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Dubai World Cup: Getting the Best Odds

Every race on the Dubai World Cup card will be offered on the Betfair NJX.  While Dubai racing isn’t usually available for exchange bettors in the U.S., each race on the DWC card will be made available about an hour before post time.  This is a great opportunity to get better odds than you’d otherwise be able to get on Arrogate or one of his opponents.  

Here’s a chart showing the exchange odds (which were only available overseas in past years) and standard ADW odds for the winners of the past nine Dubai World Cups…

You can make a direct odds comparison by comparing the “ADW (Odds to 1)” column with the “NJX (Odds to 1)” column.  While it’s always good to “shop around” by betting on whichever platform offers the most generous odds on the horse you’re interested in, the exchange has generally provided better odds for any well regarded American horse.  It appears that this effect may be getting stronger, as the last two winners to fit that category (Animal Kingdom and California Chrome) paid almost twice as much on the NJX as they did on other platforms!

Because the races (including the World Cup) won’t be available for betting until an hour before post time, I’d recommend registering for an NJX account ahead of time.  That way, you won’t have to scramble to get everything done in time for the race.  That’s going to be especially important if you plan to bet on any of the earlier races, which are going to require an early wake up time!  That could be enough of a difference to make a bet on Arrogate worthwhile, even if he goes off at very short odds.  

To help plan your exchange wagering day, here are the races on the card and the expected post time for each…

If you don’t already have an exchange wagering account with Betfair, you can help Horse Racing Nation out by signing up through one of the links in this article.


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