Black Caviar resumes her quest for perfection

February 10, 2012 01:06pm
They say perfection is unattainable, and as a practicing golf instructor, I’m inclined to agree, but maybe even if this is the sad reality for the human race, we can still strive to find perfection within our world. Perhaps a glimpse of our unattainable will be in store for us tonight when Black Caviar sprints towards her 18th career win without a loss. Racing fans the world over will tune in with interest when Black Caviar resumes her quest for perfection in the $400,000 Group 1 Sportingbet C.F. Orr Stakes at Caulfield. The race, likely to be the next notch in the great mare’s belt, will be run Saturday in Australia, but with the time difference, is scheduled for 11:50 Eastern here in America.
Arguably the greatest sprinter ever seen in Australia, Black Caviar still promises what so many modern day horses have failed to accomplish in their remarkable careers. Native Dancer got to the wire just a little late in the 1953 Kentucky Derby, leaving one big blemish on his near perfect career. More recently, Zenyatta suffered the same fate when she could not quite get to Blame in her career finale. World conqueror Invasor, included one failed attempt in the UAE Derby among his otherwise perfect career. Personal Ensign was the last horse to complete a career against top level competition with a perfect record, going 13 for 13 a quarter century ago, and it’s been more than a half a century since the Italian great Ribot dominated his European competition in each of his 16 career starts. Some might say Zarkava should be included in this list, but with only a mere seven starts, I’m not sure she belongs in the discussion.
Black Caviar meanwhile, has dominated her competition in each of her 17 starts in such a way that it is almost unfathomable to believe she can lose in her native land. Even tonight’s race, in which she will tackle a distance greater than six furlongs for the first time in the seven furlong Orr Stakes, and face a horse of group 1 quality, in Southern Speed, would seem to offer little chance to trip up the great mare. Perfection should remain intact tonight. After tonight, or possibly one more start in Australia after this, things look to become decidedly more difficult.
Black Caviar's main aims this year are said to be the Group 1 Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot in June and the following month's Group 1 July Cup at Newmarket. Those two affairs in England likely will offer her the greatest competition a turf sprinter can find. And if those two major tests are not enough, she could potentially head to Dubai before then for the $2 million Dubai Golden Shaheen, a race that would not only offer great competition, but would also take her talents off the grass for the first time and onto the synthethic surface of Tapeta. 
I am of the belief that perfection should never come easy, and clearly it will not for Black Caviar this year, but for tonight, let’s all sit back, relax and enjoy perfection.



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Older Comments about Black Caviar resumes her quest for perfection...

Hey, im just trying to get my head around you saying Landaluce was great, and then you said no horse that races in under 10 races is great. Yeah she died young, but doesnt mean she could not have raced more, if she was so great, i mean im just going off what are saying sooo
If you think that ten races is ignorant then just look at the list by Bloodhorse. As far as I can gather there is just one horse, #94 Artful (1902) that raced less than ten races. All other horses raced at least ten races.
Well too bad, she is =)
And RQoR-Peppers Pride is not, will not, and forever never "hold claim to that title" (1 spot for best mare). Plain and simple. She won only against New Mexico bred horses. Any comparison with horses that ran in Grade 1 races and defeated Eclipse Award Champions is absolutely absured.
Well by your own words, a horse isn't great unless theyve raced in 10 races, so if you want to be ignorant, then I can be to, you win. Guess this means every horse that hasnt raced in 10 races isnt great. Poor Landaluce.
RuffianQueenOfRacing-sure. Just like Landaluce, a two year old filly champion that was five for five winning those five races by almost 50 lengths and not even listed in Bloodhorse's Greatest 'American' racehorses.
1st off vinnie, i said she was 1 of many who can hold a claim to that title. A horse does not have to win at least 10 races to be great! Regulus 9 for 9! Same as St Simon, Raise A Native, only 4 starts for 4 wins, yet he won champ 2 year old, and broke record in those 4 starts. Sow how about you take your oh so popular insane comments and go put them somewhere will no one will see them so you dont continue to embarrass yourself
As for the measure of greatness I would also have to say that a horse must also have raced at least two seasons and at least ten races.
RuffianQueenOfRacing - "Peppers Pride...can claim that number 1 spot for best mare. Please. The insane comments never cease here. But, and again, Peppers Pride raced only against New Mexico bred horses.
I cant see my comment... I was going to add Goldikova to my list too! Zarkava beat her, a Goldikova won what? something like 3 BCmiles?
I would find it hard to believe any filly would be more deserving then Ruffian in the number 1 spot for best filly, but there is a number 1 spot for best mare that a lot of mares can claim. Makybe Diva, Black Caviar, Sunline, Kincsem (54 and 54), Fashion, Peppers Pride, Zarkava, Zenyatta.... A lot of mares can claim that number 1 spot for best mare. They are all so good.
Sorry- Makybe Diva certainly was one of the greats of all time. And Sunline would not be far behind her. But their view of Zarkava is tempered by her total starts. They ignore the actual quality of the races she won with ease. But everyone has their own opinions.
@MarcelloMarocco- Makybe
Nobody was giving a Sh1t during the Diva's great career to even give her a mention...or the great mare Sunline prior to her?.....I could list you a dozen Fillies, or Mares who would be much more deserving as #1, #2 on your useless 250 Filly/Mare All time list.
I have to agree 1000% with ICYBOO, and Footlick. The unfair biased judgement against an International horse who was THE BEST Filly to run since All Along...(Another Super Mare ignored by your biased fan base) . You tell me any filly in history to win the ARC, Canadian International, The Joe Hirsch Turf Classic, and the United nations Handicap????. All 12f, and all vs open company in just over a month!!!, or The great AUSSIE Mare Makybe Diva?. 3 Straight Melbourne cups vs open company at 2 MILES!!, or her Cox plate?.. See past the Zenyatta Goggles and you will see there were better Fillies, and Mares who ran before her.
Thanks, icyhotboo. I also think that sometimes you have to look at quality instead of quantity in determining greatness. She won two French filly classics, the major filly/mare prep for he Arc, and the Arc itself. She set a new stakes record in the Pouliches and equaled the stakes record in the Vermeille after dwelling at the start. But, that is just my opinion.
I guess that leaves Goldikova out in the cold no matter how many races she had as Zarkava destroyed her twice at her prefered distance in only her fourth and fifth starts of her life. As a 3yo in seven races she matches up with or surpasses any other 3yo in history. If you can't rate her then how does bloodhorse rate Ruffian who only had 10 races against 3yo fillies at #35. Nothing against Ruffian but this is a point of interest to me unless of course you feel Ruffian doesn't belong. Secretariat faced older males three times losing two, Zarkava faced them once destroying the field in the Arc! I'm curious as to the origin of this logic used to determine how many races.I personally rate horses by performance.
Ill go with more than 7.. Not enough races IMO .. Try doubling that 15 rac
@footlick According to sorces unknown the answer is obvious as to how many starts you need, that would be 63 the same as Kelso. Good as any other number above 6.

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