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Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Many were not around for the last Triple Crown winner, or did not follow the sport as recently as 2008. For them, I'll Have Another represents their first Triple Crown experience.
Posted Monday, May 07, 2012
The dust from the Derby has settled and it’s time for a little wrap up. I know I said I would never do this, I usually detest when this happens but really, it is time for some Monday morning quarterbacking. I usually try to stay loyal to the jockey, I assume that he gives the horse the best ride possible and I know that I could do no better. BUT, when mistakes are so obvious I just can not stand by blindly defending my favorite jockey.
Posted Thursday, May 03, 2012
Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby Post Draw so I guess that means that I can’t put it off any more. I have tried to wait till the very last moment to announce my top 5 Derby Picks, but the time has come. There are so many horses in this field that could win the Derby picking out five of them as your favorite is no easy task, but here they are.
Posted Monday, April 23, 2012
While writing my congratulations blog to Johnny V on his recent induction into the National Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame I learned the disappointing news of Havre De Grace. While trying to be upbeat and excited for Johnny V finally getting the nod to join our Hall of Fame, I am fighting back feeling of heartbreak over our lost of Gracie.
Posted Tuesday, April 03, 2012
The 1973 Wood Memorial was supposed to pit legendary Secretariat against his biggest rival, Sham...
Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2012
The Kentucky Derby always features a host of B-List contenders who jump on the A-List on Derby day. This week, Race Talk's Girl Next Door, Angela D'Amico says Alpha isn't a beta horse, while Managing Editor Brian Zipse says Bodemeister will live up to his famous name!
Posted Monday, January 09, 2012
Here are my picks in my favorite Eclipse Award Divisions. I am trying to enjoy what 2011 gave us before heading into the 2012 Road to the Roses, but that has been hard to do with the Sham Stakes already in the book. But I managed to find a little time to think Eclipse Awards.
Posted Monday, December 19, 2011
As the end of the 2011 year draws near I decided to give you a list of my favorite moments of the year. Here is to remembering 2011…
Posted Monday, December 12, 2011
Most other bloggers have given you their picks for Horse of the Year and you have heard over and over who should get the Three-year old honors, but it’s my turn to give my pick for the award I look forward to the most: Outstanding Jockey. I know that Champion Three Year Old and Horse of the Year are bigger and more anticipated in our sport, but these usually go to the horses that I would pick as the winners. The Outstanding Jockey award NEVER goes to who I think Jock of the Year should be, so let me start shooting off my facts and figures and see if anyone is listening.
Posted Monday, December 05, 2011
There has been plenty of talk recently about the bill passed to lift the ban on slaughtering horses. I have seen all over facebook people battle it out both posing as good and calling the other side evil, but how do you see it? Each side has their own set of facts that counter the other sides and each side feel their way is the humane way so how do you feel about the arguments?
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Meet Angela D'Amico
My horseracing journey and my quest to learn more about it has brought me to the University of Louisville Equine Program, but it began before I was born. My parents met when their parents shared ownership in a few racehorses. Although they did not own any horses when I was growing up, my grandfather still took me to the racetrack all throughout my childhood. In 2007, my stepfather introduced me to different racetracks and handicapping techniques, but it was not until the 2009 Preakness that I was really hooked.
A filly, Rachel Alexandra, venturing into a man’s world caught my eye and I fell in love with her completely. This was when my life changed. When it comes to racing and choosing my favorite horses, I have always seen perfection in what others would characterize as flaws. With this blog, I hope to show everyone that horseracing is not just a gamble, it is a passion.

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