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Breeders' Cup 2017
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Rainbow 6 Wrinkle - Mandatory Payout Memorial Day

Rainbow 6 Graphic


Racing last weekend produced no unique winners in Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow 6 jackpot, so the carryover currently stands at $6,119,550 going into today’s 8-race card. The weekend’s racing is highlighted by Saturday’s Flying Pidgeon Stakes, featuring 2012 Breeders’ Cup Turf winner, Little Mike.


In an interesting plot twist, Gulfstream Park has decided to move up the mandatory payout of the Rainbow 6 to Monday Memorial Day, May 26th. If no one hits it before then the carryover pool should be near $7,000,000.


“Since the end of our Championship Meet our guests, fans and customers have been asking for us to move the mandatory payout, and many specifically said Memorial Day would be the perfect weekend,” Gulfstream Park President Tim Ritvo said. “In our effort to always listen to our customers, we petitioned the state to change the date of the Rainbow 6 and we were granted permission.”


Other tracks will have high-caliber stakes races planned for Memorial Day, but much of the country’s focus will be on the Rainbow 6 and the potential of a total pool of $20 million and the largest payout in American pari-mutuel wagering history.


“We believe having the mandatory payout on Memorial Day will be a memorable one for one or several of our players. All the major tracks will be in action on Memorial Day, there will be some big races, and it will provide us the best reach to all our loyal customers. We’ll have some specials planned that day on-track as well,” Ritvo said.


Though entries for Memorial Day’s races are released on Thursday, May 22nd, glancing at the condition bood for that day, it does not appear any special races will be added. It looks to be a 10-race card that currently will have 2 turf races. If all the races don’t fill, 2 of the possible 4 substitute races are carded for the grass. If this weekend’s entries are any indication, expect full fields for the May 26th card. Since Tampa Bay Downs concluded racing on May 4th, field sizes have been on the rise.


Last week players were rewarded with payout that greatly exceeded the parlay all three days. The same is expected this weekend, too, as many players will be playing all sorts of combinations in order to be the lone winner, which in turn creates inflated mutuals on logical outcomes.


Look for next week’s blog to be out Friday morning, where I will discuss strategies for putting pick 6 tickets together and some horses to focus on as you draw up your tickets.  





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Older Comments about Rainbow 6 Wrinkle - Mandatory Payout Memorial Day...

love the horses, appreciate the family like nature of the people, it is just the standardbred racing I cannot stand
Yes. i lie awake crying at night because there isn't a harness racing equivalent to this. Setting up a trotter is the greatest art form in horse racing.
Mary ,just for the record. I know Coyne,he is a harness racing fan first then Thoro breds. Lets just end it at that.
Okay, to begin at the beginning, this was about a Standardbred hi-5. Conye is really interested in that? Not that he couldn't be, but more likely he zoomed in on a "target". Next, Payout given. If all were boxed, there would still have been a profit. Is that not true? Would your average bettor make such a large investment? Not likely. I suppose someone rich enough who was just playing, not handicapping could take such a risk. I get what you said about if a lower odds horse had finished better or won, that boxing may have resulted in a loss(and again the boxing of all 11 is only a theory, not like everyone would do that) but that did not happen. No. wrong. He did not say that the payout was on the .20 bet.
You and your boyfriend seems to be arguing about things you have no freaking clue about. Biatch...go back to sleep and enjoy Belmont day sex! Like Tom said, close the freaking curtains(literally), no one wants to get blind!
Not anything,jist the facts. Explain then what sounds more reasonable. You oncest 7 grand to win 43 grand or invest 38 grand to win 5 grand. Your boy is a smart man,why would he even bother to care abot such a small profit. But somehow i agree,he did not misrepresent. He had absolutely no concept of what he was talking about,he thought the payout was for 20 cents. When he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He panicked and reverted to calling Cyne a name that is popular with the Fab 4 + Vic. GIGGLES.
He didn't misrepresent anything.
Mary,remember to close the curtains. You are defending your pet again >>>giggles
Sounds like 9 guys with no balls. Conye was irritating enough without the gang, but hey, the pile-ons are a lot cozier, yes? Hi to zx.
One's location at the time of an event does not give them the ability to alter the truth... No one likes you. No one wants you here. You're a jerk, plain and simple... We already have 9 guys, we don't need you. Take your ball glove and go home. ;)
Coyne if you handicap Vic as a racehorse,you know that he is already defeated. As many poker players they all have what is called a "TELL". Mr. MISREPRESENTATIONS" is that he reverts to the personal attacks. Once he shies away from his phoney intellectual genius podium and reverts to commonly used words such as "IDIOTS". He is at a loss of his daily word tool. Consider this a win for the Good Guys. Maybe in a week or so,when someone writes an article about it. Maybe then he will get the concept. Til then,its all about calling people idiots and wiping the finish line mirror at Woodbine once a day. No wonder Dawn is not a fan.
Fictional accounts? No, it actually happened. The base bet of 20 cents paid 8 and change. This is fact, not fiction.
the chorus of idiots always chimes in the same way with the same crap:NOTHING of note
No Vic,Coyne is absolutely correct here,you practiced your middle name "misrepresentation". You tried to make it seem that the 43 grand payout was based on a 20 cent wager and an all bet at about 7 grand would of netted a huge profit. In reality for $1 it would of netted about a 5 grand profit. Yet imagine if the 8 ran 2nd. It would of paid 15 grand for a buck and you would of been out 23 grand. So Coyne is not the Dummy here,he is stating facts.Something he did not have to read in a periodical or find it over the internet
I love being told about things which I was part of and the peanut gallery, (the grandstanders), come up with the fictional accounts of things they never experience up close and personally.
Payouts are listed in various denominations NOT just as 20 centers dummy
That's a slight misrepresentation, it paid a little over 8k fir the base bet of 20 cents. 43 at $1... You could've just as easily said it paid 86k and not clarified that would've been had you paid in $2 combinations.
Mandatory Hight 5 at the Woodbine Harness meet paid 43K per ticket and a box of them all would have made you some good money if you had that much to risk
If my research is correct, the mandatory payout last year was 3,500 or thereabouts. The pool was 5 mil and no longshots came in. Assuming this years pool is at least 10 mil, the payout will still be worth taking shot (even if no longshots come in).

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