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Mohawk Raceway full-card analysis and "Drive On Bets"


If you have followed this blog the past 3 Saturdays you should be ahead barrels full of cash betting the Mohawk harness races. Last Saturday night, we gave out the winning late pick 4 that returned $506 on the $72 ticket. Here’s tonight’s full-card analysis followed by the “Drive On bets” segment. We’re hoping to make you (and us) some more money!

Race 1: Trot, purse $20,000 (DD, EX, P3, TR) 5 YEAR OLDS & YOUNGER, NW 3 (FM 6) RACES OR $72,500 LIFETIME

There is a horse in here at a big morning line price that intrigues us. The #7 Strategy changed just that last time and gunned out for the lead. Unfortunately, several others had the same idea and he was under siege as soon as he made front. He had little room down the lane and although finishing 6th, it was his best race of the year thus far. Definitely worth a stab at a price, # 10 Dancehall Mistress took a mark of 1:55.4 last year at Mohawk as a 3YO filly and comes in off a productive 2013 debut in a Preferred at Grand River 10 days ago. Price will be good from the outer slot. #9 Money Maven owns the fastest life’s mark in the race and took it at Mohawk in his last race. Condren fits this one well and will likely gun for the top again.


Race 2: Pace, purse $18,000 (EX, P3, TR) BEAT THE HEAT PACING SERIES - 1ST LEG - 4 YEAR OLDS & OLDER. NW $25,000 IN 2013 AS OF MAY 31, 2013. W/O $100,000 IN 2012 N.E.

This looks like a very competitive dash with many possibilities. That being said, we’ll give the nod to #1 Windfall Blue Chip, who tipped his hand with a 53.2 back half in his return to the races last week. The cover flow in that race was non-existent, likely due to the accelerating pace in the 2nd half. Expect Oliver to put this one into the race much earlier. #2 Silver Eagle ships in from Pocono where he has been gaining fitness vs. better stock. #5 JJ Shark has a similar profile to the Eagle and is also dangerous.


Race 3: Trot, purse $12,500 (EX, P3, TR) NW $5,000 LAST 5 STARTS OR NW $12,000 LAST 10 STARTS.

#3 Can I Say put up some big fractions two back in this class en-route to an easy font-stepping win. Then he stepped up to face the white hot All Cantab who dusted him off rather easily. We love the “drop back to where he won angle” and it certainly fits with this guy,. Expecting a big speed try here. #2 Talbotcreek Jeweley will likely be a big price but is not without a shot, especially if Filion can secure the pocket early behind Can I Say; using in exactas. #4 House Money was far more productive in 2012 but rebounded with a nice score at Georgian Downs 11 days ago. Also worth including on exacta tickets.


Race 4: Pace, purse $16,000 (EX, P3, TR, Y4) FILLIES & MARES, NW $8,000 LAST 5 STARTS OR NW $20,000 LAST 10 STARTS.

Tough leg to figure to start out the early pick 4 and we’ll be using quite a few of them. #8 Laneside Lexus was an absolute monster when she first arrived here from Great Britain last year beating much better and the 9YO pacing mare is a legend back home. A trainer change prior to her last race seemed to ignite a better result and even better things tonight would be no surprise. #2 Jenna Casimir showed dramatic improvement first off the claim for Dean Nixon - no reason why she can’t race well here, too. #9 Lets Go Get Em comes out of a very fast heat won by the classy Waasmula. There are no Waasmula’s in here.


Race 5: Trot, purse $20,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR) 5 YEAR OLDS & YOUNGER, NW 3 (FM 6) RACES OR $72,500 LIFETIME. AE: GRASSROOTS STARTERS IN 2013.

Another tough heat to figure with numerous possibilities, The #5 Creampuff Macpaddy, $284,000 earner, is likely to be overbet in here relative to his chances of winning. Using in the P4 and trying to beat all the same. #`1 Thankyoukessel, a personal favorite of track announcer Ken Middleton, may get a golden trip from the rail with his good early speed. #6 Designer Genes will be closing latest and fastest. Big fractions will help him greatly.


Race 6: Pace, purse $16,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR) NW $8,000 LAST 5 STARTS OR NW $22,500 LAST 10 STARTS.

#5 Goban returned from Pocono and destroyed a field a class lower last Saturday. It was the easiest of wins. Merits promotion to this class. #1 Cams Tux returns to the 7-day rotation tonight and some early battling for the lead would greatly enhance his chances. #2 D Terminata faced much better last week and almost stole it on the front end. Using.


Race 7: Pace, purse $20,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR) NW $16,000 LAST 5 STARTS OR NW $28,000 LAST 10 STARTS.

#2 Ideal Race was stymied by slow early fractions and dead cover last week and still fird home in 53.3. Looks like there is lots of pace to chase in here and A Mac should be able to get him into the race 2nd-over. Here’s our pick 4 single. #5 Astor came through for us big time two back with a 148.4 mile - using on smaller tickets. #1 Hilarious Halo has been in excellent form the past month. 10/1 morning line looks juicy.


Race 8: Pace, purse $30,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR, Z4) FILLIES & MARES PREFERRED.

A very competitive F & M Preferred kicks off the late Pick 4 and we like #8 Farmers Tuition’s chances to extend the win streak for Moreau/Filion. She has done very little wrong since the barn change and figures to get a good stalking trip from the outer post. #1 Big McDeal was fried up early at Tioga in a world record-equalling mile,. She won’t be going 52.3 to the half here and may get a great trip. The classy Shelliscape, #3, makes her 2nd 2013 start and was favored against many of these last time. Trip and pace doomed her but she still finished a close 3rd. She’s very dangerous in here.


Race 9: Pace, purse $18,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR) BEAT THE HEAT PACING SERIES - 1ST LEG - 4 YEAR OLDS & OLDER.

#6 Winbak Warrior kept his good current form with a fine 2nd to strong first-up winner Reibercrombie last Saturday. He’s one of the ones in here, 3% Pieraz comes out of the same race and wasn’t far behind the Warrior. Rates a glance. #4 Rhombus ships in from Harrah’s Philly where he has been facing better than these on a consistent basis. He and the Z should be on your pick 4 tickets.


Race 10: Pace, purse $34,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR) PREFERRED.

#5 Camaes Fellow raced huge from the 10-hole in the Mohawk Gold Cup and only a 25.2 last ¼ by Warawee Needy could get him beat. Rates highly in here and should be on all P4 tickets. #7 Bigtime Ball, the classy veteran, was too far back in the Gold Cup yet also fired home in 25.2. Expect him to be closer early tonight. 3^ Michaels Power, the 2012 Little Brown Jug winner, returns to the racing wars as an older horse for the first time. Obviously he figures, but these are no easy pickings.


Race 11: Pace, purse $16,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR) NW $8,000 LAST 5 STARTS OR NW $22,500 LAST 10 STARTS.

#6 Uncle Goodfellow has been in great form since the barn change 4 races back and figures highly again. #1 Lifeimitatesart has always had talent, fits in here at a price and could trip out from the rail. #2 Rock Camroller is a win-shy type but had a good result for Davis Jr. last week and could upset these with a good trip.


Race 12: Pace, purse $18,000 (EX, LD, SU, TR) BEAT THE HEAT PACING SERIES - 1ST LEG - 4 YEAR OLDS & OLDER:

This race looks somewhat chalky as the #2 The Ladies Man and #6 That’s The Life both rate highly in a nondescript field. One you may want to take a poke on is the #7 Bestinthebusiness who was very good here last summer with Oullette driving, and took a life’s mark of 149.4 here. #8 Beach Buff is a great horse for the 3rd and 4th rung of the Super. He’s always in there somewhere.


Race 13: Pace, purse $12,500 (EX, SU, TR) NW $5,000 LAST 5 STARTS OR NW $12,000 LAST 10 STARTS.

#2 Viper Select paced a monster last ¼ in his first start in the Demers stable. Looks very live here. #4 Wildcat Art moves into the lowest conditioned class following some good results in claimers. Upset potential. #9 Monster In Law should be blasting from the outset for Xeron and is a wire-to-wire threat.



Starting bankroll: $2,000

Current bankroll: $4392.30 (+ $2393.30)

Race 1: $5 exacta box 7-9-10; $10 DD 7,9,10/1, $10 DD 7-1: total $70

Race 3: $2 Tri 3/24/all; $2 Tri 3/all/24: total = $64

Race 4: $..60 Pick 4: 12489/13567/12589/2 = $75; $.20 Pick 4 12489/13567/12589/135 = $75 - total $150

Race 8: $1 Pick 4: 138/456/5/125610 = $45

Race 12: $1 Super 26/26/34578/34578; 26/34578/26/34578 = $80; $40 DD 2-2, 6-2; $20 DD 7-2: Total = $180

Total wagered = $509

Current bankroll: $3883.30


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I made the trek to Mohawk for some trotters last night. I have to say, Jody Jameson is the classiest driver out there. He won the 5th, or 6th race, after the race he walked all the way down the track along the apron and called all the kids there up to the rail. He then did some horse trivia with them, and every kid who got a question right wer given a piece of his equipment. He gave his whip, Gloves, and goggles away and the kids were so excited. I tip my hat to you Jody, 100% class.
INTRA race wagering not INTER race wagering
Actually Woodbines were a famous brand of smokes in England
Horizontal betting, isn't that when you make a dumb bet and screw yourself out of your money?
I'll ignore the crap... Woodbine Vic would be a nice name for a local horse up in Canada, I agree with Sullivan.
Pollyannamino here >> On the one hand there’s Angela @ Canterbury trying to introduce new fans and encouraging them to keep coming back and giving it a try. >> Meanwhile, W_V and others ply their trade, electronically crisscrossing North America from one little track where “It’s Horse Racing Season” to the next, lurking around the totes at post time like some modern day combination of Ebenezer Scrooge and The Artful Dodger, waiting and hoping that budding local fans, collectively, Out For A Nice Day At The Races, will make a mistake so they can take the fans *thrown away money* using their *formulaic unfair advantage* >> At least The Dodger needed the money….
Horizontal betting has too many roller coaster rides.
Steadily taking the money that others throw away each and every race....Easy money HIGH hit rate
You criticize the wagers on this blog, but you "dutch"??? My 12YO doesn't even bet like that. Seriously...join the 21st century.
three fun bets today cashed three times...Dutching really makes it work
My HPI account is alive and well
It is interesting how objectivity is loss to some. I simply stated that in his degree of founder, most don't make it....Exceptions abound but I doubt this one will hold up down the line
You're just an idiot. I imagine you don't wager at all on anything. I remember you screaming for Paynter to be euthanized. Good thing you don't own him!
ran his first and second name together as I always do when writing it down....Chad comes around a few nights in the winter
Don't wager on standardbreds but I continuially get a laugh with these rookie sites that claim big bucks...The wager construction alone screams rookie
Rene and Chazma were part of the purge of 109 layoffs here. Rene comes back for the big races and Chazma comes into call a race or two when ken is taking a day off in the winter
ANY time you want to go head-to-head on this blog handicapping, wagering or both, Vic, let me know. Laz; Kierans and Rozema were let go as part of a cost-cutting purge. More lost jobs thanks to the Ontario government.
I remember Traveling Victor. He was a pretty good BC bred. Whatever became of Renee Kierans and Chad Rozema? And what’s going on with Fort Erie?
there is a good book out there currently which addresses the wagering The FOUR Quarters of Horse Investing by Fiero....It makes you pause and understand how much different the art of wagering is than is the handicapping
I like Woodbine Vic. Good name.

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