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Pimlico Special Romp is Last Gunfighter’s 6th in a Row

The ball is now in Orb’s court. Heavily favored in the Pimlico Special, just as Orb will be in tomorrow’s Preakness Stakes, Last Gunfighter used a powerful stretch run to blow right on by the alone on the lead, Eighttofasttocatch, to win the Grade 3 Pimlico Special by an ever-widening 4 ¼ lengths. 

Heavy favoritism in a historic 1 3/16 mile stakes race at Pimlico is not all Last Gunfighter and Orb have in common, though. Today’s impressive win marked Last Gunfighter’s sixth straight victory after finishing 2nd or 3rd in each of his first four career starts. Meanwhile, Orb finished 3rd or 4th in his first three career starts before rattling off five straight wins, including his huge score in the Kentucky Derby last time. Can Orb match the six-race streak of Last Gunfighter and move to the brink of immortality? We’ll have to wait about 24 hours to know for sure, but for now let’s talk about the newest star of the older male division.

Not only has Last Gunfighter now won six races running, but he is also a perfect six-for-six since joining the Chad Brown barn last year. A four-year-old son of First Samurai, the dark bay colt is now 10-6-2-2 lifetime and we may be just now beginning to see how good he could become.

From a horse who did not break his maiden until seven months ago, to a horse now who already has four stakes wins, Last Gunfighter still looks to be improving. His last win in the Grade 3 Excelsior at Aqueduct, in late March, had been his best performance to date, but today’s race was probably even better, all things considered. The multiple stakes winning local, Eighttofasttocatch, had things his own way, with both an easy early lead, and slow early fractions, including hitting six furlongs in a dawdling 1:14.18. But Last Gunfighter’s late run proved to be irresistible as he rolled to an easy victory, with Richard's Kid a distant third. At 9 ½ furlongs, it was also farther than the John D. Gunther colt had ever run before.

Winning trainer, Chad Brown, spoke about his stable’s winning machine after the race, “The horse on the lead is a good horse. With the softer fractions at the quarter pole, it looked like he was getting away from us a little bit. But I had a lot of confidence that Javier had the pace judged right. This horse, he’s done that before in his races. He’s a bit of a grinder, where it kind of looks like he loses his placing and then here he comes again. It was kind of typical of the way this horse runs. Once he had him collared; any horse that puts up that many W’s in a row, you know they want to get their nose on the line.”

Meanwhile, winning rider, Javier Castellano perhaps placed the perfect punctuation point on the Pimlico Special, “It was a great performance today."

A great performance that makes you wonder just how good he may become. This certainly looks like a horse who very well could end the year in the starting gate of the Breeders’ Cup Classic. There will be tougher tests to come before that, but one thing is for sure, Last Gunfighter’s future looks bright. 


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The Suburban will be next for Last Gunfighter.
Where did I make it public? Everything point to zXSwordXz except in my HRN profile where I input my correct name since I have nothing to hide.
Zx, I'm making this correction to your post: I am not an h r n moderator. You made your name public. No one from this website's administration divulged your personal information.
Sword. I too hold a soft spot for kids- I have two sons and I have nephew and nieses- but, as I said, I won't tolerate such despicable behavior. Cocoa consistently pleads to be treated like an adult and held to adult standards, so I may ask, why does he constantly posts argument-provoking, immature and unwanted posts? I speak with, I believe 8 people on this site (two I know in person and six others over e-mail).. 6 out of 8 hold negative feelings towards Cocoa. 1 out of 8 said he's "alright, not as bad as travel_vic" and 1 out of 8 simply said she liked his posts. This website is brilliant. Definitely my favorite website, by far. However, this website reaches only 75% of it's potential when Cocoa y Travel_vic are active users. If Cocoa and Travel_vic weren't on, this site would dramatically improve satisfaction. Has anyone ever noticed when Cocoa and/or TV are not on at times, the site immediately is more enjoyable? Less arguments, less of this crap, more debates, less bullying and more friendliness?
Rafirox...My point with cocoa is that kids always have room for improvement and I have to admit that I have a soft spot for kids. However, if he keep on acting immature, then I agree with you. TV is in a league of his own with being rude, cocky, know it all, my way is the only way attitude and I've spoken to many user on other forum that say the same thing, he is distributive and a pessimist at best. I would love to see a voting system on who wants him out but it should be hosted on another site where the moderator won't change the result. I bet that scale hang to one side...
Sword. I just typed out a reply, but it deleted. I'll start all over :). One request I'd like to make; is that HRN could be a bit more user friendly on posts (perhaps could the post be saved, deleted, edited, etc?)... Anyway. Sword, you already gave me the dirt on travel_vic, so that is not neccasary. Travel_vic's constant douchebaggery and conduct gets on many people's nerve; including mine. The way he acts like he is above everyone else? The way he iis constantly making unwanted rants? The way he is a hypocrite to many extents? In my orginal post, I gave examples, however it takes forever to write. If you wis examples, please request. I, for one, believe his behavior should not be tolerated to even the slightest degree. I believe he should be banned. I honestly believe what he does to several people should not be respected and tolerated. If you believe travel_vic has ever bullied you, picked at you or has done any of the things I stated (earlier in the post) on a somewhat regular basis, please "like" this comment, to show support and acknowledgement that his behavior IS unwanted or needed. Sword. Yes, Cocoa is a kid, what's your point? Just because he is a kid means he should be treated to a lower standard? Age has nothing to do with this, IMO. Age is just a numvber, this is fully associated with common behavior and attitude on this site. Tell me, have you ever seen TampaBayDownsFan make rude remarks at other people like Cocoa has? Have you ever seen UnionRagsRules make rude remarks to other people like Cocoa has? Age has nothing to do with this, it is just a number. I hold TampaBayDownsFan to the highest standard and respect. Everytime I see the username, I fully expect to see debate provoking and systematic thoughts poured onto a computer screen and I expect mature behavior. I hole the same standard for Cocoa, you, Mary, Travel_vic, myself, gelded, Jarrod, CFC, Mr. Thirsty, etc, etc. I don't care about the age, just the behavior. I also am trying to comprehend what HRN' criteria is for picking moderators. A completely biased one at that? Finally, regarding the name bullshit. Really, Mary? Really? You think you can get under a grown man's skin by referring and addressing him by his true name and identity? Such thoughts aren't comprehendable. What logic is that? Nothing is more dead with you, Mary, than logic. Since you feel the urge to be immature and try to get under people's skin, you, or anyone, can let unwanted anger out by calling me by my real name: Ed (lmao, Mary, that's so going to get under my skin)... GROW UP.
If you think posting my name which is "Sunil Anthony" is getting under my skin. You are so freaking wrong. Why should I hide who I am?
You used your moderating rights to display my full name. I used research from other site to figure out who TV true identity. I have no problem with displaying my full name but I'd love know what kind criteria HRN uses to pick their moderators? One who is bias and betray user privacy? BTW...I never started anything with you or say anything directly to you until you stick your mouth into others business. What your problem with my talk about TV, you are his ________? He can't defend himself so the ________ have to do it? Is it love, lust, or puppy love? You should take that up with Travel Vic.....
You post other names than usernames, and you talk about minding one's own business, zx? Then, you use profanity when your same "medicine" comes back on you? What kind of help? Thorough doctor check? Great idea. I don't have advice for you. This is a horse racing website, not therapy or elementary girls' clique.
I have no vested interest in selling programs, I give them away for the cost of materials and postage...They are free to download.
Not when the idiot talks lawsuit every time ANYONE else tries to talk about what he thinks is his....There was a big movement by one of his minions last summer that caused all manner of problems with the corporate guys over copyright infringement...The CLOWN STOLE the ideas, they are not his to have a lawsuit to initiate.
Yes, I call you that because you don't know how to mind your own business. Get some help....
Dr. Tim Yatcak, I could care less about who stole Sartin Programming and selling it. Are you jealous of that person? Is he getting more sales than you? Last time I check, you were promoting sales of a handicapping software( Track Master?). It is none of my business, I used my natural ability to judge horses base on multiple elements. However, you seem obsess with Dr. Sartin methodology that you rant about random malarkey. Maybe you should stick with being a Podiatrist
At last the comment in which Sunil/zx called me a bitch was deleted--oops. He wants others banned, but that's what he posts? Another case of a slow news day or no live racing, apparently, although I watched plenty of racing while this type of commentary goes on. These are adults who act like ganging up little girls. I can't say that I haven't engaged in tactics like that myself. I have. That was the wrong choice. Sorry for even trying to stop the nonsense because my interference seems to fuel resentment.
Dr. Tim Yatcak, I could care less about who stole Sartin Programming and selling it. Are you jealous of that person? Is he getting more sales than you? Last time I check, you were promoting sales of a handicapping software( Track Master?). It is none of my business, I used my natural ability to judge horses base on multiple elements. However, you seem obsess with Dr. Sartin methodology that you rant about random malarkey. Maybe you should stick with being a Podiatrist!
Sunil Anthony does not know the entire story about a clown who stole all the Sartin programming and now goes around selling it as if it were his....He just happens to run that website and can't stand the facts of that situation getting out to his adoring public.
Howard was more P T Barnum in later years than therapist
@Laz - Maybe someone can bring back Dr. Howard Sartin to give him therapy. @rafirox - Agreed that TV is very disruptive and should be kick out until he can come to the realization that Dr. Sartin methodology is not the only way. However, cocoa is a kid and will learn. I can post a link from another site where a user has requested for Travel Vic to leave their forum.
Brian, CFC, LAZ, Sword, et al. Didn't we (hrn) kick a guy named "Humphrey" out once? I wasn't on, but I've heard these legends and they entertain me. Why is it taking so long to kick TV out, considering how fast we kicked out Humphrey? They're equally as annoying, no? I recently heard Cocoa say he is done with this site until I quit. I'd love that, but I'm sure he'll come back in two days. Imagine Cocoa being gone! Imagine TV being gone! I feel like listening to the song "Imagine" now. By the way, I heard Tim.Smith and MANY others state that TV and Cocoa are the two most annoying people on this site; if we ban TV and Cocoa is serious (doubt it, he's immature) than you got your wish! Have a good one, everyone. Hope y'all nenjoyed the Preakness day.
You know? One way to shut up tv, is to have D Wayne Lukas win a big race. As much as he goes out of his way to bash Lukas, I find a sense of happiness that Lukas won, even though I didn't pick the winner. Ha!!!

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