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The Belmont Stakes Aftermath in VIDEO

2014 Belmont Stakes
The Triple Crown of horse racing is one of the greatest challenges in all of sports and when a horse wins the first two legs of the Crown the three weeks of hype leading to the Belmont Stakes is almost overwhelming.

The 2014 version was no different. California Chrome captivated American sports fans. A huge crowd of 102,199 showed up at Belmont Park and NBC had amazing ratings. The NBC telecast of the Belmont was the most-watched weekend sporting event since the Winter Olympics. Wagering totals broke all-time NYRA records for on-track handle and all-sources handle.

Here is a video look at the last couple days, as the 2014 quest for a Triple Crown boiled over, starting with the race itself.


Immediately after the race California Chrome’s owner Steve Coburn let his emotions get the best of him with his rant on national television.

Coburn appeared on Good Morning America for the second time in two days to apologize for his comments in the 24 hours after the race.

In the end, it is important to remember that California Chrome is a thoroughbred that had a wonderful six-race win streak. Take a look at his return to his home base at Los Alamitos where the backstretch workers show their appreciation.

The Belmont Stakes and the aftermath gave us some good moments and some not so good ones also. American sports fans are always passionate about their favorite teams and racing fans are no different when it comes to their favorite horses. In the past five weeks of the Triple Crown racing has gotten a lot of attention and that is a good thing.


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Cool piece Matt. You did a great job keeping us informed in the days leading up to the Belmont Stakes. All racing fans should be thankful that CC gave us HOPE for a TC instead of a Belmont Stakes w/o meaning other than being a G1.
Cool piece Matt. You did a great job keeping us informed in the days leading up to the Belmont Stakes. All racing fans should be thankful that CC gave us HOPE for a TC instead of a Belmont Stakes w/o meaning other than being a G1.
It's good to see him home safe and sound. He looks happy to see folks he loves. They look happy to see the horse they love and are so proud of. He'll heal up, he'll rest and then train up and do it again. :) It'll be good to see him return to the track and pass other horses flying by.
Tom, I am telling you that the medical problems MUST be dealt with primarily, and I see nothing to suggest anything other than that.
Of course they are not,they are the words of Sherman. He is telling them what he wants to tell them,not necessarily the truth. Just because he says it,do you honestly believe it. If you do,then good for you. I have seen first hand how things are told to the media and the truth level is about 50 %. Not the medias fault,it is there job to ask the questions and report it. Just don't think that the info given to them is always accurate.
That is exactly what is happening. They are waiting for the foot to heal. No one has said otherwise. If you read who was doing the talking you would know these are not the words of the publications themselves.
The 3 same Media outlets that reported that he was a monster in his pre Belmont works. They are mouth pieces for anyone who will talk to them right now. They are absolutely clueless if it is fact or not. They are just filling page space at this moment. You don't set a time schedule now. You just state that he will need 2 to 3 weeks for the foot to heal and we will re evaluate his status then. They have no clue how the foot will heal.This is just dead time print.
He was going to have time off after the TC; it now must incorporate the healing process. I'm seeing 2-3 weeks for the foot, then 6-7 weeks rest.
Regardless of your thoughts, there are at least three separate news sources that say he will be back. He will have to completely resolve the foot injury first. Everything I am seeing is in accordance with that eventuality within an appropriate time frame.
Sorry for being skeptical,but as i told you 3 weeks ago when they started blaring the trumpets of how great he was doing,it makes for good show only. This horse right now has "X" value on him(which is still very marketable. If he stays away from the races for basically 3 to 4 months. There is no guarantee that he will come back better. Let alone the same horse. A loss in the BC would drop his value to "Y" which would be substantially lower. Their so called endorsement deal is done. The Chrome trademark label has about as much value as a Tonalist or Commissioner logo. It is worthless now. As they say,the gig is up. You are no longer dealing from strength. Cash in your chips while they are still there. If not he will just be a top horse in a group of top horses.
P.S. Scroll to page 7 on TDN.
Tom, I don't have DRF Plus, but the same header is on an article from TDN. Sherman says he will be back to "get ready for the Breeders' Cup". Fall would mean September-ish to me.
I'm not so sure about that. They may chase their losses and end up bigger losers, dropping Chromes value with each subsequent defeat. They are self-named dumb asses after all.
If it is true and the projected return date is Fall 2014 . Then get yourself a copy of the running of the Belmont Stakes. This will more than likely be his last competetive race that you will see him in. I would be shocked if this horse is not syndicated within the next month or so . With the insurance premiums sky high. It will make financial sense to sell him as soon as the smoke clears. I'm just waiting for the person to tell me now that Coburn is a stand up guy and a man of the people ,that he won't do it. Turns out he is only the mothpiece of the operation. The other gentleman calls the shots. When things were going great guns,just like in the circus. The clowns are usually the #1 attractions.
hes out til fall drf plus says
the injury from the claimer matterhorn may have been chrome's undoing down the stretch. he is safely back at los al, and will rest up for pacific stakes, and then the bc classic, the no. american championship race.
I think the analogy is valid. An apology after raping someone does nothing to fix the damage. He ruined Tonalist's connections day. He "raped" them. They will not have another Belmont day. Nobody was interviewing them. Everyone had their cameras and mics on this goof. So don't focus so much on the penetration of private parts. That's not what the analogy is about.
  • boxersdaddy · That has to be the worst analogy i have ever heard of in my 65 years. your analogy is way worse than coburn's basketball with a handicapped kid. · 1256 days ago
  • boxersdaddy · That has to be the worst analogy i have ever heard of in my 65 years. your analogy is way worse than coburn's basketball with a handicapped kid. · 1256 days ago
I agree with kay.
I agree with what he said as far as it being unfair to be able to enter if you haven't gone the "distance" so to speak but I don't agree with the way he did it. He was acting spoiled with bad sportsmanship HOWEVER I believe every human has a bad day and when you have given so much to something and it has mean't so much to so many people there are going to be emotions that run high. I forgive him and will always love that beautiful creature he has and will never NOT support his journey and passion for what he does. If he didn't CARE he wouldn't have said anything so to me this shows he CARES!
It's like apologizing to a woman after you rape her. The damage is done. He took the spotlight away from Tonalist on his greatest day and grossly disrespected his connections in front of millions. And what exactly is he apologizing for? Is he also retracting his idiotic rant abut the "unfairness" of the Triple Crown format? I didn't hear a peep about it.
  • · I am sorry but comparing this to a rape victim is way harsh... comparing a horse owners distaste over the way a race is ran VS a horrific and scaring display of human scum is worse than what he did. How could you even look at yourself after making that reference. Discgusting! If I WAS upset with him for what he said I am not now, not after that. You just gave people a reason to actually forgive him not dislike him.. bad bad bad choice of comparisons! · 1256 days ago

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