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My favorite movie is Almost Famous. It leads the pack of horse movies like Seabiscuit and National Velvet by a Secretariat margin, even though there is nary a horse to be found in its 2-hour running time. But it more than any other film captures my experience in horse racing (plus it's got a killer soundtrack).

For the uninitiated, Almost Famous is the story of a teenage boy, William Miller, who follows his passion for rock-n-roll right into a writing job for Rolling Stone magazine. Set in 1973, he's just a regular guy who goes from writing record reviews for his local music paper (blogging) and chatting with rock journalist Lester Bangs, to rubbing shoulders with Black Sabbath and making friends with the girls who follow the bands, the infamous "Band Aides", with the ultimate backstage pass. With his encyclopedic knowledge and sincere love of the music, plus a dash of luck & charm, he gains access to the stars he idolizes and gets his work read by millions of readers of rock's weekly Bible.

That film inspired me to pursue my dream of working in racing (plus my own version of Lester Bangs, the late Jim Gaffney). Instead of Black Sabbath & Band Aides, I met Zenyatta & hung out with racecaller Travis Stone. Now I'm committed to giving other horse racing fans the same opportunity!

-- Have you ever had an experience at the track that changed your life and you wanted to tell everyone you met about it?

-- Have you ever wanted to start a blog, but feared you wouldn't have time to keep it up after the first few well-written posts?

-- Do you have a fantastic idea to revolutionize racing but lack the platform to proclaim your manifesto?

-- Have you ever snapped a photo of a horse in full flight in deep stretch that rivaled the ones taken by Eclipse Sportswire?

"The best racing writers are the ones who truly have a burning passion for our sport. I can't wait to see that great passion, that I know Horse Racing Nation readers possess, come shining through, thanks to this opportunity." -- Brian Zipse, Managing Editor and virtuoso of Zipse At The Track.

Get your article published on HRN and read by the thousands of fans who make this site their daily racing headquarters. You'll be right alongside your favorite writers like Brian and Handicapper Jarrod Horak.

"Find something you love and you'll never work a day in your life is a mantra I've taken to heart. Combining my passion for writing and horse racing is all play and no work, which is why I love being a turf writer." -- Ashley Tamulonis of the Florida Filly.

It's a chance to expand on a topic that deserves more than a quick comment. It's a channel for your horse racing graphics that other sites just don't have the space to post. The best part is, HRN contributors also have the opportunity to snag a backstage pass to events like the Kentucky Derby, Breeders' Cup and so many more!

"To write about the sport that you have loved for your entire life is true joy!" -- Matt Shifman of Racing At The Jersey Shore and New York State of Racing.

What are you waiting for? Get to the track, get out your laptops and get writing, because as the Band-Aides would say,

 -- Candice Curtis (skipaway2000), Team HorseRacingNation


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week left of the 2012 Woodbine t-bred meeting that is.........I am going out today for a double program of t-bred and standard breds 9 AM to midnight with a seminar interspersed there.
Only a week left? The Mayan thing? Is that guaranteed? If so, I'm not paying any more bills.
You only have a week left.,,,,,Want to come up on the roof with the photo finish staff?
Can everybody take a look thorough my article? Just search: ANimal Kingdom or Wise Dan and it will come up =) thanks! :)
Whats running tomorrow and who's hot or not..travel_vic you got alot on the go..Congrat's to all your hard work..I'm from Toronto and enjoying hearing so much about all your involed,it's great for the racing game to have people out there like yourself with alot of imput in this tuff game or like you said money mangement ect : I hate because i can't see what the heck i'm writing about..Best Always..
I thank everyone involved for allowing me to put a story on this site. I enjoyed writing it, and hopefully people will enjoy reading it and have some fun!
This really is a great addition to HRN!
here is a great topic to start with http://www.xpressbet.com/ReadPostTime?id=5543
behind Messenger, not America Eclipse, sorry.
Lexington is my second favorite story behind American Eclipse. Civil War refugee, I believe.
Cocoa, I see your American Eclipse and raise you Lexington
Messenger doesn't get enough credit nor American Eclipse
Great horses nobody knows? Carbine, Our Boots, Henry of Navarre, Commando, Equipoise, Ajax II, Gainsborough, Bend Or, St. Simon, Iroquois, the modern foundation sires, Matchem and Herod, Hermit.
I write and have written for national publications and was on the Canadian equivalent of 60 Minutes......I have not written for publication in two years the last being "The Search for Cheatin' Charlie" that appeared in a Decemer edition of The Game, a Toronto based industry newspaper. My work as a moderator at a handicapping site, my ongoing education with a group of gamblers in Reno and my involvement with Woodbine, and especially the Canadain Horse Racing Hall of Fame has by plate quite full at the moment.
Great horses that no one knows currently" Pan Zareta, Domino. Pretty Patty, Fashion, Flying Childers...great moutains of information here.
. Why don't you give it a try?
Great source material on how Man O'Wars defeat was wrongly blamed on the rider and how the jockey blub flexed its muscles for a fall guy. Todhunter Sloan, Carrol Shilling and Snapper Garrison - great topics along with Issac Murphy but that latter one has been over done.
Travel Vic, you've been here long enough & have plenty of opinions
Soembody do an in depth study with data, telling everyone how stamina is disappearing from the breed.

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