• Spanish Queen impressive in her Honeymoon victory.Posted 2 days ago
  • Loki's Vengeance scores in the Affirmed Success.Posted 2 days ago
  • Private Zone takes the Churchill Downs Stakes, Bayern last.Posted 3 days ago
  • Tonalist returns a solid winner in the Westchester.Posted 3 days ago
  • Dame Dorothy edges Judy The Beauty in the Humana Distaff.Posted 3 days ago
  • Divisidero gobbles them up late to win the American Turf.Posted 3 days ago
  • Competitive Edge remains perfect with a romping win in the Pat Day Mile.Posted 3 days ago
  • International Star has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby.Posted 3 days ago
  • Lovely Maria and Boo Boo Clark strike to victory in the Kentucky Oaks for Jones & Jones.Posted 4 days ago
  • El Kabeir has been scratched out of the Kentucky Derby.Posted 4 days ago

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Todd Pletcher tells DRF'S David Grening that Stanford is not being entered in Saturday's G2 Peter Pan "but that doesn't mean he's running in the Preakness" Pletcher said. Pletcher says he's 50/50 for the Preakness but it will depend on how he trains. According to DRF
10 year old Be Bullish racing today at Belmont--after racing/winning 13 days ago. He drops to $12,500. Of course DJ had no intention to retire him--in fact squeezed even more money from BB before dropping him today. Good news is that there is a private group who has raised funds to claim/retire him and two notable retirement farms who want him. Run safely today BB, there's a well-earned retirement waiting for you.
  • DDAmasa via Disqus · Bless these groups who help these aging horses and the retirement farms who take them in. · 42 minutes ago
  • travel_vic · Strong constitution or this one is well cared for....We see standardbreds run at 10 11 12 all the time and win often as well...Different gait and heartier breeding must be the difference. Love the t-bred but there is no bone left in their legs. · 35 minutes ago
Anyone notice that he ran the entire length of the stretch on his left lead.
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  • sully · yes and also think that's why he tired so much at the end. would it have made a difference? we will never know · 2 days ago
  • Vic-S · Both the 1-2 finishers ran oddly coming out of the far turn. Firing Line ran on the wrong lead and American Pharoah came 6 off the fence. I think at about an 1/8th from the wire we saw Firing Line beginning to show signs of fatigue. He was running straight but then once Pharoah got closer it looked like he wanted to lean in on him, and proceeded to give a minor bump to the eventual winner at which time Stevens knew the race was out of grasp and decided to save him for the Preakness. All 3 of the "Big 3" are live in the Preakness. · 40 minutes ago
Me too...I am all in if he goes...for sure....I think he wins it and Velasquez and Pletcher surprise.
  • travel_vic · All In ...from your comments you may well have had trouble betting a walkover · 53 minutes ago
  • travel_vic · Lets go head to head on the Belmont evaluation and see who understands a race that demands % medians in the high 66 range. Materiality ran in the high 68 range.... · 44 minutes ago
11 works since January....I would be leery of betting my money on him. He can win as far as I can throw a baseball, or he could be staler than the discounted bread at Walmart. Weird what's gone on with this horse.
NO ONE can tell anything about a race that has not even been drawn yet. Until the match ups are investigated this is all wild assertion.
Listen..Frosted has a chance to place or show at Belmont. He will not beat Materiality if Materiality is in the race. Better horse who was compromised in Derby. You people who just look at the close and don't see other things will be the ones who lose. Frosted will be bet more then Materiality in the Belmont. Good Luck with that. The other thing is Firing Line isn't winning this race if Competitive Edge is entered. And Competitive Edge has a great chance to wire this field. He has never set an uncontested first quarter and I could see both Dortmund and Firing Line taking back. The Lip has Spoken.
  • Kirk via Disqus · Excuse your stupid ranting Lawrence, Keen Ice close way better than Materiality in the Derby if you watch it over a million times but you rant about materiality? Keen Ice was steady and stop many times and Materiality still couldn't get two lengths on him. Stop being biased for Todd Pletcher flop horses. · 1 hour ago
I laugh at your comment Trader Vic...only sustained animals...and this is not one of them by a long shot....so foolish!!! Watch the race Trader Vic...Over and Over....Closed after all that. You should be ashamed of your comments. You are talking about a horse who has had 4 races....who will get Velasquez again which I think is a plus.....he can stalk and close....This is a real good horse that has a definite chance of beating American Pharoah. My Pick will be Competitive Edge or Materiality. Whichever one runs. A sustained animal...this horse is bred Trader Vic and has never not closed in any race including the 1 1/4 Derby from the worst post imaginable....in between 2 horses with speed who had to get out and he didn't...You will eat your words Trader Vic!
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  • travel_vic · Materiality presented the CLASSIC distance limited form and many saw it GOING INTO the race, and that was what he turned out to be an also ran. Run the race again and he did not have the ability to cut it at 10f · 1 hour ago
  • travel_vic · Breeding means NOTHING once the ability and and style of the INDIVIDUAL has been established..that reasoning is ridiculous · 1 hour ago
If you don't think Materiality has any chance of winning if he goes, you aren't much of a handicapper and you only see the obvious. Watch the replay again!
  • travel_vic · your comments are laughable and screams of overt rookieness. One PROJECTS into a race, they do not reconstruct the results and go through this revisionist crap. · 1 hour ago
I don't think the issues in Blatimore will affect the Preakness.. As long as orgnized agaitators keep their distance the race will be fine. These protests are organized and funded by people with agendas. It's all very political in nature and not as organic as people are led to believe. Having said that back to racing. Had a blast at the Derby. Loved both Dortmund and Firing Line but of the 2 Firing Line has the best shot at beating Pharoah in my opinion. The complaints about Espinoza are many yet he won. I'm more wondering why Garcia tried to lead the entire race. He had the rail. Was it jockey error or is the horse not what we thought it was? I hit the supa, exacta and I also bet Firing Line WPS. Needless to say I earned a trip to the IRS window to collect. Handicapping the supa was easy because I was pretty damn sure Dortmund and AP would be in it. Firing LIne drawing the 10 and being rested made me comfortable with him too so it came down to the fourth horse and I used Carpe Diem, Materiality, Mubtaahij and Frosted. You experts in here might say a novice like me got lucky but it works for me. Will be at Pimlico in the morning to get my tickets. Going there personally. That's how concerned I am about any trouble.
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  • Wildcatter via Disqus · Well a tourist from Toronto, Canada was just gunned down by a thug here in Louisville on Derby night. Yes the patrons might be safe at the track but what about outside the track, let's say traveling from and to your hotel, like the victim from Toronto? And by the way it was a black on white attack. Just thought I'd throw that out there considering all we seem to hear from our media is how blacks are being preyed upon by law enforcement and the evil white man. · 8 hours ago
  • travel_vic · There is a possibility, though an outside one, that this race might have to shift to Laurel. about the other.....I have been to Churchill and KNOW the neighborhood very well. Bad part of town and I would not go there at night...and those areas are just about always the product of one thing: POVERTY. · 1 hour ago
Heard that she has been confirmed in foal to Galileo, January 2016 foal. Very exciting!
To all the faithful of this horse. You can hope and want him to run in the Belmont, but it will be for naught unless they make the change. That change will be to add the BIG L (Lasix). There is no way that this horse will be able to compete without it.
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  • Mary Z. · New non-comedy routine called, "Who Goes First?" Answer from the trainers is in general, "Not me." · 10 hours ago
  • Viper4 via Disqus · Three questions: What year did you take out you trainer's licence? How many horses have you trained and how many grade 1 races have you won in your career. Actually, there's fourth: are you just a handicapper who has betting on horses confused with training them? · 6 hours ago
Harvey is running friday the 9 the at Curchhill race 8th.
  • Mary Z. · If I'm right and Friday is the 8th, I will not have to re-do all of my appointments. · 8 hours ago
Lot's of folks seem to be hung up on Pharoah's ground loss. What's funny about the one-sided 'wide trip' argument is that no one is considering Firing Line's ground loss. Yes, if you move Pharoah in 2 paths to FL's path, you come up with an easy 3 1/2 - 4 length score for Pharoah. But what happens when you ALSO move Firing Line in 2 paths. When the "what-if's" are applied equally, nothing changes. Pharoah may have been the best horse on Saturday, but not by much. He better be ready for another fight in 2 weeks, especially if FL decides to run on his right lead. Stevens figured out how to beat Dortmund, and won't make the same mistake again in the Preakness.
Beholder worked 4f today, May 5th, at Santa Anita in 51. The slowest of 27 workouts at the distance, she was stretching her legs before the Vanity Handicap on Saturday, May 9th.
Foolish!!! Materiality wasn't on my ticket only because of his post. Pharoah and Frosted had 2 of the best 4 posts in the race. Frosted ran a non-threatening 4th with a clean trip from his preferable post. He could close in the Belmont, but I would pick Materiality over him any day of the week. The odds will be better and I believe Materiality is just a better horse.
He could definitely win the Belmont and I would pick him over Frosted any day of the week.
Anyone willing to calculate the standings?
  • Plosives · I actually did have all of the standings about a month ago (Way later than I initially meant to), believe it or not. But do to my stupidity I failed to save it and lost all of the information. Due to the amount of time it took, and my anger level of loosing it all, I have not re-started. I will get it done. Kaitlin was pretty far ahead with AP's win in the Rebel. I imagine that has only about tripled with his win in the Derby, because most others listed have still not competed, or competed in a level that could contend. · 10 hours ago
American Pharoah is a great horse, but great horses get beat all the time. If its Dortmund, Firing LIne, and AP you are all okay and stand with the public choice and your favorites will get home. It's a no bet for me and wait for the Belmont where Materiality will be fresh and ready to win or place.
I hope for you Firing Line/AP bettors that this is the case. If Pletcher sends either Materiality or Comp Edge into the Preakness Field then you will have a long race.....Materiality was at least 7 lengths compromised and Competitive Edge will change the whole complexion of the race.