• There will be a Pick Six carryover of $42,460 when racing resumes Thursday at Los Alamitos.Posted 13 hours ago
  •  Assateague goes wire to wire in the Dr. James Penny Memorial!Posted 1 day ago
  •  Assateague goes wire to wire in the Dr. James Penny Memorial!Posted 1 day ago
  • Clearly Now breaks the 7f track record at Belmont - 1:19.96.Posted 4 days ago
  • There will be a Pick Six carryover of $28,880 when racing resumes July 4 at Los Al.Posted 5 days ago
  • 1-9 Frac Daddy upset by Sky Captain in the Dominion Day! Posted 8 days ago
  •  Size holds off Ria Antonia in the Iowa Oaks!Posted 11 days ago
  •  Declassify game in the Triple Bend!Posted 11 days ago
  •  Riposte proves best in the New York Handicap!Posted 11 days ago
  •  Work All Week holds off Delaunay in the Iowa Sprint!Posted 12 days ago

Triple Crown

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What the Nation is saying about the Triple Crown...

Upon the completion of today's race, the Triple Crown finishes consisted of eight different horses finishing in the money. What is the rarity of that occurring? Would this be a testimonial to the fact that this particular crop of horses might be somewhat below par? I guess that the question(s) that I have, might be something that Laz could provide some insight to, so, Laz, what are your thoughts?
  • Sullivan · Reminds me greatly of the 2011 3yo crop who found their best stride as older horses, winning the Met Mile, Dubai World Cup, and other big races · 32 days ago ·
  • CauseForConcern · Nice comparison, Cocoa. Now, to complete the logic, this bunch has to begin to find their best stride. Good luck on their future endeavors. · 31 days ago ·
Alrighty gang, please give me some help here. One of my hobbies is playing the piano and yesterday I was asked by an old family friend who's a school principal to play Pomp and Circumstance and all that at his High School's graduation since the musician they had lined up was in a car wreck. A graduation that's the afternoon of the Belmont, talk about last minute and since I knew they guy I couldn't say no. So here's my dilemma. I've figured that I can make it to the McDonald's one street over in time to catch the race on my laptop (what did we do before free Wifi?), but I have no idea what site I could watch the race on, for free and I'm worried by the time I get it figured out the race will be over. If anyone could post a link on this thread of where I could go to watch the race, I'd love you forever. Thanks guys!
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  • Age of Reason · Jay S., I'm afraid the original musician really was in a legit car wreck. I've seen pictures of it on Facebook, and the driver's side of her Toyota Tundra was pretty much demolished so I'm just glad she is ok. Amdaman, thanks so much for the link! I've bookmarked it for quick access on Saturday. Like someone else has posted this week, I'll be one of a large number of adults who will be fighting back tears if California Chrome wins, so hopefully the other McDonald's customers won't be looking out of the corners of their eyes at me thinking · 33 days ago ·
  • Age of Reason · (comment got cut off)...looking out of the corners of their eyes at me thinking "What is wrong with you?!" · 33 days ago ·
Key Preps for the Belmont Stakes, successful running styles, and is the race really worth betting?Read More
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  • goblin · jj.50, Candy Boy is not going to the Belmont; now headed to the Los Alamitos Derby per DRF. https://twitter.com/DRFDerby · 44 days ago ·
  • https://www.facebook.com/kamal.gaddah · This is my pick for the Belmont stakes. 6/7/2014 . California chrome.....Wicked Strong........Intense Holiday.good luck · 44 days ago ·
The Kentucky Derby Champ notched his sixth consecutive victory in the Preakness. He is the thirty-fourth horse to win the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Read More
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  • buckpasser · I agree ROC looked like he was making up ground in the normal TV view of the race, but from the overhead angle, he was not gaining on CC in the final. The horse made up a lot of ground definitely, but it don't think he was a real threat to CC. · 52 days ago ·
  • Victorian Era · California Chrome may not be a Secretariat or Man O' War ... YET ... but what he, the owners, trainer and jockey have done, is given us a wonderful, heart-warming story, that no Hollywood movie could have duplicated or replicated ... if the story of California Chrome does not tug at your heart-strings, then you'd better check for a pulse !! · 52 days ago ·
California Chrome, like last year’s Kentucky Derby winner Orb, carries a five race win streak into the Preakness. Will all of those victories finally catch up to him?Read More
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  • travel_vic · hated the mud · 56 days ago ·
  • Exterminator · If only the rain had waited... Oh well, if we had known there would only be one more year to wait, it would've been less bitter. Riva really should've been champion 3yo. · 56 days ago ·
DerbyWars presents the $100,000 Triple Crown Series!Read More
I need some help with a college class I am taking. I posted about it awile ago, but now I need people to take a survey. If you could help, that would be great. I will have no way of knowing who took it. It's only ten questions. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_-TGj-FnuIrgeh8I2jKNc0B_amwwK4MpDDsdQ5ocZTw/viewform. If it doesn't work, would someone please let me know. Thanks in advance.
One of racing's golden ages strikes a chord.Read More
It could be tough for Zaikov to earn the seasoning and points necessary to compete in the Kentucky Derby. Belmont Stakes or Travers anyone?Read More
Like Super Saver, I'll Have Another, Northern Dancer and Sunny's Halo, the latest Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes hero has ties to Kentucky. Read More
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  • goblin · Uncaptured is now pointed to the Queen's Plate. http://www.paulickreport.com/news/triple-crown/blue-grass-also-rans-doing-well-regrouping-on-sunday/ · 449 days ago ·
  • cocoa2 · Sounds better for him. · 449 days ago ·
Do you ever wonder why we haven't had a Triple Crown winner in what seems like forever? What made Affirmed so different from the horses we have now? This is a look back at what Affirmed accomplished in winning the 'crown and why he was the last to do it.Read More
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  • travel_vic · you were going on about how one colt did or did not make the Triple his own, and that LIE about the pin was on idiots way of covering up what just happened to be a less than spectacular performance with the wonderfully rider, Ronnie Franklin · 536 days ago ·
  • TampaBayDowns Fan · OK...thanks for pointing that out?? · 536 days ago ·
Here’s a belated birthday wish to you, our three-year-old Kentucky Derby hopefuls. Sorry I wasn’t able to send a card or a cake to the 35,000 of you that all turned three on January 1 for the basis of racing. Instead of such sentimental signs of affections, I’d like to pass along some thoughts, idea...Read More
If this year's crop of Triple Crown aspirants follows the trend of the last decade, chances are good that next year's Kentucky Derby hero has made between two to three starts, has been victorious in one or two of those starts and has placed in a stakes race, possibly graded, between August and Decem...Read More
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  • UnionRagsRules · Who's going to go farther... Bern Identity or Vegas No Show? I'll say Bern Identity. · 556 days ago ·
  • AndyScoggin · Thanks for the pedigree info. It gives lots to think about as we hit 2013 and the official start down the Derby trail. · 555 days ago ·
In his quest for the Triple Crown, Smarty Jones touched a nerve in the American psyche that ached for a seemingly impossible dream to come true, for the out-of-control world to suddenly right itself, and for something genuinely good and true to occur. In the end, it turned out, the dream really was ...Read More
  • docbrown · I was the ground level paddock and stretch run video cameraman that Spring at Oaklawn in 2004. We had a lot going on that season since we were celebrating the track's 100th anniversary. We ( the video crew ) weren't that impressed with Smarty's win in the Southwest Stakes at a Mile. It was just a so-so workman like race. But then came the Rebel at a mile and 1/16 and it was as if a voice from the clouds said " I am Smarty Jones and I will win the Kentucky Derby"! When he sucked up the front runners on the turn and turned for home, myself and the main pan-camera man straight up above me had Smarty dead centered in our view finders. Then he re-broke, and I mean RE - BROKE ! My compadre on the pan - camera and myself made unintelligible noises . He shook our cameras and our minds . Then he flew home in about 6 seconds flat for the final 1/16th. I've never seen a more laid-back racehorse in the paddock or post - parade or pre-race warm-ups. But when he approached the gate to load, the ears would come up, the nostrils would flare, and what came out of the front of that gate when the field broke was not the same horse that entered the back of it. He was very, very, special. He was on front pages, editorial pages, nightly TV news , the internet etc., etc. That Spring of 2004 was truly his. I've never seen a horse that wasso popular and loved. · 580 days ago ·
  • jay s. · Great story docbrown. Thanks for sharing. · 580 days ago ·
HE'S HAD ENOUGH (Tapit- Amelia, by Dixieland Band) is a colt to put on your watch list for next year's Triple Crown trail. Owned by Reddam Racing and conditioned by Doug O'Neill, the same connections as I'll Have Another, He's Had Enough owns only a maiden victory to his name. He was unplaced in the...Read More
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  • Peppermint Paddy · Trappe Shot, Stardom Bound, Tapizar, Joyful Victory, Tapitsfly, Careless Jewel...immediatly come to mind · 609 days ago ·
  • darlene · great read and I do like He's Had Enough Want to see more And BTW no next year chances for Tapizar Off to Gainesway for stud duty · 608 days ago ·
How special will the Kentucky Derby-Preakness winner be as a stallion?Read More
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  • icyhotboo · GregRiessland, I'm surprised at you, only a little though. Roy made some fantastic selections you must be confusing him with some one else. Keep em coming Roy. · 746 days ago ·
  • shadowno · Cocoa2 if you read the 1st salvo directed your way you will see the dolt actually confirms your point regarding the inbreeding that has contracted and therefore weakened the gene pool. · 746 days ago ·
Glad it's finally over, I am emotionally drained
Second only to the lovely commenters and fans here on HRN, Twitter is where to find the pulse of horse racing fans. We're even on Twitter @HR_Nation. When the bombshell news broke this morning about I'll Have Another, it lit up the social network like nothing before. Here is a sample of the fan...Read More
Kevin Kerstein gives his perspective of what the scratch of I'll Have Another means for the sport of horse racingRead More
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  • arazi · Yes, wait 'til next year, indeed! Starting to sound like the Cubs around here... :) · 760 days ago ·
  • Capper · Its a bummer since haven't seen one either, considering I was too young to remember Affirmed. I guess things like this, Real Quiet, the Spectacular Bid safety pin, etc. will make that more magical when it actually does happen. · 760 days ago ·
"And the sign says, you gotta have a membership card to get inside." That is exactly what the eleven preceding members of the Triple Crown fraternity are sorting out right about now.Read More
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  • TampaBayDowns Fan · Hopefully that happens. Hopefully' · 762 days ago ·
  • cemab4y · I think that I'll have Another, had the "right stuff" to win this race. Sadly, we will never know. I pray for his speedy recovery, and that he can return to racing, and a stud career. God bless this horse. · 761 days ago ·

Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video06/07/14Bel111 1/2mD03 MBelmont Stakes-G1TonalistCommissionerMedal Count2:28.52
View DetailsView Video05/17/14Pim121 3/16 mD03 MPreakness Stakes-G1California ChromeRide On CurlinSocial Inclusion1:54.84
View DetailsView Video05/03/14CD111 1/4 mD03 MKentucky Derby-G1California ChromeCommanding CurveDanza2:03.66
View DetailsView Video06/08/13Bel111 1/2mD03 MBelmont Stakes-G1Palace MaliceOxbowOrb2:30.70
View DetailsView Video05/18/13Pim121 3/16 mD03 MPreakness Stakes-G1OxbowItsmyluckydayMylute1:57.54
View DetailsView Video05/04/13CD121 1/4 mD03 MKentucky Derby-G1OrbGolden SoulRevolutionary2:02.89
View DetailsView Video06/09/12Bel111 1/2mD03 MBelmont Stakes-G1Union RagsPaynter Atigun2:30.42
View DetailsView Video05/19/12Pim121 3/16 mD03 MPreakness Stakes-G1I'll Have AnotherBodemeisterCreative Cause1:55.94
View DetailsView Video05/05/12CD111 1/4 mD03 MKentucky Derby-G1I'll Have AnotherBodemeisterDullahan2:01.83
View DetailsView Video06/11/11Bel111 1/2mD03 MBelmont Stakes-G1Ruler On IceStay ThirstyBrilliant Speed2:30.88
View DetailsView Video05/21/11Pim121 3/16 mD03 MPreakness Stakes-G1ShacklefordAnimal KingdomAstrology1:56.47
View DetailsView Video05/07/11CD111 1/4 mD03 MKentucky Derby-G1Animal KingdomNehroMucho Macho Man2:02.04
View DetailsView Video06/05/10Bel111 1/2mD03 MBelmont Stakes-G1DrosselmeyerFly DownFirst Dude2:31.57
View DetailsView Video05/15/10Pim121 3/16 mD03 MPreakness Stakes-G1Lookin At LuckyFirst DudeJackson Bend1:55.47
View DetailsView Video05/01/10CD111 1/4 mD03 MKentucky Derby-G1Super SaverIce BoxPaddy O'Prado2:04.45
View DetailsView Video06/06/09Bel111 1/2mD03 MBelmont Stakes-G1Summer BirdDunkirkMine That Bird2:27.54
View DetailsView Video05/16/09Pim121 3/16 mD03 MPreakness Stakes-G1Rachel AlexandraMine That BirdMusket Man1:55.08
View DetailsView Video05/02/09CD111 1/4 mD03 MKentucky Derby-G1Mine That BirdPioneerof The NileMusket Man2:02.66
View DetailsView Video06/07/08Bel111 1/2mD03 MBelmont Stakes-G1Da' TaraDenis Of CorkAnak Nakal2:29.65
View DetailsView Video05/17/08Pim121 3/16 mD03 MPreakness Stakes-G1Big BrownMacho AgainIcabad Crane1:54.80
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