• Illuminant stalks and pounces to win the Grade 1 Gamely at Santa Anita.Posted 8 hours ago
  • Cyrus Alexander puts away Shotgun Kowboy to win the Lone Star Handicap.Posted 8 hours ago
  • Tapitation rolls late to score in the Kingston Stakes.Posted 11 hours ago
  • Bust Another runs away with Belmont's Mike Lee at odds of 19-1.Posted 12 hours ago
  • Weekend Hideaway rolls home an easy winner of the Commentator Stakes.Posted 13 hours ago
  • There's no catching Si Sage in the Grade 2 Charles Whittingham Stakes at Santa Anita.Posted 1 day ago
  • Lexie Lou returns to her winning ways in today's Grade 2 Nassau Stakes.Posted 1 day ago
  • Enola Gray takes the Melair gate to wire.Posted 2 days ago
  • Surgical Strike charges on the outside to win the Arlington Classic (G3).Posted 2 days ago
  • Diva Express and I'm a Looker make a dead heat run in the Winning Colors (G3).Posted 2 days ago

Breeders Cup Classic

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  • View Race Details 11/5/2016
  • 2016 Breeders Cup Classic (G1)
  • 1 1/4 m, Dirt; 3+ M
Posted By
DortmundB. BaffertPossible ILuvTurfRacing
MubtaahijM. De KockPossible ILuvTurfRacing
Hit It A BombA. O'BrienPossible ILuvTurfRacing
MshawishT. PletcherPossible ILuvTurfRacing
NyquistD. O'NeillPossible Floridaf
Firing LineS. CallaghanPossible Floridaf
BeholderR. MandellaPossible Floridaf
California ChromeA. ShermanPossible Floridaf

Race Results & Past Performances

View Details11/05/16SA121 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1   0:00.00
View DetailsView Video10/31/15Kee111 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1American PharoahEffinexHonor Code0:00.00
View DetailsView Video11/01/14SA121 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1BayernToast Of New YorkCalifornia Chrome1:59.88
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA121 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Mucho Macho ManWill Take ChargeDeclaration Of War2:00.72
View DetailsView Video11/03/12SA121 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Fort LarnedMucho Macho ManFlat Out2:00.11
View DetailsView Video11/05/11CD111 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1DrosselmeyerGame On DudeRuler On Ice2:04.27
View DetailsView Video11/06/10CD111 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1BlameZenyattaFly Down2:02.28
View DetailsView Video11/07/09SA91 1/4 mS03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1ZenyattaGio PontiTwice Over2:00.62
View DetailsView Video10/25/08SA91 1/4 mS03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Raven's PassHenrythenavigatorTiago1:59.27
View DetailsView Video10/27/07Mth111 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1CurlinHard SpunAwesome Gem2:00.59
View DetailsView Video11/04/06CD101 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1InvasorBernardiniPremium Tap2:02.18
View DetailsView Video10/29/05Bel101 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Saint LiamFlower AlleyPerfect Drift2:01.49
View DetailsView Video10/30/04LS91 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1GhostzapperRoses in MayPleasantly Perfect1:59.02
View DetailsView Video10/25/03SA91 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Pleasantly PerfectMedaglia d'OroDynever1:59.88
View DetailsView Video10/26/02AP101 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1VolponiMedaglia d'OroMilwaukee Brew2:01.39
View DetailsView Video10/27/01Bel101 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders Cup Classic-G1TiznowSakheeAlbert The Great2:00.62
View DetailsView Video11/04/00CD101 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1TiznowGiant's CausewayCaptain Steve2:00.75
View DetailsView Video11/09/99GP101 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Cat ThiefBudroyaleGolden Missile1:59.52
View DetailsView Video11/07/98CD101 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Awesome AgainSilver CharmSwain2:02.00
View DetailsView Video11/08/97HP81 1/4 mD03 MBreeders Cup Classic-G1Skip AwayDeputy CommanderDowty1:59.00
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Older Comments about the Breeders Cup Classic...

What was the deepest BC Classic field ever?
Can you all imagine what the Breeder's Cup Classic might be like this year? We possibly will have Will Take Charge, Mucho Macho Man, California Chrome, Game On Dude, and possibly even Beholder or the Princess of Sylmar. The depth of this field could be one for the books...
I am sure this has been touched on, maybe not specifically, but it is a joke that there are so few races in the HCP division at 1 1/4 or at that distance in general, yet it is considered the "classic distance". I think the "classic distance" in America nowadays and the distance that most horses are suited and at their best would be 1 1/8. I don't think the "world championship race" should be run at a distance some horses are a throw out in just because they can't get the distance. I am a traditionalist and also believe strongly in the 1 1/4 journey, ideally thats where I'de like it to stay, but I think the 1 1/8 would be more competitive and provide an oppertunity to see today's horses at their best , not an elimination and watered down version of horses that can handle the distance. So many big time races, ie all the triple crown preps, Jim Dandy, Haskell, Whitney, Stephen Foster, Woodward, Strub, Awesome Again, San Antonio,Suburban, Charles Town Classic etc are all 1 1/8. I think we should either start increasing the distance of the "premiere" races in America and start focusing on stamina in the breed, or start realizing that the breed has such speed influence and start adapting our "biggest "days to our strengths
  • Show All 26 Comments
  • LAZMANNICK · John Karcz I'm not sure how long you've been posting on here but I'm glad you're aboard. I look forward to exchanges in the future. Have a good one. · 766 days ago
  • travel_vic · the idea of ANYTHING being called WORLD championsips that aren't are just laugable. · 766 days ago
Now that we're at the end of the year, what were your top five favorite races of 2013? Mine are the Gulf Stream park turf handicap, the Kentucky oaks, the classic, the Brooklyn handicap, and the Dubai World Cup.
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  • travel_vic · remember that one at Belmon that the "brain" told me about and did not wager on it?? · 888 days ago
  • Mary Z. · Had to be Can't Catch Me Now or Ah Gaga. · 888 days ago
Here is a my top four contenders for the BCC: Fort Larned, Flat Out, Mucho Macho Man, Paynter. BTW..I don't know what to make of Declaration of War.
Mike Smith will be back aboard GOD for the BC Classic.
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  • LAZMANNICK · Icy, it all depends on how you bet. I disagree with Ainslie, but then who am I to argue if he has stats to back up his statement. Place or show betting can be very lucrative if you are willing to limit your bets as well as bet big money. For example $100 show bet on a $3.00 show price nets you a fifty dollar profit. For a horse to pay $3.00 to show usually means that the horse is one of the favorites and its chances of making the top three is greater than betting longer priced horses. The potential to cash is much greater for show than it is for win and the profits can be more than sufficient. I also don’t see the logic of betting three horses to win in a race (unless you manage to get one of them to win just about every race). And I would never kiss my sister. She would probably have me arrested. · 971 days ago
  • tmallios1 · Laz,again i state.You are one sick puppy(lol) Always wake up to the morning chuckle along with my cup of Joe.Seriously though, what it comes down to is the mentality in which some approach betting. What are they looking for.Is it the profit or the kill. Personally,i am stuck somewhere in the middle of that island.But bottom line,your theory makes alot of sense in getting a substantial return on ones bet.The amount is ralative to ones bankroll.I have always said,when betting,treat it as though you are a buisiness.Depend on a steady flow od cash flow to fuel you. If one has to constantly dig into their till, the results can be dangerous. · 970 days ago
As of now..I'll be taking a long look at Paynter..the "other" Baffert BC hopeful
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  • Jay S. · Ok, let me try. Guh, Guh, Guh! Sorry. Can't do it. Will Take Charge rolls-out no problem, though. :) · 971 days ago
  • amino998 · E-X-A-C-T-A · 971 days ago
nunca visteis un 3 años ganar la classic... descargo kilos y gano..."oxbow".distancia perfecta..momento perfecto..un potro desarrollado fisicamente y cada vez mas experto... no es imposible.. "lo que la nacion opina e interesa"
nunca visteis un 3 años ganar la classic... descargo kilos y gano..."oxbow".distancia perfecta..momento perfecto..un potro desarrollado fisicamente y cada vez mas experto... no es imposible.. "lo que la nacion opina e interesa"
I really don't enjoy watching dirt racing at Santa Anita anymore. It is not fun to watch pace goons win every time, it not even a true race. Sure, speed should win sometimes, but every race is ridic.
GOD,RD,BODE,U.R,Paynter,DAN,MMM,THAS,ALTERNATION,RON TG,THAS, CC, DULLAHAN, STAYTHRSTY. WOW thats gonna be epic... Maybe 1 from europe !! How can you handicap that?
Strange that only 7 1/2 lengths seperated the enitre field of 12 for this race. Were the horses that evenly matched or was the surface extra quirky?
  • Horseracingirl · I think all of the races would have played out differently had the track been different. · 1667 days ago
  • winwinwin · I was standing at the finish line and I swear I saw Mike flip a finger at Chantal as he drove past her. Love hurts ! · 1667 days ago
Drosselmeyer has won the Breeders Cup Classic, Game on Dude Second. Ruler on Ice Third.
Almost time!
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  • ugozenyatta · I wanted mike, chantall, and havre de grace, but also flat out that is such a heart toching story · 1668 days ago
  • amfuller · I know there were so many that I wanted to win just for the connections. · 1668 days ago
I can't see Uncle Mo being the early favorite. I think its a mistake to jump him up to this older class & distance in the first place. Probably the owners ego.
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  • MichaelPavelick · Beyers Derby selections BEFORE Animal Kingdom was entered in the race. The guy is brilliant. 1. Shackleford 2. Archarcharch 3. Nehro · 1670 days ago
  • travel_vic · In the Derby there were two etrants with NO form on dirt and they were simply best guesses: the Euro shipper and Animal Kingdom...A LUCKY GUESS · 1670 days ago
Tomorrow Friday October 28th, horseracingstation.wordpress.com will post the #2 Breeders Cup Classic. Check It Out
I just want so you think to win it to prove his greatness and look at galileo with a smug. The only horse who raced more than what he did within 13 days in 2010 was the great pharlap. SYT is a steel horse. No other horse come close.
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  • RamonDimas · MO is not going to win the CLASSIC!! · 1680 days ago
  • icyhotboo · Barring major adversity he won't lose. I don't need to look at a form to bet this for the win money anyway not after what I've seen visually along with the times and internal fractions. This is no ordinary horse! · 1680 days ago
Just looking at the Probables for the BC Classic field..wow not even close to the talent that the BC Classic had last year..whata dissapointment
  • DeadHeat · It is likely to have 7 grade one winners in there with a total of 12 grade ones between them. Out of nine horses that I can see that have dead aim on the race, seven are coming off of wins, while the other two ran second and third. Last year's BC I believe also had seven grade one winners, however one was had won their grade one over turf, and that is from a field of 12. Seems like the talent level is right around the same. · 1687 days ago
Right now the BCC will be all about HDG vs Uncle Mo, however what other horses do you think could win? This maybe crazy and I don't even know if he's pointed here but if To Honor and Serve is entered in the Classic I feel like he could possibly have a big race and win it. Either way, with how things have been this year it's anyone's race. It should be very exciting. I can't wait until Nov.
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  • CauseForConcern · I like your conviction, Rossington, but, they've had 25 previous BC Classics, and only one foreigner has come home the winner, and that was Arcangues, who probably nobody had. I'm sure So You Think is the real deal, but, I'll continue with the trend. · 1701 days ago
  • CauseForConcern · I should clarify. 25 runnings on the dirt. My bad. · 1701 days ago
This looks like a nice field for the breeders cup! i just REALLY wish animal kingdom could enter