• Spanish Queen impressive in her Honeymoon victory.Posted 2 days ago
  • Loki's Vengeance scores in the Affirmed Success.Posted 2 days ago
  • Private Zone takes the Churchill Downs Stakes, Bayern last.Posted 3 days ago
  • Tonalist returns a solid winner in the Westchester.Posted 4 days ago
  • Dame Dorothy edges Judy The Beauty in the Humana Distaff.Posted 4 days ago
  • Divisidero gobbles them up late to win the American Turf.Posted 4 days ago
  • Competitive Edge remains perfect with a romping win in the Pat Day Mile.Posted 4 days ago
  • International Star has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby.Posted 4 days ago
  • Lovely Maria and Boo Boo Clark strike to victory in the Kentucky Oaks for Jones & Jones.Posted 4 days ago
  • El Kabeir has been scratched out of the Kentucky Derby.Posted 4 days ago

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I wish Pimlico had an outdoor paddock. I am a guy that likes to hang out around the paddock area and I was disappointed the few years I went to the Preakness with Pimlico's indoor paddock.
As an event, so don't rate the horses, which is a better day at the races for a family, the Preakness or Belmont?
  • https://www.facebook.com/john. · I've never been to the Belmont. I've heard things, you can read them today about how packed the place gets. I've been to the Preakness several times and I've always had a great experience. My only complaint would be the view of the track from many seating areas is limited. Be prepared to see only 60-70 percent of the race. I sat one year on the clubhouse turn, it was a head on view of the stretch but the area was off the beat and path seperated from the mumbo jumbo and very quiet. There was a betting area, food, tables, a very open area. You get a nice view of the horses walking over to the races and a unique view of the horses going into the first turn. The only downside of the Preakness in the years I went is the overall madness around the track as a result of all the craziness that is brought in by the infield crowd. Whether you encounter that or not depends on which parking lot you get though. Overall thumbs up from me though on the Preakness experience · 29 minutes ago
In an acknowledgement there are accommodation limits at Belmont Park, the New York Racing Association has decided to cap attendance at 90,000 for this year's Belmont Stakes (gr. I) day of racing. In a May 6 release NYRA said the attendance cap is similar to policies and practices of professional sports teams."(The attendance cap) will not only result in an enhanced experience for Belmont guests, but will further improve access to and from the Belmont property on Saturday," NYRA said. "It will also complement Saturday's post-race concert, which is anticipated to further stagger the exit from the Belmont property following the final race."Belmont Park has experienced problems in recent years with large crowds on days a horse is going for the Triple Crown. Last year, after California Chrome came up short in his Triple Crown bid before 102,199 fans, an estimated 36,000 guests using the Long Island Rail Road were stuck at the track awaiting service for hours after the race. In 2008, water was shut off or pressure was lowered throughout the facility when 94,476 turned out to watch Big Brown 's attempt to win the Triple Crown. Article on Bloodhorse
  • travel_vic · thank goodness. Last year as I was just finishing up at a urinal I turned to see a woman staring at me from INSIDE the mens room. What the heck are you doing here was the question to which she answered, same as you because we cannot get into our washrooms. · 2 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · How on Earth will they ever monitor it.Again this sounds like a Public Relations ploy. Belmont has 4 separate entrances, none of them is monitored by computers at the turnstyles. What will they do,have someone count and someone else add up the totals. Last year due to the crowds, i lefft after the Met Mile. I believe that was Race 6. As i was walking out,there were people still coming in. So they will cut off entry to the track. They will have riots from people looking to storm the gates. · 55 minutes ago
Chief steward Barbara Borden said Wednesday that the Churchill Downs stewards intend to further scrutinize replays of the Kentucky Derby in response to questions about jockey Victor Espinoza having used his whip 32 times in urging American Pharoah to victory. Whereas some other states have rules that limit the number of times the whip can be used, “there is not a maximum number” in Kentucky, said Borden. “Obviously, overt abuse would be something that would constitute us considering action, but clearly this is a discretionary issue.” Article on DRF
  • slewcrew7778 · Was hard to believe this had gone unnoticed. Stevens held to the 1-2-3 wait/switch rule despite there being none at Churchill. · 1 hour ago
AP was the best horse on Derby day. That's not even debatable. The others will have another chance to show what they can do. I'm looking forward to it.
getting tired of his final time already,he beat the field and his time was faster then all the other horses...enough already!!
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  • DDAmasa via Disqus · That's true. I think some of the debate started because some were calling him the next Seattle Slew and The Boston Globe even went on record that some established insider called him the second coming of Secretariat. That sort of hyperbole tends to set people off. But AP ran a perfectly good race and will likely win the Preakness. We are also likely in for five more weeks of manufactured hype (Chrome got plenty of hype last year as well, although no one was calling him the next Secretariat, thankfully). · 18 hours ago
  • Montezuma1 via Disqus · Thank you. · 1 hour ago
Trainer Ron Moquett tells DRF's Marty McGee that Kentucky Derby 15th-place finisher Far Right exited the Derby in good shape and that he and owners Harry Rosenblum and Bob LaPenta would soon discuss the next course of action. Far Right returned to training Wednesday at Churchill. “They’ve got Derbies in Iowa, Ohio, and Indiana, right?” asked Moquett. “I’m guessing those kinds of races might be better for us. We’d love to get his confidence back and his earnings up.” Article on DRF
Speed horses never get any respect. When they win, they "stole" the race. When they lose "see he didn't get it his way today". Bayern will be fine, he will win his share. I would rather own a string of speed types than the "got to get a trip" horses.
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  • travel_vic · Alone on the lead, BY FAR, are the best bets in this game.....Bar none · 2 hours ago
  • travel_vic · some really early biased tracks like Fort Erie and inner Aqu you can bet the only speed with confidence tripling it to place and often the place payoffs are higher that the win mutuel · 1 hour ago
well since tapioca man wants in, you can all guess amongst you while I watch it from the 16th pole third floor seat at the NYRAs flagship track
Bob n John, Hard Spun...many others disqualified themselves at 12 furlongs JUST by watching the steadily increasing early nature of them both..Short priced colts easy to eliminate..POSITION in a horse race means zip as compared to how the individual animal distributes its energy relative to the pace of race........True this race allows some real plodders to get to the wire but 70% of them are predictable..
OK t_v, I accept your Coward's Challenge. So how does it work, we each pick 4 and announce our plays after the race???
Tale of Verve, who was the 22nd horse on the also eligible list for the Kentucky Derby but didn't make the field, will be under consideration for the Belmont stakes. Trainer Dallas Stewart tells DRF's Marty McGee that he was dismayed that Tale of Verve did not get a chance to compete as an also-eligible in the Kentucky Derby despite four horses having scratched from the race, leaving a field of 18 starters and two open gates. Stewart was well aware of rumors surrounding the well-being of El Kabeir and International Star, both of whom were declared out of the race after the 9 a.m. Eastern deadline the morning before the Derby. Tale of Verve would have carried saddle cloth No. 22 if he had been allowed to start. Article on DRF
Anyone notice that he ran the entire length of the stretch on his left lead.
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  • Vic-S · Both the 1-2 finishers ran oddly coming out of the far turn. Firing Line ran on the wrong lead and American Pharoah came 6 off the fence. I think at about an 1/8th from the wire we saw Firing Line beginning to show signs of fatigue. He was running straight but then once Pharoah got closer it looked like he wanted to lean in on him, and proceeded to give a minor bump to the eventual winner at which time Stevens knew the race was out of grasp and decided to save him for the Preakness. All 3 of the "Big 3" are live in the Preakness. · 6 hours ago
  • travel_vic · I f you ever could get a video of either Strike the Gold or Charismatic (would not change either )and the rider lifted up in the tack and then moved laterally a few times to get the colt to change. More weight on the off side gets them to shift..An often used ploy that the rider should have picked up on · 2 hours ago
Two very obvious problems beset out having a new Triple Crown winner 1) these middle distance animals are running in a series of races that harken back to the more well balanced animals of years gone by, or the type of racing in the rest of the world, and in surviving the first two legs, the ones that get to the final leg are fairly well spent 2) Fresh plodder types often come in to catch these overworked babies who actually are not that good standing on their own...Of course there are exceptions......Go and Go, AP and others Just no Stage Door Johnyès are there any longer
From what i have read so far about this horse running in the Preakness. It all sounds as though many of you believe that Todd will run him in this race,just to make sure that A.P. does not have it easy. That his sole purpose is to make sure that A.P. does not win the race. I have not heard 1 person tell me,how this horse can possibly win the race. For all we know,this may turn out to be an amazing race horse. But what makes anyone think that he can win the Preakness off of 2 basic non contentious 1 turn sprints. Pletcher like any other trainer only is concerned with the chances of their own horse. They do not get caught up in the nonsense of being the sacrificial lambs, just to insure that someone else does not win. What if for some reason ,some way out reaso. Todd decides to run in the Preakness. We find out then,that C.E. can't rate yet. He gets caught in a speed duel and finishes up the track. I am sure that the same people calling for him to run in the Preakness. They will be the first ones to start the rock throwing at Pletchers direction.
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · Competitive Edge & Stanford were always my two favorite Pletcher colts from this crop. I think CE is a very good colt. If he goes in the Preakness and finishes up the track- I won't cast stones at anyone. Just how good is CE? You won't know if you don't go. · 3 hours ago
  • Fiddler's Green Standardbred via Disqus · I wouldn't call a 1 turn mile a sprint. His last race gave an indication he could handle at least another furlong. I think he was the most impressive 3 yr old of the day on dirt (for the race he ran in). If the pace is slow again, AP may not beat him in a sprint off the turn... if the hehe hey go quick, we'll find out if CE has some stamina or not. We already know the Big 3 from the Derby do. · 2 hours ago
Me too...I am all in if he goes...for sure....I think he wins it and Velasquez and Pletcher surprise.
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  • travel_vic · Lets go head to head on the Belmont evaluation and see who understands a race that demands % medians in the high 66 range. Materiality ran in the high 68 range.... · 6 hours ago
  • https://www.facebook.com/john. · Vic, I'll go head to head with you on a Belmont Stakes day betting challenge. We'll set a fictional budget and see who wins. · 2 hours ago
Honor Code, fifth in the Grade 2 Alysheba Stakes on Friday at Churchill Downs, came out of the race in good shape and is being pointed to the Grade 1, $1.25 million Metropolitan Handicap on Belmont Stakes Day, the connections said Monday. Shug McGaughey tells DRF's David Grening that he was very disappointed Honor Code didn't run well in the Alysheba, saying that he noticed right away that he wasn't in favor of the track on Friday. McGaughey says that putting him back at a mile will be good for him and says he expects Honor Code to run big next out. Article on DRF
10 year old Be Bullish racing today at Belmont--after racing/winning 13 days ago. He drops to $12,500. Of course DJ had no intention to retire him--in fact squeezed even more money from BB before dropping him today. Good news is that there is a private group who has raised funds to claim/retire him and two notable retirement farms who want him. Run safely today BB, there's a well-earned retirement waiting for you.
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  • travel_vic · Strong constitution or this one is well cared for....We see standardbreds run at 10 11 12 all the time and win often as well...Different gait and heartier breeding must be the difference. Love the t-bred but there is no bone left in their legs. · 6 hours ago
  • yukichan · Well, Crap.... · 4 hours ago
Forte Dei Marmi, Canada’s champion male turf runner in 2013, has been retired to Old Friends in Kentucky. The 9-year-old gelding won 10 of 39 starts, for earnings over just over $1 million, mostly for trainer Roger Attfield. “I’m really delighted,” Attfield said. “He’ll have a nice home there. A lot of his friends can go and see him, too.” According to DRF
  • travel_vic · Atfield is old school, taking a direct hand in keeping his charges running well past the time their contemporaries had to retire · 4 hours ago
  • Mike in SB · Old Friends seems to be getting a lot of top geldings lately, which I think is great. I will be back in Lexington for the Breeders Cup and am looking forward to seeing all the new horses, especially Silver Charm and Game on Dude, but I am a big fan of this horse also. All racing fans should support Old Friends and if in the Lexington area, should stop by to see some of the best horses that have run in the US. · 4 hours ago
I hope for you Firing Line/AP bettors that this is the case. If Pletcher sends either Materiality or Comp Edge into the Preakness Field then you will have a long race.....Materiality was at least 7 lengths compromised and Competitive Edge will change the whole complexion of the race.
  • Pebbles via Disqus · Well, as much as I like Competitive Edge and appreciate his BSF in the Pat Day MIle when the track was still actually a fast track before it dried out for the Derby, he has yet to beat anyone of consequence. Granted Pain and Misery was stakes placed to Firing Line in third in the Sunland Derby, but what was that 15 lengths? He was on my early Derby list, but unlike many of the other entrants who will have gone 9 furlongs against G1 company, he just has not done it yet. I know he is a talented horse and I like his breeding, and I believe that he could be a factor in the summer racing, but not yet. I see a horse like Materiality or Carpe Diem as being much more of a threat. · 4 hours ago