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Breeders' Cup 2017
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Across the Pond

Cirrus des Aigles flies in for Dollar domination‏

With the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe a mere twenty four hours later, Cirrus des Aigles produced an exceptional performance in tiring ground, powering away for an unassailable nine-length success in the G2 Prix Dollar at Longchamp.

Tracking the head of the pack in fourth for the early part of the race, Peslier exuded confidence aboard the son of Even Top when angling into the false straight at Longchamp and began to release Cirrus des Aigles for his finishing effort.

As Cirrus des Aigles and Olivier Peslier took one final right turn towards the duo of finishing posts that are ever present on Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe weekend, the partnership had pushed ahead for a six of seven length advantage with their rivals toying in their wake. Passed one finishing post, then the other, Cirrus Des Aigles eventually ran out a comfortable nine length victor over the fast, but never catching, Godolphin horse, Hunters Light.

Cirrus des Aigles has been frighteningly consistent in domination of his French counterparts this season. However, a recent positive drugs test for a substantial dose of a banned anti-inflammatory drug shook the French racing circuit to its knees. "It's been hard for me these past few months" said trainer Barande-Barbe, "That'll put him spot on for Ascot and Frankel now".

This wasn't the normal result you'd expect from a race in which a positive drugs test was located. The Prix d'Ispahan, the race in which the positive drugs test was taken from, saw Cirrus des Aigles produce his worst performance for almost two years. Connections deny any wrong doing, citing foul play from unconnected persons unknown, and the passionate defence from trainer Corine Barande-Barbe does little to suggest they had knowingly administered the drug.

To be plain, why would they? They have the superstar of French racing who, unable to run in the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe because of his status as a gelding, had been powering away from his rivals clean with a minimum of fuss.

Cirrus des Aigles may still remain under investigation, yet a date with Frankel in the QIPCO British Champion Stakes draws ever nearer with each passing day. To the French, the shrewd and the race fan, Cirrus des Aigles' mouthwatering turn of foot when angling into French straights suggests he could, and should, throw down the most serious challenge to Frankel yet, intriguingly, in his final race.

Frankel may have skipped the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe this year and, in all honesty, a renewal of the race that would've answered very little in victory given the level of competition remaining in the field. The QIPCO British Champion Stakes provides the perfect battle between England and France, an undefeated Champion against the defending Champion.

What a tantalising proposition. 


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Older Comments about Cirrus des Aigles flies in for Dollar domination‏...

If you can't comprehend your own statement as to how you would LOVE to see this horse prove that Frankel is not the second coming of Christ would lead people top believe you were not fond of Frankel, then I can't help you. My only other conclusion is that you want to be controversial. There is nowhere in that statement that shows any liking of Frankel. Maybe you just want attention, and unfortunately by commenting I'm feeding it. Your statement was very clear, very pointed and not supportive or showing of any liking of Frankel. If you can't comprehend that, then maybe you do need a lesson in communication. Have a great day
If my comments were clear, I wouldn't have been deemed a "hater", huh, referring to Frankel, I presume? Must be why every square inch of my home has a horse photo or painting covering it. I despise Frankel so much that I just purchased another portrait of him. As for my comment concerning Danedream not liking Japan and sushi, that was intended to be light humor directed at her poor performance in last year's Japan Cup, but somehow it was twisted into me being prejudice against the Japanese, OUCH! Some of you people are thinking too hard. Guess I'll take this as a lesson in communication.
your statements seem very clear and pointed to me. I just won't comment on them anymore. IMO, there is nothing to read into or read between the lines. Very pointed comments. Have a good time blogging.
karen.sweatman.9, well said.
No one hates Frankel, at least not that I've heard. Dissing horses seems to come from across the pond when it comes to Frankel. If I hear one more time that Frankel would've destroyed Secretariat on Big Red's best day, I'll scream. I say "prove it". Greatness can only be judged by competition and father time. I hope Frankel is as great as everyone thinks he is. So far. I'm convinced he is very talented. I'm not impressed with his competition and the caliber of all his races. Greatness, not yet for me. People are reading too much into my comments. Don't take everything I write figuratively. First horse racing blog I've been on where everyone seems to dissect your comment and read between the lines. Why don't you just ask me what I mean if it's that unclear? This isn't a political blog, it's horse racing. Lighten up.
AoR- Lots of people are fans of Bridgetown. No reason to feel you need to justify it. We all have been fans of horses just because we like them. That is part of the fun.
Footlick--agreed, of course. At least fans of Frankel have never been disappointed--an emotion which, as a fan of Mr. Commons, Bated Breath, Richard's Kid, and Bridgetown (don't ask me why, I have no idea and can't help it besides), I have experienced too often. :/
AoR- she also made a statement on another thread that makes me think she is just another hater. Whatever. Everyone has their horses they like and horses they don't. The fact that people love Frankel is somehow repellant to others. All everybody seems to want to do is tear down horses. Again, whatever.
No, not at all AoR. It was Han's Solo's pim_ like reply to Leia as he was being encased in the Carbonite, well actually my near encounter with the runner-up to that most famous comment, just yesterday that has me in you've got to be kidding me mode, but working on getting over that. I actually drool over Frankel. I notice that some of my comments get deleted for naughtiness such as using the di word, but others' offensive comments remain, so I figure the censor is female.
Mary Z.--Too many arguments in one day has put you on edge. Karen-Sweatman's comment, to me, clearly seemed to have the opposite meaning of how you took it. Though, it did seem a little bizarre. There are a lot of people metaphorically drooling over Frankel, but I'm sure no one has actually suggested he be worshipped--at least, not yet. Let Frankel walk on water, die and raise himself from the dead in time to win the Champion stakes, and then we'll talk. ;) Otherwise, Karen's suggesting that any person in their right mind could compare any athlete, animal or otherwise, to a certain Man from Bethlehem is a little bizarre. All due respect, of course.
I can't say dic_, but the blasphemy is okay?
looks to be an interesting test for frankel to be sure!
that would bring the Frankel supporters down to earth
Or maybe he could impede Frankel.
good for you karen. Maybe Orfevre will run in the Champion against Frankel and Cirrus des Aigles. Let's hope nobody is around him when he acts up again. Soumillon couldn't control him, his Japanese jockey couldn't control him. Who would you like to ride him?
I would LOVE to see this horse prove that Frankel is not the second coming of Christ.
Travel_vic. The horse hung into the whip and hit the rail inside the final two strides. Soumillon had no say however he did commit quite early
Most every race track (there are exceptions however) drains to the infield side of the course. There is usually a smal gully there to collect any run off water. Gravity then allows the water to collect there before it drains off into that gully. Why in the world take your horse off the "crown" of the track (higher ground) and run him down where the water is assuredly to be more a factor? DUMB ride
Most every race track (there are exceptions however) drains to the infield side of the course. There is usually a smal gully there to collect any run off water. Gravity then allows the water to collect there before it drains off into that gully. Why in the world take your horse off the "crown" of the track (higher ground) and run him down where the water is assuredly to be more a factor? DUMB ride
Why didi the rider take the horse, ON THE LEAD, way over to the rail. DUMB ride. DUMB

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