Video: Inside the control room for Justify's Belmont Stakes win

June 13, 2018 09:23am

The NBC Sports control room during the stretch run of last Saturday’s Belmont Stakes: calmer than me. And probably you, too.

“He’s got it. Here we go boys,” was the extent of the color coming from producer Rob Hyland, who navigated an award-winning crew through Justify’s sweep of the Triple Crown series.

Watch the video shared by Hyland from inside the room as he directs which cameras to switch to, panning for crowd shots, getting trainer Bob Baffert on screen and, finally, to the outrider catching up to the unbeaten colt.

It’s another example of the type of access we just didn’t get before social media.

Additionally, NBC shared its version of the Triple Crown call by announcer Larry Collmus from his perspective. For the first two legs — the Kentucky Derby and Preakness — Collmus voiced only the TV feed. Because he’s also the daily race caller in New York, Collmus’ voice was heard on track as well at Belmont Park.


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