looked upon as a warrior, if he's not already, and probably have one of the biggest fan bases that racing has seen for a while. I really hope he pulls through. This fact he has beaten colitis and is beating laminitis is amazing in itself. What a horse. Power up Paynter!

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