• Keen Ice shocks American Pharoah in the Travers.Posted 17 hours ago
  • Flintshire flaunts his class in the Grade 1 Sword Dancer.Posted 19 hours ago
  • Nothing but a walk in the park for Private Zone in the Grade 1 Forego.Posted 20 hours ago
  • Runhappy runs them off their feet in the Grade 1 King's Bishop.Posted 20 hours ago
  • Unbridled Forever storms to victory in the Grade 1 Ballerina.Posted 21 hours ago
  • Sheer Drama makes her claim as the East's best mare with a Personal Ensign win.Posted 21 hours ago
  • Lubash runs by King Kreesa to score in the West Point.Posted 1 day ago
  • Sudden Surprise much the best in the Funny Cide.Posted 1 day ago
  • Stormy Regatta a game winner of the Riskaverse.Posted 2 days ago
  • Da Big Hoss roles down the lane to score in the John's Call.Posted 3 days ago


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going with Matterhorn
  • Mary Z. · I could see him winning due to this being a race of all earlies to one degree or the other and the 9f distance, so since he won't be the fastest out of the gate, maybe. However :) I took a glance last night. Will post soon, with the entries. Those must be two of last year's above. · 6 minutes ago
Without Keen Ice in the mix, the commentators would be gushing about how American Pharoah dominated his class once again, turning back the charge from Frosted down the stretch. Honor Code, Beholder and other speed horses will be pressing Pharoah to tire him at Keeneland. Let's hope that he is well rested to show his best, and that the early retirement talk doesn't happen. Looking forward to seeing the filly do well against the boys.
No human being is perfect. No animal is perfect. Any given day an athlete or team can be beaten. Same goes with a racehorse. Yes American Pharoah has accomplished very much, and has never been pressed to. But I can not help seeing in my mind, Texas Red nosing out American Pharoah making this the best finish in history. It will shadow the Derby win, Preakness, and Belmont for sure. Good luck to all and enjoy!
  • JIM TURANO/BROKER*DIVERSE REAL via Disqus · Well half right and the most important part of my discussion, American Pharoah can and did loose yesterday. Watching T.V. and listening to the two handicappers made me feel that I was so right. When they say things like after 7Furlongs Pharoah will just pull away. A monster. To see the tote boards and read how millions were bet on Pharoah. And the board that shows who is in front, after the beginning of the race, and analysis who wins, who is 2nd. and third. The computer board. We had the best crop of horses in the Travers yesterday. Still I thought Pharoah peeked and was do for a disappointment. The horse I liked Texas Red did not run his race at all. Anyway, The Breeders Cup in the fall will be exciting. · 24 minutes ago
Ok, does anyone know anything about AP standing at Coolmore Ireland? I thought he was standing in the states. I just read a Paulick Report article that said he would stand in Ireland. Not sure where they got there information on that one.
BREAKING NEWS : American Pharoah has come out of the Travers in good shape. Ahmed Zayat tells DRF'S Jay Privman On Sat night that he was "60-40" towards retirement, but wanted to talk to Baffert, etc. Also, Zayat said if Pharoah were to run in BC, and was to prep beforehand, his ideal spot would be at Churchill Downs , then remain in Ky for Breeders Cup. According to DRF
I live in Louisville and on yesterday mornings news they said that Baffert had indicated that if all went well yesterday they were thinking of running one more prep at Churchill Downs. Im hoping the fact they sent him back to Del Mar means those plans have changed. I would love to see him run here, but Zayat said after the race that Pharoah came out of it in good order but he is a very tired horse. I think to have him on his ''A Game" for the classic its best to rest him and hope he fires fresh.. I really think the quick turnaround from the Haskell has left him vulnerable and Baffert will have to do a yeomans job to have him on top of his game for the Classic. Honor Codes connections have to be excited. Theres gonna be much more speed in the Classic , and Frosted just showed everyone the recipe to beat him. But he was without a doubt tired. Give him 2 months rest and hopefully we see the real pharoah at keeneland for his farewell ride.
Absolutely NO shame in second place, You've had a grueling schedule Pharoah ! You have nothing to prove to anyone. You deserve a well earned rest until Breeders Cup day. My only wish is that you STAY HEALTHY and are not asked much more, to pour out your heart -and body for your owners, trainer and fair weather fans. You ARE among the elite of TB racehorses, Pharoah !! A Triple Crown Winner !! God be with you Pharoah, now and throughout a long and happy after track life !
Looks a little worn out this morning after a big effort yesterday, but the Triple Crown winner is still a gorgeous specimen https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNqqytlWgAARHLg.jpg
All in all, I think he ran a good race yesterday, especially since he was kind of tired and had to deal with Frosted glued to his hip. Good second. Anyway, I think they should rest him, and then run him in an allowance race to get him back into the swing of things (no shame in that) and then go to the Breeders Cup.
He's going to be eatin up by Honor Code next.
Why is it that after one defeat by a one length after 8 wins everyone is crying out how much of a nobody he is? People seem to be forgetting that the almighty Secretariat lost the Whitney to a horse named Onion...he also lost the Woodward! Big Red is really staring to get on my nerves, because all I hear is "Oh nobody will ever be as good as him" "World's best horse ever" etc... Please stop boasting about how weak and horrible this crop is, because its really not! Just because a crop has an amount of "weak" runners in it, and just because a crop isn't a "speedy" one, doesn't mean it's a horrible one. We waited basically 4 DECADES for a Triple Crown winner to come, 13 since 1978 have tried and failed, and when we get one we hear "Oh it's just because this is a horrible crop. He'll never be a racing great." So tired of it, as I'm sure many others are.
And the connections wonder why he is a tired, flat horse. He just came out of a really hard 10f race. And what is he doing? Resting in his stall, recuperating? Nope. He is out parading for his fans. I know they want to see him. But sometimes he just needs to be left alone
Flintshire earned a 112 Beyer Speed Figure for his victory yesterday in the G1 Sword Dancer, the highest North American turf Beyer number at 1 mile or over since 2008.
Wow does KI have a great pedigree! I had no idea.
Keen Ice earned a 106 Beyer Speed Figure for his victory yesterday in the G1 Travers Stakes.
Personal Ensign winner Sheer Drama has come out of the race in good shape and is already on her way back to Florida where she will train up to BC Distaff, per trainer David Fawkes. According to DRF
The biggest difference between Keen Ice and American Pharoah's campaign that could explain the loss? Shipping. American Pharoah should have never shipped back to California. The Zayats ought to have left him there at Monmouth to make a decision, or forgone any racing in New York.
The comments by Baffert are disappointing. "AP didn't feel right today..." Really?? I guess all the other horses beaten by AP "didn't feel right" those days. This was the first and ONLY time that AP was pushed near the top of the stretch. I've been saying for months that AP was able to run his race during the TC season. Look, although it's obvious I'm a KI fan, ap is the best 3 year old...but he is far from a historic thoroughbred. The 3 yr old crop is slow-and that includes keen ice. AP would have never won the crown vs hard spun n steet sense-just an example. He benefitted from an extremely weak n slow 3 year old crop. But, he won the TC-no one handed that to him my point from the beginning has been that although a great horse-not a comparable horse to the true greats because of the lack of competition.
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  • Ferrisjso26 · I really think you're wrong about AP's level of competition. This crop is one of the best of this new century along with 2012,2007 and IMO 2011. Dortmund, Firing Line, Frosted, Keen Ice, Carpe Diem, Materiality, Upstart, Stanford, Texas Red, Calculator, Stanford, Competitive Edge, Smart Transition and Speighster. This to me is a really deep group of elite three year olds, has that list been dwindled by injuries? There's no question about that but all crops at this stage are to some degree or another. What upsets me is in a matter of months this crop has went from being heralded as the best crop in years to just a weak litter. If you guys were around for last year now that's a weak crop! There's no winning with this crop for many on this site. If AP dominates effortlessly oh it's a weak crop and he should face older horses. If he loses now AP was just the best of a weak crop. Did you ever think that AP lost this race because the field was difficult? If this crop had no depth there would have been no KI to pick up the pieces from the AP, Frosted speed duel and AP (having run the same exact race) would have hit the wire well ahead of Frosted to the praise of everyone. · 10 hours ago
  • zenyatta mondatta · Why is it when a horse runs out of gas after a grueling campaign and winning the TC after 37 years people are ready to act like he's all of a sudden nothing. I think AP done great considering his campaign. Give this horse a break. At the end of the day, KI nor Frosted will earn 2015 HOTY or be considered anything other than a good horse only beating a TC winner after the TC winner had already beaten them twice. Did Zenyatta's only one defeat take anything away from her? NO. She even earned her 2010 HOTY because of it. This second place finish takes nothing away from AP legacy. KI will only be remembered as the horse that beat a tiring horse. Nothing KI does for the rest of the year will garner him the HOTY for 2015. It's called horse racing. Every horse can have an off day. · 6 hours ago
pharoah showed alot of heart today, I thought he was beat when frosted came up to him but he fought him off like champions do . But that being said.,he is a tired horse and Im sure Honor Code is licking his chops.The Classic is gonna have much more speed in it than the Travers, and thats not a good thing for a tired horse. I know he has 2 months to recover, but for the 1st time this year Pharoah looks vulnerable. I think the quick turnaround from the Haskell may have compromised his chances in the Classic. They should have waited for Churchill for his final prep, but at this point i think his best chance is to rest until the Breeders Cup and hope he fires fresh.

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