• Startup Nation steamrolls his foes in the With Anticipation! Posted 2 days ago
  • Partisan Politics breaks her maiden in style in the P.G. Johnson! Posted 3 days ago
  • Free as a Bird finds room and gets there in the Smart and Fancy! Posted 4 days ago
  • Goldencents runs them off their feet with a track record  in the Pat O' Brien!Posted 5 days ago
  • Tom's Tribute mows them down in the Del Mar Mile! Posted 5 days ago
  • V.E. Day nips his barn mate Wicked Strong on the Travers wire! Posted 6 days ago
  • Artemis Agrotera romps in the Ballerina! Posted 6 days ago
  • Abaco gets up in the Ballston Spa!Posted 7 days ago
  • Saturday, August 23 Del Mar Pick 6 Carryover - $106,668Posted 7 days ago
  • Close Hatches runs away with the Personal Ensign! Posted 7 days ago

Class 1 Handicap

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Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video07/06/14Sha111 mileT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Wonderful MomentsRewarding HeroTravel Brother1:33.98
View DetailsView Video06/05/14Hap61 1/8 mT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Rainbow ChicSunny YingSame World 1:48.80
View DetailsView Video05/17/14Sha81 mileT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Rewarding HeroSecret ShamPacking Whiz1:34.83
View DetailsView Video04/16/14Hap71 1/16 mT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Secret ShamLucky Double EightBeauty Flame1:39.22
View DetailsView Video02/02/14Sha97 fT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Super LifelineDundonnellDestined For Glory1:22.51
View DetailsView Video12/08/13Sha27 fT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Flagship ShineWinning LeaderSea Dragon1:20.92
View DetailsView Video10/12/13Sha91 mileT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Blazing SpeedMizaniWillie Cazals1:34.29
View DetailsView Video07/07/13Sha91 mileT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Designs On RomeRainbow ChicZaidan1:36.30
View DetailsView Video06/05/13Hap71 1/8 mT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Rainbow ChicPure ChampionOutdoor Pegasus 1:49.05
View DetailsView Video04/14/13Hap101 1/16 mT03+ MClass 1 Handicap MizaniOutdoor Pegasus Chater Way1:40.52
View DetailsView Video03/24/13Sha87 fT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Gurus Dream Rich TapestryHappy Era1:21.72
View DetailsView Video02/27/13Hap61 1/16 mT03+ MClass 1 Handicap AomenBeauty FlashRainbow Chic1:41.64
View DetailsView Video02/27/13Hap56 fT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Charles The GreatWindicator StarGood Words1:09.30
View DetailsView Video01/27/13Sha67 fT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Rich TapestryLet Me Handle ItFat Choy Oohlala1:21.47
View DetailsView Video09/16/12Sha77 fT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Chater WayFulfil A WishBeauty Flash1:21.77
View DetailsView Video07/15/12Sha111 mileT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Dan Excel FamilistsSupreme Win1:35.10
View DetailsView Video06/06/12Hap71 1/8 mT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Happy GuysPure ChampionMilitary Attack1:48.98
View DetailsView Video04/18/12Hap51 3/8 m T03+ MClass 1 Handicap LiberatorCarthageOsvaldo2:15.44
View DetailsView Video10/01/11Sha61 mileT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Turf ExpressSmart GiantHelene Witty1:35.57
View DetailsView Video09/18/11Sha77 fT03+ MClass 1 Handicap Supreme WinFat Choy OohlalaNational Treasure1:22.11
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