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With the most prestigious race in Canada just days away, I decided to have a little fun with the big race. Today, I took on the unenviable task of ranking the greatest winners in the long and storied history of the Queen's Plate, 1 through 25. It remains to be seen whether Sunday's expected favorite, We Miss Artie, or any other runnner for that matter, can approach the heights of some of the greats on this list. Keep in mind, there have been 10 winners of the Queen's Plate since the last Canadian Triple Crown winner, Wando, and not one of those ten could make this list.  My basis for the ranking was on their overall racing career and a blending of excellence and accomplishments. Have fun and please let me know where you think I may have gone astray...

 1. Northern Dancer 18-14-2-2 

 2. Inferno 31-13-7-8

 3. Dance Smartly 17-12-2-3

 4. Awesome Again 12-9-0-2

 5. Victoria Park 19-10-4-2 

 6. Horometer 9-8-1-0  

 7. With Approval 23-13-5-1

 8. Bunty Lawless 47-19-15-3 

 9. Kingarvie 169-30-21-27  

10. Izvestia 21-11-2-2

11. Peteski 11-7-2-1

12. Kennedy Road 45-17-12-3 

13. Wando 23-11-2-2

14. Alydeed 15-9-2-2 

15. Norcliffe 33-14-8-3

16. L'Enjoleur 30-15-4-2  

17. Canadiana 62-20-9-11

18. Canadian Champ 42-20-11-3

19. Uttermost 34-14-5-1 

20. Archworth 47-15-9-7

21. Canebora 31-10-5-6

22. New Providence 41-10-7-10

23. Flaming Page 16-4-4-2

24. Ace Marine 44-14-5-9 

25. Dancethruthedawn 16-7-2-3


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Older Comments about The Queen's Plate List...

I would place Awesome Again right below Northern Dancer. He defeated Silver Charm twice, and beat an outstanding field in the Breeder's Cup Classic.
we all joked with him about not over-eating
Tiller that is
if YU ever showed up at one YOU might have a shot at talking to him. Sat with Bob Teller and da Silva last year
Of course TV.
according to ALL who know him Attfield has now become a bit like the big multi-location trainers and is now a manager not so much hands on and I was TOLD outright at the first Hall of Fame Gala I attended NEVER to mention a thing about Izvestia to him ever...and I have listened to that advise but SOMEONE ran a promising sire to his death after an obvious injury in just the same place he was kicked earlier in the summer and with such a CLOSED DOOR policy on his discussion, It suggests the trainer had an inkling that that last race was pushing it.
TV, Bud won't be inviting you over anytime soon either.
I'm sure TV that the next time Roger Attfield invites you to his house for a beer and a BBQ he's going to be a tad upset with the way you dissed him by inferring rather blatantly that he ran Izvestia in that race knowing that he had a bad leg. In fact, NO MORE BEER AND BARBY FOR YOU TV.
Laz= With Approval, and Izvestia should be ranked in the top 5. Both were very versitile horses compared to the rest of the winners. Both Top runners on Turf and Dirt. Both are my favorite Grey's to run at our track. Peteski shoul dget a mention also, winning the triple crown then beating the Derby, and Belmont winners later in the year.
I don’t get your post E.P. Are you saying that both were rated too high or too low? Or are you saying that Izvestia should have been rated higher than With Approval? Personally I think that With Approval, based on his US races, should have been rated the higher of the two. In With Approval’s last year of racing in 1990 he ran against and competed very well against some really tough competition. He won that Bowling Green, setting an 11F world record that I believe still stands, beating Chenin Blanc and El Senor, won the Tidal H. defeating Alwuhush, finished 2nd to El Senor in the Sword Dancer, second to Golden Pheasant (won the Japan Cup that year) and ahead of Steinlen (’89 BC Turf and ’89 Arlington Million winner) in the Arlington Million, a close 3rd to Caceothes and Alwuhush in the Turf Classic and then 2nd to In The Wings in the BC Turf.
this determined lady, who was anything but a feminist during her extraordinary life, challenged the hierarchy of the Ontario Jockey Club and its archaic rule that only a British subject residing in Ontario was allowed to enter a horse in the King’s Plate. Even though her horses were bred, foaled in raised in Ontario, the OJC would not allow her to nominate them for the Plate. Lily was “regarded as a menace to the existing sportsmen in control.”
Few people are aware that durig MOST of the history of this race, it was limited to MAIDENS from Upper Canada only. Western Canadian horses were not allowed in and one of the most prominent breeders in Canadian Horse racing history Lilly Livingston...She was NOT allowed to receive recogntion on colts that won since she was an American.. http://horseracinghalloffame.com/2011/01/04/lily-a-livingston-2/
still did not negate the getting kicked in that same leg that just happened to correspond to his form reversal. Pieced it together after watching that Rockingham race later from the old ESPN show Down the Stretch
I said I did not know the SPECIFIC race and just remembered that it was in New England
Maternal Pride was the possible ringer. http://www.thestar.com/sports/2009/06/21/queens_plate_longshots_ringers_and_kingmakers.html
I think someone got the story mixed up a bit TV. Izvestia never ran in the Mass Cap (unless he was kicked before the race and was scratched). He did run in the New Hampshire Sweepstakes at Rockingham that summer finishing second to Double Booked, but he would run in the Suburban (5th to In Excess), Arlington Handicap (3rd to Filago), and the Arlington Million (a close 6th to Tight Spot) after the New Hampshire race. His race before the Rothman’s was the Seagram Cup where he ran second to Sky Classic. The year before I remember when he went to New York on an 8 race winning streak and ran in the JCGC as the 3/5 favorite. They had a portrait photo of him sitting on a chair near the walking ring (for TV purposes, a beautiful grey with large sad looking eyes). He didn’t fire that day and was 3rd to Flying Continental. I always thought that wear and tear caught up to him. In his last 13 races leading up to the Rothmans when he broke down, he ran 10F (8 x’s), and 9.5F and 12F once each running on dirt and turf and in a 16 month period.
I like the RINGER who won an early one of these when it was a heat race. Or name wise, FERDINAND and Floss... The author of the definitive book on the subject is a MASTER at knowing EVERy winner. I used to come up to him all the time, shout out what I thought was an esoteric name and he would pop back with the year quick as a wink...Amazing memory and he told me how difficult all the research had been in compiling all of this too. Lou Cauz, the FOUNDER and emeritus director of the Canadain HOrse Racing Hall of Fame is a beacon for all to appreciate.
Izvestia: Little known fact. Had set up his breedig situation, was in all the journals (BloodHorse etc) and then they HAD to run him one more time. His last start before the layoff had come in after he had run out in a New England stake (Mass Cap?). IN that contest he had collided with a horse late in the run. He had been kicked WHERE? In the same back leg that fell apart on him in the race where he had to be euthanized. WHAT a monumental waste in regards to a potentil injury that was well known GOING INTO IT.
Izvestia at #10, With Approval at #7 is an absolute SIN!.
  • EP Taylor · I am bias Brian ;) Izvestia was a freak of nature, and With Approval is in my top 3 favorite Turf horses. · 1240 days ago
Love those horses, Laz ... they were definitely among another eight or ten that I strongly considered.

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