• Dream Dancing (6-1) nips Beau Recall in the Del Mar Oaks.Posted 10 hours ago
  • Collected (3-1) holds off Arrogate in the TVG Pacific Classic.Posted 11 hours ago
  • Hunt (3-1) scores his second graded stakes win of the meet, this time in the Del Mar Handicap.Posted 11 hours ago
  • Elate (4-1) rolls home a big winner in the Alabama.Posted 14 hours ago
  • Money'soncharlotte (5-2) holds off Martini Glass in the Lady Jacqueline.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Proctor's Ledge (2-1) kicks home a winner in the Lake Placid.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Winx starts slow, but finishes fast to win the Warwick for her 18th straight!Posted 1 day ago
  • March X Press (2-1) rallies to win the Bolton Landing.Posted 3 days ago
  • Gold Rush Dancer (3-1) scores big in the 82nd running of the Longacres Mile.Posted 6 days ago
  • Skye Diamonds (9-10) wins again, this time in the Rancho Bernardo.Posted 6 days ago

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View Details09/04/17Dmr67 fD02 MDel Mar Futurity-G1   0:00.00
View Details09/04/17Sar167 fD02 MHopeful-G1   0:00.00
View Details09/03/17Dmr141 1/8 mT03 MDel Mar Derby-G2   0:00.00
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View Details09/02/17Sar97 fD02 FSpinaway-G1   0:00.00
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Everyone, Do yourselves a favour and watch her 18 wins in a row compilation on YouTube. The frightening thing you will notice is that she's getting better... She won her first ever barrier trial just prior to her win yesterday and both trainer and jockey have said words to the effect that, she definitely hadn't gone backwards. We are witnessing one of the greatest racehorses of all time and I just wish the rest of the world could see her in the flesh. She is just phenomenal.
It won't happen, but I would like to see TOBA impose a new rule, so that horses are not held out for so long between races. Apart from 2-year-olds and the turf Eclipses, if you want to win an Eclipse Award, you must race at least 6x IN NORTH AMERICA! The minimum should be three for a 2-year-old, and four for turf, to allow early summer "invasion" by European horses (See "Main Sequence" 2014). That is not asking a lot of dirt horses. If you want to go to Dubai, (and such a trip might cost you a shot at an Eclipse Award) well, then you have to make decision. It is not TOBA's job to strengthen racing in the Persian Gulf, it it their job to strengthen it here.
Heartbreaking. He loses, by one length? Two? And? The most ridiculous thing is that all this haters came here some time ago when he won four g1 races in a row, most expensive races and said "the champion, the best in the world!" and now here is a lot of hate and mocking. Arrogate is an animal, not invincible as we see, maybe he can better, maybe it's over of his career. But still he is a champion whether you want it or not.
Horses are ONLY as able as the pace of race they can SET, or overcome. ANY HORSE, even upper allowances, GIVEN THE RIGHT PACE OF RACE, can beat far superior ones it they have the front end without much hassle. Hoses cannot READ a condition book: they can only react PHYSICALLY to the pace ranges presented to them and react accordingly...The big mover ALWAYS has three problems to overcome 1) They have NOTHING to do with the pace of the race and therefore cannot alter their competition 2).the rider, having to SENSE the pace ahead of him, has to time his MOVE at exactly the right moment never knowing how much the pace horse(s) have left and 3) A late mover has to be lucky enough to have an unencumbered path to get through a field of decelerating animals.......All favor speed over the late mover and that is why,even today, almost 6 out or 10 races go to the pace or presser horses on main tracks all over North America.
As silly as it is to tell people on a message board for humans to stop insulting the horse as if the horse feels insulted by the comments..i actually do feel sorry for these horses..and Arrogate..Wish i could go play around with Arrogate...i Bet he likes to play..Horses are simply Adorable to me and Beautiful..i can see why Ferris loves his Frosted horse..Frosted was a real cute and goofy one who could run very fast as well
I don't see the point in insulting a horse. He's a horse. An animal. He more likely doesn't understand what victory or failure is. If a horse did, more likely they'd make their own schedule. Stop insulting the horse. Honestly, there is a chance he doesn't like what he's doing. That DOES happen.
Is there any chance Winx comes over for the breeders cup turf mile?
This guy reminds me a bit of will take charge... though I think arrogate is more mature. He just needs as much distance as he can get... especially coming off of a lay off. I can see him running great again in the classic. Running him any shorter than 1 1/8 was a big mistake. You think he would have won the classic last year, the pegasus, or the dubai world cup if it had been 1 1/16??? uhh... NO! Just sayin'!
Racing tomorrow at Del Mar Race 9. Is facing against American Pharoah's little brother, St. Patrick's Day.m
whos his trainer...oh yeah can only win at gulfstream park and saratoga when he has 3 of the 5 horses in fields todd pletcher....and hes coming off 2 clunkers....please clowns keep betting him so i cant get some odds on classic empire or girvin or good samartian or irap....put a fork in dreaming hes done
People call Collected "just" a Grade 3 horse..he must be one helluva Grade 3 horse beating them by "14" lengths..EVERY horse steps up in class..and you can tell by Collecteds last 3 races that he was only a Grade 3 horse on "Paper"..His numbers came back ridiculously strong for his last 3 races also..Lot of Handicappers fall into this nonsense too..They see "Grade 3" and automatically judge him as just a grade 3 horse..They are "Papercappers"..Off Collecteds last 3 races i think he shouldve have been the favorite in the pacific classic..and well...we all know the rest....
All these excuses for Arrogate that he needs REST!..He been taking 2 to 3 months off between races including 4 months rest coming into his last race..Horses like Easy Goer were going through the TRIPLE CROWN and right back to Grade 1s every 3 weeks and at long distances and STILL dominating Grade 1 horses with OUT all the medication they give horses these days..Chrome had no problem shipping to and from dubai...ENOUGH excuses for this horse!..like 100 excuses for Arrogate on this page already...all DIFFERENT ones too..Collected is just a BETTER horse!...Period
Nobody but me is ripping Baffert!! He lost his last by 15 looked like he been drugged. Today Arrogate lost ground on the backside and far turn while being scrubbed on a easy pace. Nick Luck said he has never seen a top notch horse lose by that much and come back to win. Where is Baffert quote on this race or is he on suicide watch.
GUN RUNNER 2017 classic winner by 6 lengths.....if stella wind doesnt win distaff im going elate,able tasman.....mor spirit in the mile...winx in any turf race,lol...
Right place, right time. Weak division. Souped up Saratoga track. Folks got a little carried away. He's still the favourite in the Classic, it's not that this was a poor performance. Expectations ran amok. I think it will only help Arrogate to have Gun Runner to take first run at Collected. Even if the Classic goes perfectly for him, it still won't make him an ATG, but damn is that bank account fat.
Congratulations to Collected...The BETTER horse won!...if anyone watched Collected last 3 MONSTEROUS races you would have known he "shouldve" won this race..Especially over a very overrated horse in Arrogate
Baffert looks like an apprentice trainer in these last two starts. Arrogate is begging for some farm time not track time farm time. 8 min
  • joe rifkin via Disqus · Thanks for the comment..you just won the lucky prize..you came up with the lucky #...#25...equaling the 25th excuse made on this site for Arrogate...Congrats · 9 hours ago
Well, well ... NOT the " ManOWar of the 21st Century" ...
So. Do we think he races next year if he wins the Classic this year? (Or if he doesn't.)
I think this was an even bigger wake-up call than the San Deigo. The San Deigo proved that Arrogate was not immortal. The Pacific Classic proved that he isn't even be the best horse in his division anymore.