2012 Stephen Foster Handicap (G1)

6/16/2012, Churchill Downs
1 1/8 m (Dirt)
3+ M

What the Nation is saying about the 2012 Stephen Foster Handicap (G1)...

Which of these two champions will take the ultimate Eclipse award?Read More
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  • thatbigbay · It's about time for a turf horse to take home the big prize. If IHA gets the award, HOTY is officially meaningly. He may have been a good horse, but what about the OF THE YEAR yart? He was only around for a couple months. · 503 days ago ·
  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · Yeah but he won bigger races. None of Wise Dan's races compare to the Derby or Preakness. He dodged the BC classic. · 503 days ago ·
Laura Pugh of Dead Heat Debates give you her Pre-Breeders Cup Eclipse Awards Picks!Read More
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  • dani.pugh · icy, polls say different. His ablity to run over multiple surfaces and his dominance has people calling him the best older male in training. That is not just me. Things can change. Before Rachel the last to win HOTY as a 3yr old filly were Twilight Tear and Busher, both fillies not only beat males but did it at the "classic" distance. Rachel never beat males at the Classic distance as you pointed out, so obviously wins at that distance are not required when one shows other qualityies that seperate them from the rest. Dan has his dominance and ability to win over any surface. So far that is proving enough for voters. You also say distance is valued...you surely can't mean America. Not when we constantly shorten the distance of our races. The JCGC that used to be 2 miles is now 10f, both Whitney and Woodward used to be 10f, now only 9f. The Met mile one of the most prestigious races in our country is only a mile. Distance is not celebrated as much in the USA as much as you make it out to be. Speed dominates, and Wise Dan has plenty of it and has used it to assert the dominance that ranks him so high on many lists. · 549 days ago ·
  • icyhotboo · It's true the older horses have taken turns beating each other but IMO this is a very good group. I've watched and enjoyed Wise Dan and his quick turn of foot. IMO he's the best older male we've had in quite a while and the best of this group because of his consistency and versatility. His trainer isn't taking any chances shipping him and running him on a dirt suface on which he's never run knowing he'll be running at least two more years so he's sticking to turf and playing it safe. Being a gelding HOTY award doesn't mean much to them as they've stated. Dani, you make it seem as though I'm on a personal vendetta, I'm not. I've simply stated factually the way things have been. Also I nor you mentioned Rachel the lone exception in my life time Dominated the Champion Three-Year-Old Male Champion Summer Bird and there were no good older males that year by consensus at HRN comments. That is not the case this year. I however believe her Woodward in which she was never given a breather and five of the six horses running took there best shot at a time in the race best for them was a classic in itself. As for distance I realize times have changed and I've stated numerous times the classic distance has been figuatively reduced to 1 1/8 mile but I don't make the rules so I can only state the way things are. If you want to change the rules you have to talk to people higher up on the totem pole than I am. You flatter me with your attention but I've had enough on this matter until after the BC. · 549 days ago ·
Always expect the unexpected. Pool Play is creeping up to the Classic undetected and is looking to make a splash.Read More
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  • Floridaf · I think I'm still reeling from Pool Play's Stephen Foster win. I'm very excited to see him in the BC Classic. · 554 days ago ·
  • dani.pugh · He closed his final 3/8ths in 35 and change that day, even with being pushed nine wide. I think he has the kick, and I think running 10f over a track as deep as Hawthorn gave him a lot of bottom coming into the Classic. · 554 days ago ·
The older male division is a deeply contested one, but there is one horse that stands out. His name is Ron the Greek.Read More
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  • icyhotboo · dani.pugh, I love RTG and WD but as you pointed out it's his tactical speed that will give FL the edge. Of course having that edge is not a guarantee of anything but I'm really excited over what I perceive as an extradinary group of older horses that hasn't been seen for a while from my perspective anyway. · 581 days ago ·
  • dani.pugh · icy, I agree that this group is a very deep and talented one. I don't remember a time where the speed figures for an entire group of older males have been so consistently high. Even with some defections, I strongly believe the classic will be not only highly competitive an interesting race to handicap, but also a deep field full of talent. I cannot wait for the fall races to unfold so that we may see who will lead the division into what looks to be a very exciting race. · 579 days ago ·

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