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Relive another great week of racing as seen through the eyes of Zipse at the Track.Read More
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  • Sullivan · I had Bingo in his victory and soon after said he was a one hit wonder. Last night I went on coalescing and checked this horse out. He has talent. Sheriffs will just have to hope that Blueskiesnrainbows and Mucho Macho Man both go out there. Originally, Yerry said that Blue skies would miss the big cap. Now he is entering him on a speed favoring track after a hard race he is sure to be fit from and he looks like the lone speed.... I think I'm playing Blueskies to win, assuming he is entered. · 43 days ago ·
  • marylandgq · I think it was appropriate that a great claim (Ribo Bobo) won a race named for another great claim (Caixa Eletronica). · 43 days ago ·
Patience is a virtue, so they say, yet after twenty-five years of waiting, even the calmest of successful athletes would begin to long for that ultimate success amongst their elite rivals. Having been crowned Champion Jockey for the first time last season, all that was missing from Richard Hughes' r...Read More
The trials and tribulations of the Mahmood Al Zarooni case have ended with the disqualification of the Godolphin trainer for a period of eight years for doping offences.Read More
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  • nayrod64 · Can you imagine that happening here, racing and sales would come to a complete halt! · 355 days ago ·
  • annmatt · It must be very difficult to have suffered such enormous betrayal at the hands of those he trusted the most. Hopefully, Sheikh Mo will stay the course and do what is necessary to return his stable to prominence. My thought is, if any good comes from this tragedy, it could be that Godolphin will lead the charge to ensure this never happens again, and by example, his yard will be the cleanest in the sport. I think he is an honorable man and that he will step up to this challenge. · 353 days ago ·
As part of routine random tests of horses in training, a series of 45 horses were examined at Mahmood Al Zarooni's Moulton Paddocks Stables. Of the 45 tested, 11 tested positive for the prohibited substances of ethylestranol and stanozolol, most commonly known as anabolic steroids. Read More
With the performance of Toronado still fresh in the memory, Richard Hannon unleashed two further exciting stable stars into the Classic division, as Olympic Glory and Maureen powered to victory in their respective Guineas trials on Saturday.Read More
Six months after the fanfare departure of Frankel, Sir Henry Cecil looks to have found a new exciting prospect to enjoy further summer successes with in the shape of three year old filly, Hot Snap, who stormed to victory in the Group 3 Nell Gwyn Stakes at Newmarket.Read More
  • BrianZipse · Midday was an excellent mare, happy to see her little sister doing well to begin her career. · 26 seconds ago · 362 days ago ·
  • On The Gallop's · Nice race. Good to see Sir Henry get another good one. · 362 days ago ·

Stakes Tracker - Probables

  • View Race Details 5/4/2014
  • 2014 English 1000 Guineas (G1)
  • 1 mile, Turf; 3 F
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Adeste FidelesA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Al ThakhiraM. BottiPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Along AgainS. StoutePossible ILuvTurfRacing
AlutiqE. Johnson HoughtonPossible ILuvTurfRacing
BalansiyaD. WeldPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Amazing MariaE. DunlopPossible ILuvTurfRacing
BlockadeJ. TatePossible ILuvTurfRacing
BraceletA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Bye Bye BirdieA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Cape FactorR. GuestPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Dorothy BJ. GosdenPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Dutch CourageR. FaheyPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Flying JibD. WeldPossible ILuvTurfRacing
IhtimalS. SuroorPossible ILuvTurfRacing
IndonesienneC. FerlandPossible ILuvTurfRacing
J WonderB. MeehanPossible ILuvTurfRacing
JoyeuseL. CecilPossible ILuvTurfRacing
KiyoshiC. HillsPossible ILuvTurfRacing
La HoguetteJ. RougetPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Lady HeidiP. KirbyPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Lady LaraA. JarvisPossible ILuvTurfRacing
LamarJ. TatePossible ILuvTurfRacing
Lesstalk In ParisJ. RougetPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Lightning ThunderO. StevensPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Lucky KristaleG. MargarsonPossible ILuvTurfRacing
MajeydaC. ApplebyPossible ILuvTurfRacing
ManderleyR. Hannon Jr.Possible ILuvTurfRacing
Marbre RoseF. HeadPossible ILuvTurfRacing
MarvellousA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Midnite AngelR. Hannon Jr.Possible ILuvTurfRacing
Miss FranceA. FabrePossible ILuvTurfRacing
My TitaniaJ. OxxPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Princess NoorR. VarianPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Queen CatrineC. HillsPossible ILuvTurfRacing
RadiatorS. StoutePossible ILuvTurfRacing
RizeenaC. BrittainPossible ILuvTurfRacing
RoyalmaniaF. HeadPossible ILuvTurfRacing
SandivaR. FaheyPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Sound ReflectionC. ApplebyPossible ILuvTurfRacing
SparrowA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
TapestryA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
TerrificA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
ValladoE. LynamPossible ILuvTurfRacing
ValoniaH. CandyPossible ILuvTurfRacing
VordaP. SogorbPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Wind FireD. BrownPossible ILuvTurfRacing
WonderfullyA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing

Race Results & Past Performances

View Details05/04/14New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1   0:00.00
View DetailsView Video05/05/13New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Sky LanternJust The JudgeMoth1:36.38
View DetailsView Video05/06/12New31 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Homecoming QueenStarscopeMaybe1:40.45
View DetailsView Video05/01/11New31 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Blue BuntingTogetherMaqaasid1:39.27
View DetailsView Video05/02/10New31 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Special DutyJacqueline QuestGile Na Greine1:39.66
View Details05/03/09New31 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1GhanaatiCuis GhaireSuper Sleuth1:34.22
View Details05/04/08New31 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1NatagoraSpaciousSaoirse Abu1:38.99
View Details05/06/07New31 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Finsceal BeoArch SwingSimply Perfect1:34.94
View Details05/07/06New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1SpeciosaConfidential LadyNasheej 1:40.53
View Details05/01/05New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Virginia WatersMaids CausewayVista Bella1:36.52
View Details05/02/04New31 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1AttractionSundropHathrah1:36.78
View DetailsView Video05/04/03New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Russian Rhythm Six PerfectionsIntercontinental1:38.43
View DetailsView Video05/05/02New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1KazziaSnowfireAlasha 1:37.85
View DetailsView Video05/06/01New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1AmeeratMuwaklehToroca1:38.36
View DetailsView Video05/07/00New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1LahanPrincess EllenPetrushka1:36.38
View DetailsView Video05/02/99NewJ41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1WinceWannabe GrandValentine Waltz1:37.91
View DetailsView Video05/03/98New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Cape VerdiShahtoushExclusive1:37.86
View DetailsView Video05/04/97New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1SleepytimeOh NellieDazzle1:37.66
View DetailsView Video05/05/96New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1Bosra ShamMatiyaBint Shadayid1:37.75
View DetailsView Video05/07/95New41 mileT03 FEnglish 1000 Guineas-G1HarayirAqaaridMoonshell1:36.72
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