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Kauai Katie Brilliant in Forward Gal

Kauai Katie! What can I say about this brilliant filly without breaking out the horse racing hyperbole? At this point, the bay daughter of Malibu Moon has done nothing wrong except get beat at a distance not to her liking. Fortunately for her, trainer Todd Pletcher recognized that she definitely belonged in the sprinting niche and has made the smart call to keep her sprinting rather than try to stretch her out again.
Sent off as the deserving heavy favorite in the G2 Forward Gal, Kauai Katie was loath to allow bettors to beat her at the betting windows. Sharp out of the gate, she set brisk fractions under jockey John Velazquez and still had plenty left in the tank as she pulled away willingly from a field that included strong contenders My Happy Face, Spring Venture, and undefeated Fusaichiswonderful. 
With champion Groupie Doll off for the first half of the year, Kauai Katie stands poised to take over as the top female sprinter, for now at least. Her total win margin tallies 35 3/4 lengths thanks to the strong performances she has put in. Pletcher stated that Katie was finished at Gulfstream for the meet since there are not any more graded stakes sprints for 3-year old fillies for the rest of the meet. Her summer goals will be the Prioress and Test Stakes at Saratoga. 
The real test for Kauai Katie will not come in either of those races restricted to 3-year fillies; the real test for her will be facing her elders during the second half of the year. Right now, there just is not a 3-year old filly that can stand up to Kauai Katie in sprints. She is just too good. Facing Groupie Doll, Dust and Diamonds, and Teddy's Promise will be a whole different horse race, but if Kauai Katie continues to progress in much the same way that she already has, then she will be well up to the task. 


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Benji, I agree that Groupie Doll is the best sprinter in this country, and I never said different. All I said was the Katie was poised to take over as top sprinter FOR NOW while Groupie Doll was on holiday.
Many is the time these types can reign from 5 to 7 furlongs...Lots of opportunities out there
Kauai Katie is a brilliant sprinter no doubt, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the rest of her year pans outs. It still very early and there's plenty of time for another competitor to step up and challenge her and if not then I really hope she meet Groupie Doll.
Where is she going next?
Saw the Mott firster. Didn't get the same feeling as 10/30/10, but nice.
Groupie Doll would kick ass, if both she and Katie met, with both in top form. Now, of course, I'm biased in favor of my girl(and others' girl) Groupie Doll, so, I take into consideration that she had maturing, blinkers added before her streak last year, and her trainer is her part owner/breeder, so knows her extremely well. She has those things in her favor, beside record-setting speed. I'm not saying that Katie or even a filly like My Happy Face can't also improve. So, they have an opportunity to more gain graded stakes sprint experience, Groupie Doll dust free, for hopefully only a few months while Groupie Doll is away. Objective, benji? Thanks. Working on that, but there are still some horses that just--wow, they are just made for music, you know? Knowledgeable? Not yet, but I'll eat up that compliment, like forbidden chocolate pudding. Anyway, let's see this match-up. Let 'em show what they have, on the track, blazing fast!
Mary Z is very knowledgable and objevtive. Help us settle this Mary Z.... Groupie vs Kauai....who's best?
The third best performance yesterday at GP after "Lucky" & "Katie" had to be the first time starter- Close Hatches in the 6th. First start, maiden at 7 furlongs she crushed the field by 7 lengths in 1:23 & change. Mott has an impressive one here.
She is the reining champ. However, she is being put out to pasture for a while, and without her or D&D ever meeting Katie, as of yet, we can only speculate. Katie also just proved that she was also head and shoulders against the group she faced yesterday. One thing that is undeniable, Katie is a very talented sprinter, and being an April baby, should only get better.
lets get something perfectly clear here people. Groupie Doll is the best female sprinter in this country. None of the aforementioned horses are in her class. I would also sugges thatt Dust and Diamonds is heads above the rest mentioned in this article.
MM, You meant Spring Venture anyway.
lets clear up soemthing. Woodbine horses (90% plus) are seasonal runers. ONLY THE BEST, from the rich top stables, go south to Palm Meadows, Gulfstream, and the Fair Grounds, many of which to gain the "bottom" necessary to run the Queens Plate in Mid June. The entire meeting here is keyed to those seasonal runners with almost the entire first month prepping with short sprints. Horse that come back here, then, have few opportunities at distance challenges like they do down South, especially on the grass which does not open here until late May so the turfers go through Keeneland on the way home, particularly the big ones like Casse..Queensplatekitten, a horse that usually catches the field between the 15/16th and 7/8ths polls after they cross the line.
MM, if you planned on telling him yourself, then why were you asking someone else to tell him? Little mind-boggling to me. FYI, yelling from outside the winner's circle doesn't mean crap to trainers so if you don't really know him to talk to him, he probably doesn't give a shit!
I think you are right about Spring In The Air, but are you really going to tell a trainer what to do with their horse?
You did say, "Please." QP stands for Queen'splatekitten. HF is Hialeah'sflamingos, On The Gallops, Fifty Proof. Idk, maybe if you had someone else do the typing, then you wouldn't still sound like you. I'm used to it, but yes, it was weird at first to hear everyone. I like the favours instead of favors.
Good, and I will tell him myself when he gets back to Woodbine.....Ya don't need to do any favours for me Mary.Z. I am also not sure what (QP) means but hey have at it.
Sure, MM(QP). I c&p'd your request to Casse Racing's fb "send a message".
Can someone LEASE tell Mark Casse that Spring in the Air is a TURF horse. Stop running her on the Dirt. She was a monster last year on Turf, and Poly.
Pletcher is still saying he will keep her sprinting.

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