• Prize Exhibit (3-1) powers home the best in the Megahertz.Posted 4 days ago
  • Uncontested (6-5) romps wire to wire in the sloppy Smarty Jones.Posted 4 days ago
  • Green Gratto (5-2) is a game winner of Aqueduct's Toboggan Stakes.Posted 4 days ago
  • Lockdown (2-1), full sister to Close Hatches, wins the Busanda at Aqueduct.Posted 5 days ago
  • Back at Oaklawn Park, Terra Promessa (6-5) rolls in the Pippin.Posted 6 days ago
  • Vale Dori (1-5) is too much for her La Canada competition.Posted 6 days ago
  • Tommy Macho (5-2) tons the best in the Hal's Hope at Gulfstream Park.Posted 6 days ago
  • Flatlined (15-1) wins a wild finish in the Ft. Lauderdale Stakes.Posted 6 days ago
  • Sandiva (7-5) powers by to win the Marshua's River Stakes.Posted 6 days ago
  • Sunny Ridge (5-2) powers home to victory in Aqueduct's Jazil Stakes.Posted 6 days ago


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First foal. A chestnut colt out of the unraced mare Hailee's Act (Silver Train)
Let's put things into perspective for a moment shall we? At the age Arrogate is now CC had already won 8 stakes/graded stakes races. That is more races than arrogate has run total
If she likes the turf, Chatterbox rolls here. Cambodia & Include Betty or Dynazar for the tri.
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · Weather plays a factor. It's heavily stormed. Turf expected to be soft. Race 2/4off the turf. This could change the dynamics. · 1 hour ago
With my guy Saint's Fan scratched- Arklow to crack the top 3 & Running Mate to step back up
One thing to keep in mind.... Chrome has destroyed all of American Pharaoh's adversaries... some multiple times. Would American Pharaoh have won facing Shared Belief, Bayern , Arrogate, Beholder or even Tonalist on any given day? My point is that Chrome has faced the absolute toughest competition throughout his career possible... and he is still on top. How many horses does Baffert have to throw at him? Cheers to Chrome winning the Pegasus... for if he does the title will be well earned!
  • barrmorr · As to who Pharoah would have beaten is pure speculation here is another question. If California Chrome had been in the 2015 Breeders Cup Classic at Keeneland who would have Espinoza chosen to ride. I doubt he would have given up the mount on a Triple Crown winner. · 5 hours ago
  • Lisa111 · Yes, Chrome is great, but I wouldnt use Shared Belief as an example here. He proved himself against Chrome in the San Antonio after his unfair break in the Classic. Unfortunate we lost him before he had his chance against AP. · 2 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS: In the final workout of his career, California Chrome works 5F in 58.91, on cruise control. Watching the video, it looks like California Chrome is gonna roll in the PWC. Good luck to everyone else.
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · My gawd, this horse exudes confidence & class. That was a easy powerhouse work. Little sad that it is his last work of his career, but way to do it spectacularly. I second your statement, if this is any indication of next Saturday, good luck to everyone else. Splits- 5F in 23.66 35.12 58.81 out 1:12.41 · 2 hours ago
Let us be very clear here...all this talk about Chrome been great is just media hype! California Chrome is not a great horse, he is very good and running well but not a great horse or legend. When it comes to winning excellent G1 races he fails against the big guns...for example he got beat in G1 races by Tamarando, Tonalist, Bayern, Prince Bishop, and Arrogate ...not to mention Shared Belief in G2. Has far as I am concern the only great G1 horse he beat was the female Beholder. The other horses that he beat was mediocre, such as Mubtaahij and Opportunity. Now when it comes to Arrogate...well it took him some time to develop into the great horse he is and he has clearly demonstrated it when he step up to run against excellent G1 caliber thoroughbreds. He not only beat quality G1 horses...he did it in extraordinary time with exceptional beyer speed figure! So who do you say is great now ...surly you are not looking at the amount of races a horse wins...Good luck in your wagering !!
  • Lkb via Disqus · I actually laughed so hard at this post I cried. "Excellent Gr 1 caliber TB's" ?? Did he face a different Travers field than the one I saw? That is some serious serious creative writing . · 2 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS: Spendthrift Farm’s Lord Nelson, the three-time Grade 1 winner and 2016 Eclipse finalist for Champion Sprinter, has contracted Laminitis which will cause him to miss the 2017 breeding season, the farm announced late Friday.“Lord Nelson has developed Laminitis, secondary to the infection in his right foreleg that caused him to scratch out of the Breeders’ Cup Sprint,” said Ned Toffey, Spendthrift General Manager. “It’s a new setback, but we are cautiously optimistic about his prognosis. With that said, we understand the seriousness of this disease.“Mr. Hughes is committed to always doing what’s best for the horse, and that means Lord Nelson will be withheld from breeding mares this season. Our team has notified all of the breeders from his full book, and our focus is now 100% on bringing him back to good health. We very much appreciate the breeders for their understanding."
Arrogate will dig in just like A.P. Indy did -- Arrogate has the same running style --Beware Determination at it's Finest --- good Luck Keen Ice
  • DDAmasa via Disqus · With these two monsters running, everyone else is running for third. But I do wish all the horses luck. If some longshot wins, it will go in the racing history books as one of the great upsets of the sport. I hope every horse gets to take their best shot at winning. · 3 hours ago
  • Bmaster33 · Welcome back Malcolm, I think Arrogate steals the show again on the 28th · 3 hours ago
What do you think the odds of Arrogate racing past this year are? I would guess slim to none. I fully expect to hear a stud deal after the Pegasus and/or DWC (especially if he does well) , and then he will probably run 1-2 more California races before the BCC after which he will be retired.
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  • Blue Larkspur via Disqus · If he makes it that far · 15 hours ago
  • barrmorr · Juddmonte has already said that Arrogate is going to stud next year. Things can always change but as of now that is the plan. · 7 hours ago
NEWSFLASH: California Chrome is going to win the Pegasus World Cup by 5+ lengths with effortless ease! Track = perfect, 9f = perfect, track will be riding fast = perfect, and my prediction = perfect. Enjoy watching California Chrome COAST to glory on Jan 28th. ENJOY!!!! :-)
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  • ChessChamp · Can't wait to see you eat your words. Who knows, you may even have to create a 7th username after Arrogate beats Chrome again. · 23 hours ago
  • marcos via Disqus · Well I hope he wins but I dont think art and ve are talking effort LESS · 8 hours ago
Art Sherman's new song... (Don't Take My) California Chrome (Away) When I think back On all the stuff I know bout horse racing It's a wonder I can think at all I have a Grade 1 racing education That has helped me To read the writing on the wall California Chrome First dressed in nice bright colors Now he wears just red and gray Makes you think all the track's a stage I remember when DAP gave me a nice colt I love to work him every day So Taylor Made don't you take my California Chrome away If you took all the horses I've known Since I was a young trainer And brought them all together for one night I know they'd never match My Chrome sensatiton Everything looks next to his red and white California Chrome First dressed in nice bright colors They gave us silks of green and purple Makes you think all the world's a stage I remember when DAP gave me a nice colt I still love to work him every day So Taylor Made don't you take my California Chrome away Taylor Made don't you take my Chrome away Taylor Made don't you take my Chrome away Taylor Made don't you take my Chrome away Taylor Made don't take my Chrome Taylor Made don't take my Chrome Taylor Made don't take my Chrome away Taylor Made don't take my Chrome Don't take this horse so far from home Taylor Made don't take my Chrome away Taylor Made don't take my Chrome Taylor Made don't take my Chrome away
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  • DarthKoalaBear via Disqus · If Arrogate doesn't go to the DWC, then maybe Taylor Made will reconsider his retirement. The list of horses listed (so far, anyway) as a possibility in the Dubai World Cup looks very beatable by either Chrome or Arrogate. · 23 hours ago
  • marcos via Disqus · Great now do,,,me and Julio. · 9 hours ago
Really nice debut from this guy. A Cal-Bred but ran like a future stake horse. 1/2 brother was a good one, looks like he will be too
Baffert is looking to get his last work in tomorrow because of expected bad weather on Sunday. http://www.xbtv.com/video/xbtv-am/bob-baffert-discusses-arrogates-preparation-heading-into-the-pegasus-world-cup-at-gulfstream-park-on-january-28th-2017/
  • Pebbles via Disqus · 6 days apart - that should work. And when does he ship in? Tuesday? · 19 hours ago
  • Blue Larkspur via Disqus · Oh, but the track will be just as bad as it was for the San Pasqual ... · 15 hours ago
Back to his old ways.Too far back to close the ground. Solid performance though.
Taylor Made Preparing To Put Chrome on The Fast Track http://www.drf.com/news/taylor-made-preparing-put-california-chrome-fast-track
  • nu-fan via Disqus · Good article! Their title is a bit misleading and that it meant that Chrome will not have a longer time to settle in at that farm before they start him on his second career. On the other hand, I am glad that they are not putting him on a fast track regarding the number of mares that he will be covering immediately but, instead, will restrict that number and allow him to develop those muscles needed, first. · 19 hours ago
  • slewcrew7778 · http://www.xbtv.com/video/recent/california-chrome-galloped-at-gulfstream-park-on-january-20th-2017-for-the-pegasus-world-cup/ · 18 hours ago
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  • nu-fan via Disqus · It's a shame that there are some who crave attention so much that they post a video that is from years ago. Also, am I the only one tired of having all of these videos cluttering up the website. One video is fine but this one is meant only to demean. It is called TROLLING and should be deleted! · 1 day ago
  • bmaster33 · What a cry baby this clown is because Chrome lost · 19 hours ago
California Chrome's Dubai World Cup win has been announced this afternoon as the NTRA Moment of the Year. http://www.paulickreport.com/news/the-biz/california-chromes-dubai-world-cup-win-named-ntras-moment-year/
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  • Pebbles via Disqus · Really? I find that shocking. I would have thought it would have been the Pacific Classic or the BC Classic. I probably should not find it shocking because that was the race where Chrome proved that he could win another G1 race despite all the detractors suggesting otherwise and Victor did it with a slipped saddle. · 21 hours ago
  • nu-fan via Disqus · Story just got posted here, on HRN, as well. Very deserving! · 20 hours ago
Hoppertunity Targeting The Pegasus Undercard http://www.paulickreport.com/news/thoroughbred-racing/hoppertunity-stanford-targeting-stakes-pegasus-world-cup-undercard/