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2013 Breeders’ Cup Classic Flowchart: Who's Your Pick?

Fort Larned BCC 615 X 400
Photo: Eclipse Sportswire - Ryan Lasek


Not sure who you should pick in the big race? Never fear, the ultimate Breeders' Cup Classic Flowchart is here...


Click to see it in full-size! 




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Older Comments about 2013 Breeders’ Cup Classic Flowchart: Who's Your Pick?...

Best resource for pre-entry PPs is actually here http://www.breederscup.com/races/official-2013-pre-entries
Oh, and my pick given Brian's flowchart is also Ron the Greek. Coincidence?
My current picks for the classic are Ron the Greek-Mucho Macho Man-Fort Larned-Flat Out. For all interested, equibase has pre-entry PPs available here http://www.equibase.com/breederscup/newbcup/2013/classic.pdf
Fun article. Great way to lightened things up before the pre-entries are published. Then it's time for serious business.
Bode’s random little sister could make it a fascinating year all on her own, looking forward to Rev and Norm, too :) >> @foxpap, “send” as in you send me?
Sullivan,the way the Racing Industry has marketed their game in the past few years.They have rendered every race irrelevant to the general public,all except 2 and maybe 3. The 2 for sure are,the Derby and the Preakness. The Preakness because there is still a chance for a potential Triple Crown winner.The Belmont only comes into focus,if there is a 2 race winner.Otherwise ,it is just a horse race. That is why i was so critical of how NBC handled it. The Derby,any Moron can produce that and get ratings,unfortunately that is all it came down to .Ratings. The heads of racing ,sold out to Tv for the dollars they give,almost like with the Racinos.They no longer try to improve the game.They have automatic funding.It is sad as you say.To me it is the greatest game out there.Maybe for different reasons.But the end result is the same.
Flat Out and Palace Malice. Next year is going to be a boring one with all these handicap horses turning in. No more Royal Delta, Flat Out, maybe Ron the Greek?
I love it, Brian!! Love the mixing of pop culture and horses.
You have poor timing CFC, Why this late,now i won't be able to sleep a wink.Like i said,do not know if you are male or female,married or single.But if uou are married and you pay half the attention to your spouse as you do to someone as irrelevant as me.They must be very happy. i say thi s with all seriousness,because it seems you do need help.Get a Freakin life already. between you and the other 2 clowns.Rfi and Papilon,is it your lifes dream to show i made a mistake.Sort of an accomplishment of a mere mortal climbing Mount E verest. Not that i am arrogant in thinking i am worth that.That is how compulsive the 3 stooges are to prove me wrong.Follow my lead ,like i told Dustin Hoffman the other day.Make fun of the idiots posting.
A quote from tmallios(see if you can make sense of this?): " I am telling the truth CFC, i only try to remember important things." INTERPRETATION: Notice he says "try" to remember. Either he forgot, or, it's unimportant. In other words, he leans on a mind that has evaporated all but three brain cells. Of those three cells that exist, sometimes one or two them are asleep at the wheel. So, when he says that he's telling the truth, remember, he doesn't have total recall. Try to remember, and, if you remember, then follow.
Dani,after Rafi,you are a welcome poster. Love your spunk.We will find out.But my point exactly why i got tired of debating.We would be saying the same thing day in and day out. iI think we each know what the other is thinking by now.
Our resident guru CLAIMS he does well every day, HOWEVER he did tout this pig for weeks
Rafi, we had a line growing up as kids.Ask me if i give a shit what you did in the Belmont or any other race.Before you get all wired up,you should feel the same about my wagering.Just hard to take your word after i caught you bull shitting during the Arlington Million.Not sure how it went,i think you posted you were rooting for the favorite to win,then after the fact you had an all.That made alot of sense. Most people when they have an all.root for the highest prive.i neglected putting caps,because you say it gives you headaches.now you know how i feel about your posts.
You might have done well on Belmont day, but I did great... I had Palace Malice, too, and do you see me talking about it 24/7 like you do, Mallios? I wrote paragraphs on his chances, yet I don't bring it up. As Dressage noted, you constantly (and obnoxiously) encourage debate and differing opinions; yet when someone disagrees, you go off on them. Just like earlier in the year with you precious Vyjack, however the talk has died down now, due to his lack of production on the racetrack (injured currently). Stop constantly calling out CauseForConcern, he's a good dude, and I'm a big fan of Papillon's posts on Bloodhorse. @Dressage, I completely agree about Palace Malice. He has been improving ever since January!!! In my opinion, he never even *put it all together* until the 2013 G2 Jim Dandy Stakes, where he defeated G1 winner Will Take Charge and the speedy Moreno. I've never claimed Palace Malice to be the best horse in the past decade, or something in that nature. What I will say is he is a damn fine racehorse, solid as a rock, and tries his hardest ever time. Like I've been saying since February (unlike Tmallios who has constantly changed his opinion), Palace Malice is the best 3yo in America, in my honest opinion. Gotta go, have a good night, y'all.
Tmallios, I feel likewise whenever you think Game on Dude will dominate. Always gives me on heck of a laugh, so it the least i could do to return the favor. PM has been running against the best of his generation all year long and has done very very well. Dude, while has an accomplished looking resume has been being up on horses are well below par, or meeting him on his terms, which happen to be golden for him, not so much for the rest. I'll take battle tested. This year Dude hasn't come close to seeing battle. This year he has been coddled and it will cost him when he runs up against the kind of speed he'll face in the Classic.
When you sayyou heard he could not win the Belmont Stakes,do not include me in that group.Yes i liked Vyjack to win.But i was at Belmont Park in the morning when PM had his big work.I posted here that he would be the horse to beat. If you dont believe me,let total recall CFC or my new stalker Papillon confirm it.Seems they know all my posts from the inception.Which lends credence to when i make my statement. Believe me Dressage ,i did very ,very good that day. I look for opportunities,if you think i made those comments about PM because i don't like him.Way off base. If you have a shot in my opinion, you will be on my tickets.Because as i said,i don't root for horses unless they are owned or trained by friends.I am a selfish S.O.B,i root for T.M. to cash.
That was fun - do another one! LOL
I've heard that being said of PM all year. He wasn't good enough to win the Belmont (1st), wasn't good enough to win the Travers (4th by less than a length after the worst trip), and he wasn't good enough to win the JCGC (2nd in a damn good race). Honestly, the horse is improving constantly and I will probably put a bet on him if for sentimental reasons only. He has just as good a chance as any of the field. And there's one thing I don't get- if you're so dead set on encouraging people to stick with their own opinions, why laugh at dani's? I'm getting a mixed message
It is very important,when one is looking to make money and not root. Especially betting a horse that will be extremely overbet ,because of his following.No i didn't decide on 150,it was really more.I was being nice.I never said he wont win because i said so.He won't win ,because he is not good enough to win.There is a big difference. I certainly hope that you pay attention to my opinion.I win and lose like everyone else. ALL i tell people is,until somebody starts supplementing you your wagering money.Only pay attention to what your opinion is.After you are satisfied with your due dilligence in work .Let the dice roll as they may.If you win you collect.If you lose ,do not red board.

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