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I am thankful to write about the sport I love. I find it personally fulfilling; in my own small way promoting horse racing which may enhance the enjoyment of the sport for some, and may help a new fan or two discover this great game. For those of you that know you me personally, you know that I have a special place in my heart for the equine athletes that make horse racing go. I am an animal lover, and I believe there is no more majestic and beautiful animal than the horse. This is exactly why I am so thrilled to announce that I have been named to serve on the Board of Directors of ReRun.


As stated in their mission statement, ReRun Inc. is a nonprofit Thoroughbred adoption program whose mission is to rehabilitate, retrain, and find loving, adoptive homes for Thoroughbred racehorses when their careers on the track are over.


It goes without saying that the mission of ReRun is one near and dear to my heart. I believe that it is our collective responsibility to insure that retired racehorses are afforded a life after racing of dignity and care. From the three thousand maiden claimer to the grade 1 stakes winner, these wonderful animals, that give us so much enjoyment, deserve nothing less. 


Retired racehorses need us now as much as ever. I understand that the individual can only do so much, especially in these challenging economic times, but I am a big believer in the power of the collective. Through education, a little effort, and some spare love, we can make a difference. From the fan, and two-dollar better, to the wealthiest owner, we should all look to help as much or as little as we are each able to see that these equine athletes have someplace after racing. I’m happy to say that ReRun not only does that, but they strive to find second careers for these horses.


More specifically, ReRun believes, “Every racehorse deserves our services, not just those with the best chance of adoption. The horse’s interest comes first. Full disclosure of the horses’ known physical and behavioral issues is the best policy. The quality of our adoptions is more important than the quantity of adoptions. We care about protecting the horse even after adoption.”


As I mentioned, I am thankful to write about horse racing. Now I feel blessed to give back through an organization I believe in. I know a little about second careers. They can make all the difference. I invite you to visit the ReRun website now, and see how you can make a difference. 




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nymdhahn, You never heard of ReRun? http://www.rerun.org/
never heard of them. by the way,who do you like in the Pick 6 tonight
Fantastic Brian. You are now involved in what is truly the most important part of this sport. Racing is fun, but what is most important is what comes after. Not enough of our equine friends are looked after when their careers are over. Thanks for caring like you do.
Wonderful position for you, Brian! Love your remark about the collective aspects of doing good things. Are you familiar with the excellent Margaret Mead quotation, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."?
That is so amazing! Congrats Brian!
Everyone in racing needs have a part in making sure these horses get a dignified retirement.
Congratulations, Brian! It is very wonderful to know that you will continue to pursue your passion in the most noble way possible.
I think your statement "From the three thousand maiden claimer to the grade 1 stakes winner, these wonderful animals, that give us so much enjoyment, deserve nothing less. " pretty much sums it up! Awesome!!!
Nice Brian, that's really nice. You have my commitment to help ReRun fulfill their mission.
Congratulations Brian ,to you and all the people associated with ReRun. Your efforts to assist racehorses who have given all of us joys is a welcome thing. I am sure , being a non-profit organization donations are a premium.I would seriously hope that the Racetracks and their supervisory boards are aware of undertakings such as ReRun and any other organization.I would seriously advise them ,that it would be beneficial to make donations(if they already do not). Also.with the upcoming Stage of Stages which will be world wide, i would hope that NBC will get on board and help in bringing the message closer to the public.After all,no one can see the future.There is a good chance that one or more of the horses running on this date , just might need the help of ReRun in the near future.Again Keep up the good work.l
From someone who has placed 5 straight off the track and adopted one, it's a blessing to be able to help these horses!
They did well acquiring someone as passionate as you, Brian. Good for them and good on you. Congrats!

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