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Juddmonte International

Former Name(s):
2008 - 2008:   International held at Newmarket (July)
1989 - 0:   Juddmonte International
1986 - 1988:   Matchmaker International
1972 - 1985:   Benson and Hedges Gold Cup
Juddmonte: Group 1, 3yo and up, 1 mile, 2 furlongs and 88 yards (2,092 metres), turf
Stake Associated with:

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  • View Race Details 8/17/2016
  • 2016 Juddmonte International (G1)
  • 1 5/16 m, Turf; 3+ M
Posted By
MindingA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
AlmodovarD. LaniganPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Cannock ChaseS. StoutePossible ILuvTurfRacing
Arab SpringS. StoutePossible ILuvTurfRacing
Cougar MountainA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
DariyanA. Royer-DuprePossible ILuvTurfRacing
Eagle TopJ. GosdenPossible ILuvTurfRacing
ExosphereS. StoutePossible ILuvTurfRacing
Fascinating RockD. WeldPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Highland ReelA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
IntilaaqR. VarianPossible ILuvTurfRacing
King BoleteR. VarianPossible ILuvTurfRacing
MutakayyefW. HaggasPossible ILuvTurfRacing
My Dream BoatC. CoxPossible ILuvTurfRacing
PostponedR. VarianPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Richard PankhurstJ. GosdenPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Sir Isaac NewtonA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
The Grey GatsbyK. RyanPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Time TestR. CharltonPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Western HymnJ. GosdenPossible ILuvTurfRacing
TrysterC. ApplebyPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Arabian QueenD. ElsworthPossible ILuvTurfRacing
FoundA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
AlmanzorJ. RougetPossible ILuvTurfRacing
DeauvilleA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
HarzandD. WeldPossible ILuvTurfRacing
GershwinD. LaniganPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Hit It A BombA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
IdahoA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Long Island SoundA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
MassaatO. BurrowsPossible ILuvTurfRacing
The GurkhaA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Moonlight MagicJ. BolgerPossible ILuvTurfRacing
US Army RangerA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Wings Of DesireJ. GosdenPossible ILuvTurfRacing
ZonderlandC. CoxPossible ILuvTurfRacing

Race Results & Past Performances

View Details08/17/16Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1   0:00.00
View DetailsView Video08/19/15Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Arabian QueenGolden HornThe Grey Gatsby2:09.92
View DetailsView Video08/20/14Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1AustraliaThe Grey GatsbyTelescope2:07.35
View DetailsView Video08/21/13Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Declaration Of WarTrading LeatherAl Kazeem2:05.74
View DetailsView Video08/22/12Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1FrankelFarhhSt Nicholas Abbey2:06.59
View DetailsView Video08/17/11Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Twice OverMiddayAwait The Dawn2:14.70
View DetailsView Video08/17/10Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Rip Van WinkleTwice OverByword2:08.58
View DetailsView Video08/18/09Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Sea The StarsMastercraftsmanCornish2:05.29
View Details08/23/08NewJ61 1/4 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Duke of MarmaladePhoenix TowerNew Approach2:01.53
View Details08/21/07Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1AuthorizedDylan ThomasNotnowcato2:11.82
View Details08/22/06Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1NotnowcatoMaraahelBlue Monday2:12.32
View Details08/16/05Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1ElectrocutionistZenno Rob RoyMaraahel2:07.47
View Details08/17/04Yor41 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1SulamaniNorse DancerBago2:11.82
View DetailsView Video08/19/03Yor31 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1FalbravMagistrettiNayef2:06.84
View DetailsView Video08/20/02Yor31 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1NayefGolanNoverre2:08.74
View DetailsView Video08/21/01Yor31 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1SakheeGrandera Medicean2:08.27
View DetailsView Video08/22/00Yor11 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Giant's CausewayKalanisiLear Spear2:09.30
View DetailsView Video08/17/99Yor31 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1Royal AnthemGreek DanceChester House2:06.91
View DetailsView Video08/18/98Yor31 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1One So WonderfulFaithful SonChester House2:06.46
View DetailsView Video08/19/97Yor31 5/16 mT03+ MJuddmonte International-G1SingspielDesert KingBenny The Dip2:12.10
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Older Comments about the Juddmonte International...

Trading Leather ran a very very good 2nd.
Leading up to this years Juddmonte International, Youtuber espmadrid (https://www.youtube.com/user/espmadrid/videos) has added replays for the International Stakes from 1986-2003
With The Juddmonte coming up this month, here is the 99 edition featuring the impressive winner Royal anthem with Gary Stevens up.
TimSmith - STICK TO BREEDING PIGEONS OR PIGS - if you cannot look at the horse's previous runs, even from 7000 miles away on youtube, and NOT see the horse winning pulling up over 8f and see that it has more in the tank and cruises so high speed he'd need to be up against a B52 to get beat then you need to stop offering opinions as a pseudo expert.
Ok I know everyone across the sea loves Frankel but please lets stop calling this horse the greatest of all time! Lets look at his upcoming race this Tuesday the Juddmonte International-G1 Once again a very soft and handpicked field of horses. Lets take a better look at them 1. Bullet Train “Is 0-4 against Frankel” 2. Robin Hood “was 10th and 11th in his last two races” 3. Farhh “ 0-1 against Frankel and 0-3 in 2012” 4. Planteur “ Last victory came on 4/30/2011” 5. St. Nicholus Abby “ is 1 for 4 in 2012” 6. Sri Putra “ 6 yr Old who won 2 of 5 in 2012 in lower stakes races” 7. Twice Over “ 7 yr Old whos last win was in 2011” 8. Winsor Place “ 7 Yrs Old who has 1 win in last 7 races” Im sorry but this is the best you can find to put against Frankel? Ive seen better competition in Allowance races at Santa Anita, Keep on protecting him because you are not fooling the real race fans in the USA…
SILLY BILLY, cocoa2 !!!!! "This will be tough. Not only is he going farther than before but he is also facing a monster in St. Nicholas Abbey. It'll be a lot, watch for a late scratch." FROM SEVEN THOUSAND MILES AWAY, NEVER HAVING SEEN THE HORSE IN THE FLESH YOU OFFER SUCH AN OPINION... BASED ON WHAT??? What you have read? What you THINK you know about Euro racing? THOSE OF US who have felt the horse's breath at the races, have seen it destroy the best in Europe without coming off the bridle, who watch and think and believe rather than READ and then spout @@s KNEW what the horse was capable of. SNA???? Is a danger WHY??? Because he won the BC turf??? He is a STONE below Frankel!! AOB used TWO pacemakers today and STILL could not even get him off the bridle - the faster they go the further he wins. He raced today for HALF a furlong, the rest was CANTERING - time to get the petition going to keep him in training as he is STILL 7-10 better than anything he's shown yet. After the race Cecil ran his hand down the horse's back and showed the Prince - "Look, not even sweating!!!!"
This race seems much much more interesting then anyone thought going in to it! Frankel, Nathaniel, St. Nicholas Abby, and Twice Over. I am a huge fan of Frankel and I think if he beats this field at a 1 and 5/16th he will of stamped his mark as one of the greatest race horses ever! Go Frankel Go!
yeah I found like two horse that are coming off a win, once again Frankel faces a bunch of hand picked horses
Await the Dawn, Midday, and Twice Over headline this morning's Juddmonte International.