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https://twitter.com/IFARnews/status/930889308751482880 Shubaat with friends! He was rehomed through Godolphin and now he has a super cool new job.
Only place I knew that this would show. The FCC unveiled a new plan to abandon internet neutrality and possible allow ISP's to markedly increase access fees. Writhe the FCC and tell them to leave it alone, free and open....Write the director responsible at Ajit.Pai@FCC.gov
Full sister to Rhododendron and Magical will be covered by Almanzor for 2018!
Congrats to stalwalkindude on his W today❤️🏇
1st- Enticed 2nd- Peppered 3rd- Arrival
Going to Quality Road for 2018.
Going to AP for 2018.
Going to Kitten's Joy for 2018.
Going to AP for 2019.
Going to Kitten's Joy for 2018.
Going to Curlin for 2018.
Arrogate vs. Chrome....the debate that won't die. Not a fan of either (made more money betting on CC), so what are the facts? Arrogate was an all timer for 4 races........California Chrome was a notch below but was among the elite of his generation for 4 years. Regardless of circumstances, Arrogate beat Chrome in both their head up matches. Like it or not, CC was Horse of the Year. What's more impressive? Arrogate for me, but the gap narrowed dramatically because of his last 3 races. Don't think any of you will convince the other side to change their mind.
Another mare who has been announced to visit Almanzor. Very intriguing! https://twitter.com/TomRyanKY/status/923945422653140992
Is set for a date with Almanzor~!
Still waiting for any new info on this talented filly...
read this great story about a horse called Thanksgiving. https://www.americasbestracing.net/the-sport/2017-the-story-racehorse-named-thanksgiving
Used to be a favorite of mine to follow each year as before the Breeder's Cup it meant a lot to notch a win in this one. Contenders with the top two standing out over the field: 3 Stallwalkin' Dude 9 Seymourdini 4 Threefiveindia 8 Ready for Rye with 6 Green Grotton UNDER in case he gets a good uncontested lead..................Best two lines ever: 9 3 4 1 7 6...Best paced races: 9 3 1 7 4

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A native of upstate New York and a graduate of Ithaca College, Andrew Champagne fell in love with horse racing at a very early age on summer trips to Saratoga. His turf writing credits include time spent as a sportswriter, weekly columnist, and handicapper at The Saratogian, a summer working for The Saratoga Special, and "field research" at OTB facilities in Saratoga Springs and his hometown of Kingston. He also spent two years in the athletic communications office at Siena College, and interned with NBC Olympics at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

Andrew moved to Pasadena, Calif., in October of 2013, and now serves as an Associate Producer in HRTV's Digital Media department and Horse Racing Nation's Southern California writer. Follow him on Twitter at @AndrewChampagne, and email him at andrewdchampagne@gmail.com.

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