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The Way You See It

There has been plenty of talk recently about the bill passed to lift the ban on slaughtering horses. I have seen all over facebook people battle it out both posing as good and calling the other side evil, but how do you see it? Each side has their own set of facts that counter the other sides and each side feel their way is the humane way so how do you feel about the arguments?
A few years back, congress passed a bill to stop the funds of inspections done on horse slaughter houses. Because of this, the slaughter house was unable to sell the meat and the horses to be slaughtered were shipped elsewhere. Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, a bill was signed that lifted this ban on inspections thus allowing inspections if any slaughter houses were opened.
That is what we know. Here are the arguments for both sides.
For the Bill
Those for the bill have stated in their arguments that the horses that have seen slaughter are going to slaughter no matter what. They are either going to be slaughtered here in the United States and it may be more humane or they are going to be shipped to Mexico and Canada and be slaughtered there. They argue that allowing the animal to go through such a treacherous journey, while enduring hunger and abuse just to be put down in a torturous way is the problem. They feel in a perfect world, nobody would be slaughtering horses, but since they are there should be a less painful way of slaughtering them. Those that are for the bill have said that the horses that would be sent to slaughter may have been neglected and died a slow, painful death instead of going to the slaughter house. They feel that although the horses would be slaughtered it would ultimately be for their own good rather than being neglected and abused.
Against the Bill
Those that are against the bill have been saying that slaughter is morally wrong and unacceptable no matter how humane we may be able to make it. They are trying to get the word out that they oppose slaughter and cruelty of horses. PERIOD. They argue that although many other countries find it acceptable to eat their Derby winner, we as Americans have a voice and they are trying to tell the world they do not find it acceptable. In an ideal world, these against the bill, feel there should be no more slaughter or export to places that do slaughter. But right now, we can only ban the slaughter houses making their American comeback.
So I ask you my friends, what is your take? What information do you have about this controversial subject? Please feel free to comment, I look forward to hearing more from all of the racing fans.


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Older Comments about The Way You See It...

the only thing this acutally does is keep the product here. Horse slaughter has been going on for a very long time and simply shipped out of the coutry.
this cowgirl I talked to the other day said it will make plenty of jobs. Who for? Illegals. It will create a bottom floor so horses can be sold for more money. So...what so can breeders can keep breeding? I say let them grow their own horses overseas and PROSCUTE truck drivers and farmers here. It's all about supply and demand. Let them go free in the wild give them a running chance and then hunt them..like aman. Let the American people eat peanut butter for awhile, take a break from meat. AMericans are obese anyways.
I personally find the practice unacceptable. Furthermore, horses in America are not raised with the intention of them ever becoming food, so they often have drugs in their systems that the FDA has not approved for human consumption. Unlike the EU and the UK, we do not have a governing body that provides rules and regulations for slaughterhouses and implementing such a body would take time to put into effect. Putting our horses on plates would be risky at this point, and, during the interim, it would be hard for slaughterhouses to turn a profit. Is that really more humane? In a perfect world, we wouldn't be having this conversation, but there has to be a better way. We just need to take the time to analyze what would truly be best.
I'm on the for side. Better for a piece of livestock, which horses are, to have a productive and quick end which can do some good for something. Humans are the only animals that need protein. Thoughtful post on the subject here; http://grevelisracing.blogspot.com/2011/12/just-banning-shouldnt-be-end-of-line.html
Sign the petition. Link provided by Zatt under "Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption". Facts of the bill included for public reading.
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