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To all of you on HRN:
I must say that finding this site is one of the greatest finds of my life. I know, dramatic, but you’ll learn it is just the way I am. This site has given me the opportunity to talk racing with people that actually want to hear it. I have a chance to ‘meet up’ with people that feel the same way I do; that racing is the greatest sport out there (even if we are never going to agree on who the greatest in the sport is). This site has opened my mind to so many opinions I thought were facts because I believe them and felt others should too. I was wrong and am grateful for the schooling.
This site and the many people on here that have been watching racing for days, months, years or decades have given me the chance to fall in love with horses other than just the now horses. I scan this site several times a day and learn something every time I leave. I find a new horse to learn about when we have our ‘friendly’ debates. I get to watch new races, hear new announcers, learn new jockeys and respect new horses. Sometimes these horses are long retired; sometimes they are active and stay out of the Rachel/Zenyatta spotlight. I love to watch them, it educates me and I enjoy it. So please, keep commenting. Tell me about the horse you feel has missed the spotlight. Let me know right here the greatest race you have ever seen…live…on youtube…anywhere. I am asking all of you to really think about that one race that you feel was worth watching, over and over and over…
Thank you for all of you that ask for people to remember horses like Hoist the Flag. Thank you to those of you that remind us that Zarkava, although not American was a great horse. Thank you to those that let me know that the 1994 Travers Stakes is a call that should be watched by everyone. Because of that, I learn about a remarkable horse of the past, that great racing does not just happen here and that there are many more races than the ones I watched religiously since 2009.
Thanks again and keep the opinions coming!
Angie D’Amico
P.S. Let’s try to keep it polite….


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Great race ruffian, couldn't even follow him because he was so far back. Love those kind of races :)
Thanks, RaTalk Girl. Since you enjoyed that one, this was of the greatest come-from-behind races I had ever seen. Check out how far back Concern is in this race. Once again, I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for sharing Angie! I have had many similar experiences since discovering HRN and learn something with each visit!
Thanks ruffian...that was remarkable!!
I couldn't locate Majestic Light's particular race, but, I did trip across this one. Watch as Forego closes a HUGE amount of ground in the stretch, carrying a piano on his back.
The 2002 Test Stakes is a great call, great race, amazing finish, a classic up there w SS/EG :) Keep up the great blog!
  • RaTalk_Girl · Amazing finish and the call could not have gotten any better. I swear I could listen to that man call anything, he is amazing. · 2350 days ago
Hi Angela, so many to choose from... one that jumps out in my mind is Presious Passion in the United Nations, opening up 30 lengths!!! - Chicago Dark Horse
  • RaTalk_Girl · WOW....What a race!!! Thanks for sharing, I may have never found that race if you didn't mention it. · 2350 days ago
anyone know where I can find a video of the Majestic Light race??
1976, Majestic Light breaking the track record in the Monmouth Invitational.
I agree! Totally backing you. Thank you for all of that you do on here :).
Beautiful description!!!!!! I was at the '94 Travers. I loved when Durkin said, "He has a cause for Concern(or concern)". The 2000 BC Classic between Tiznow and Giant's Causeway, when they were coming down the stretch, neck-and-neck, and he said with so much emphasis, "THIS IS A HEART-POUNDING, PULSATING STRETCH DRIVE!!!!!!". The love of this sport has so many highs, and, yes, there are the sad moments. But, all-in-all, that is what love is all about. P.S. Would you, by chance, ever hear of a jockey named Anthony D'Amico?
  • RaTalk_Girl · I have heard of him but unfortunatly there is no relation. I did watch the 2000 Classic before, but since you mentioned it, I may watch it again. · 2355 days ago
Well said!
Passionate civility! What a novel concept. Totally with you.
yo, mucho macho man. even tho 5th. still a chance
Angie, thanks for your passion for this great sport and your willingness to share it with us. You embody what Horse Racing Nation is all about and your contributions are very much appreciatead by so many. Keep up the outstanding writing and we all look forward to following your blog for years to come!
Angie, this is awesome! Love how much you love racing and HRN! You mentioned my race, the 1994 Travers. That was my first year working in racing, and I was the notes writer at Monmouth. Every chance I had on the backside, I would swing by to see Holy Bull and Jimmy Croll, so it was a truly special summer. We spent all summer promoting Holy Bull - he was our home track horse - so watching the Travers with all of us in the Monmouth offices screaming our lungs out for him to hold on was something I'll never forget. Along with Durkin's awesome call.
Well said, Angie ... Isn't learning about all these wonderful horses, whether they are international or from the past, so much fun? I know I think so ;-)

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A filly, Rachel Alexandra, venturing into a man’s world caught my eye and I fell in love with her completely. This was when my life changed. When it comes to racing and choosing my favorite horses, I have always seen perfection in what others would characterize as flaws. With this blog, I hope to show everyone that horseracing is not just a gamble, it is a passion.

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