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The Breeders’ Cup World Championships has been nominated in the Sports Event of the Year category for the 2014 Sports Business Awards presented by Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily. Read More
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  • EP Taylor · Laz the quality of the outdoor games was not evident, the spectacle was what made headlines. The classic stretch run takes the cake for me. · 25 days ago ·
  • LAZMANNICK · Great Classic without a doubt E.P. The stretch run was as exciting as any other in the history of the event. It’s the hype and excitement that both events create that will be the final measuring stick. I wonder what the quality of the stretch run would have been if the race was run in sub-zero temperatures that some of the winter classics have been played in, or in continuously falling snow like others; or on soft sticky mud that would be horse racing’s equivalent of hockey played on ice so soft that the puck actually stuck to it, which we have seen in still others. The BCC was a first rate two days, but the Winter Classic was also first rate and the TV ratings were exceptionally high for a hockey game on New Years Day, which traditionally has always been dominated by College Football. Either one winning would do it for me. · 25 days ago ·
His career spanned four (4) decades. 4,888 trips to the Winners Circle include 3 in the Kentucky Derby, 2 Preakness’, 3 Belmont Stakes and 8 in the Breeders’ Cup. Since 2005, he has mounted only one thoroughbred for a competitive race. Yet, just 2 months shy of age 50, Gary L. Stevens still has the ...Read More
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  • Sullivan · I think you have the wrong site. If you'd like to fight, please go here> http://www.goarmy.com/learn/apply.html · 89 days ago ·
  • Mary Z. · Quit dredging up this old thread. Why not build a crucifix out back already. Guy made the wrong prediction; so what? I hate this thread. · 89 days ago ·
Enjoy the first installment of Mary Cage's blog series featuring pony horses from tracks across the nation.Read More
Enjoy the final installment of Mary Cage's seven-part series featuring her personal best moments from her 2013 Breeders' Cup experience.Read More
  • baileydanger1 · Great article, captured all the feelings of BC13 that made it so special. One small correction though, Mike Smith repeated his Classic Double in 2011 with Royal Delta and Drosselmeyer. It was very exciting to see Gary do the same upon his return to the saddle. · 142 days ago ·
  • EP Taylor · Attsa my boy!. · 142 days ago ·
Enjoy the fifth installment of Mary Cage's seven-part series featuring her personal best moments from her 2013 Breeders' Cup experience.Read More
  • Ruffianlover · I have always liked secret circle. No one was beating bode in Arkansas that day but besides that one blemish this horse is sharp! · 149 days ago ·
  • LennyGeorge · Special Horse he is.... · 148 days ago ·
Enjoy the sixth installment of Mary Cage's seven-part series featuring her personal best moments from her 2013 Breeders' Cup experience.Read More
  • zatt · Two terrific mares for sure. I was a fan of Groupie Doll since her debut, so that is where my allegiance lies, but I have huge respect for Mizdirection. Beating males two years in a row is no small task. · 148 days ago ·
I noticed that next Thursday there will be a Congressional hearing on medication in horse racing. The bill would create federal regulation of drugs given to race horses and the United States Anti-Doping Agency would be in charge of the investigation of drug offenses. I usually don't want government intervention in most things but this might be just what racing needs or at least get the "leaders" of the sport to do something. Doing nothing is going to kill the sport.
Enjoy the fourth installment of Mary Cage's seven-part series featuring her personal best moments from her 2013 Breeders' Cup experience.Read More
  • BrianZipse · I was impressed ... BC Mile next year? · 153 days ago ·
  • tmallios1 · Agreed,other than Beholder and possibly the Band Bang finish in the Classic.The most impressive Runner visually on the card.The time was aided by a fast turf course.That should not take away anything from the result.He was amazing.Kudos also to runner up Giovanni Boldinni. I do not know or care how they stack up to the competition overseas. All i know is that these 2 guys put on quite a show. · 152 days ago ·
Only took 30 years to ruin this idea - what started off as a mobile unit that promoted the sport, brought quality racing around the continent and was all about the horses is now about the people. How long before it is completely a social event?
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  • Northport · I know that, it does not change the fact that they are now adding more seating · 154 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · TGhe Breeder`s CUp has destroyed the regular, repated traditonal set of challenges (PLURAL) that are commonplace im all others and makes the day TOO DEPENDENT upon a single performance so ti falls in ther realm of randomness · 154 days ago ·
Enjoy the third installment of Mary Cage's seven-part series featuring her personal best moments from her 2013 Breeders' Cup experience.Read More
  • pedigree_power · Mary, it was terrific meeting you and reading the posts of your Breeders' Cup experience. When did you find time to do interviews??? LOL. Looking forward to next year. · 155 days ago ·
Super Screener had an OUTSTANDING Breeders' Cup!Read More
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  • geldedridgling · Will all due respect, the fallacy in touting your system after 2 pretty formful breeders cup days is that it ignores the cost of the 10s of other plays your system suggests, to arrive at a net profit. Further I'd like to see if you actually placed this wager. That would be a better sales pitch IMO. · 159 days ago ·
  • buds · "Picking the winners is the easy part, betting them properly is the battle."~Sun Tzu. LOL · 159 days ago ·
Enjoy the second installment of Mary Cage's seven-part series featuring her personal best moments from her 2013 Breeders' Cup experience.Read More
Enjoy the first installment of Mary Cage's seven-part series featuring her personal best moments from her 2013 Breeders' Cup experience.Read More
TV ratings were down from last year’s edition, but the betting handle was up 11% over last year and betting in general in N/A for October was up 8.3%. These betting increases, along with the successful F.T. sales auction, are proof that racing in general is at least holding its own in terms of the declines we’ve seen in recent years, though if one reads into the sales numbers, many of the top priced horses are leaving the United States, which in itself might also be a concern. The BC TV rating will never win out against football. Just a thought, but wouldn’t it be wise to try and hold the Breeders Cup in a warm weather state in late November when college football is on a bit of a hiatus before the bowl games? This would also allow more time between some of the more demanding European races like the Arc and might possibly encourage more participation for overseas.
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  • buckpasser · Laz. Good points. It would be a real help if we weren't competing with football. · 161 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · Have you BEEN to that track...Th e Mexican guys riding in Vancouver did not think much of it · 161 days ago ·
Now that the Breeders Cup program is finish. Which horse/horses impressed you the most?
So which race (other than the classic) are you most excited for tomorrow? For me it's a toss up between the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies & Breeders' Cup Turf
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  • Sullivan · He's very green. I'm sorry, but no one is going to beat Pletcher's pair today but Flat Out. He carefully shipped Havana and Palace Malice on a different plane and day than Verrazano, the Princess... Pletcher knows he is live here and the only way Havana loses is if he misses the break · 164 days ago ·
  • AnneShaw · What I mean is running style. In his first he took on the role of come from behind. Felt like that was because he was pretty unsure what to do when the bell rang and the gate opened. In order to win he had to run as he did but trying to figure what his natural style is and how the way the track is playing will affect him. · 164 days ago ·
I will miss most of today's card, so good luck and may everyone come home safe and sound!
Looking for some possible long shots for today's Breeders' Cup races? Mary Cage offers a look at at least one long shot in each Friday race.Read More
  • pointgiventcl · Great article, Mary! I was in agreement on London Bridge until I heard Mike Smith talking about him not handling the dirt on HRTV this morning. Aotearoa is a horse everyone seems to have forgotten about despite what I thought was an impressive win last time. And I have thought Colonel Joan could be a bomber at a big price since the Surfer Girl - she was motoring at the end of that one. · 165 days ago ·
It's Breeders' Cup Friday - catch the excitement and enjoy these GORGEOUS shots courtesy of Tony Bada Bing from the Santa Anita Read More
Mary Cage spent a large portion of the morning with reigning Horse of the Year Wise Dan and caught up with trainer Charlie LoPresti. Read about Wise Dan's preparation two days out from his defense of the Breeders' Cup Mile.Read More
2013 Breeders' Cup Dashboard

Race Results & Past Performances

View Details11/08/14SA906 fD03+ MBreeders' Cup Sprint-G1   0:00.00
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA111 mileT03+ MBreeders' Cup Mile-G1Wise DanZa ApprovalSilentio1:32.47
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA106 fD03+ MBreeders' Cup Sprint-G1Secret CircleLaugh TrackGentlemen's Bet0:00.00
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA67 fD03+ FBreeders' Cup Filly and Mare Sprint-G1Groupie DollJudy The BeautyDance Card1:20.75
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA91 1/2mT03+ MBreeders' Cup Turf-G1MagicianThe FugueIndy Point2:23.23
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA81 1/16 mD02 MBreeders' Cup Juvenile-G1New Year's Day HavanaStrong Mandate1:43.52
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA76 1/2 fT03+ MBreeders' Cup Turf Sprint-G1MizdirectionReneesgotzip 1:22.25
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA41 1/16 mD02 FBreeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies-G1Ria AntoniaShe's A TigerRosalind1:43.02
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA121 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders' Cup Classic-G1Mucho Macho ManWill Take ChargeDeclaration Of War2:00.72
View DetailsView Video11/02/13SA51 1/4 mT03+ FBreeders' Cup Filly and Mare Turf-G1DankRomanticaAlterite1:58.73
View DetailsView Video11/01/13SA71 mileT02 MBreeders' Cup Juvenile Turf-G1OutstripGiovanni BoldiniBobby's Kitten1:33.20
View DetailsView Video11/01/13SA101 1/8 mD03+ FBreeders' Cup Distaff-G1BeholderClose HatchesAuthenticity1:47.77
View DetailsView Video11/01/13SA81 mileD03+ MBreeders' Cup Dirt Mile-G1GoldencentsGolden TicketBrujo De Olleros1:35.12
View DetailsView Video11/01/13SA91 mileT02 FBreeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf-G1ChriselliamTesta RossiColonel Joan0:00.00
View DetailsView Video11/01/13SA61 3/4 mD03+ MBreeders' Cup Marathon-G1London BridgeBlueskiesnrainbowsWorldly2:58.32
View DetailsView Video11/03/12SA121 1/4 mD03+ MBreeders' Cup Classic-G1Fort LarnedMucho Macho ManFlat Out2:00.11
View DetailsView Video11/03/12SA41 mileT02 MBreeders' Cup Juvenile Turf-G1George Vancouver Noble TuneBalance the Books1:33.78
View DetailsView Video11/03/12SA106 fD03+ MBreeders' Cup Sprint-G1TrinnibergThe Lumber GuySmiling Tiger1:07.98
View DetailsView Video11/03/12SA61 mileD03+ MBreeders' Cup Dirt Mile-G1TapizarRail TripDelegation1:35.34
View DetailsView Video11/03/12SA57 fD03+ FBreeders' Cup Filly and Mare Sprint-G1Groupie DollDust and DiamondsSwitch1:20.72
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