2014 Tampa Bay Derby (G2)

3/8/2014, Tampa Bay Downs
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5:49 PM ET
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What the Nation is saying about the 2014 Tampa Bay Derby (G2)...

Dismissed at 14-1 odds by bettors and evidently, his competition, Ring Weekend stole the Tampa Bay Derby. Should you keep him on your Kentucky Derby Watch list?Read More
The Big Cap was just one of many stories in a very big week of racing.Read More
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  • travel_vic · Have to agree in a limited way, Ceteno has a great agent · 39 days ago ·
  • marylandgq · Watching the TB Derby unfold I thought, "Where's all the early speed?!" Great ride BUT Ring Weekend is no one hit wonder and DOES NOT have to be on the lead. Decision to geld him (during layoff) appears to have been a BRILLIANT on by Motion, based on the 3 races he's put in since. · 38 days ago ·
This past weekend’s Kentucky Derby preps were all about speed as we saw a pair of front runners take down both the San Felipe and Tampa Bay Derby. Down at Tampa, Ring Weekend sped off and was left alone on the lead and got brave for the score. Over at Santa Anita, California Chrome led them every st...Read More
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  • goblin · Okay, thanks, Sword, wasn't clear where he was going with that... · 39 days ago ·
  • geldedridgling · Recently, 2 of the last 7 Kentucky Derby winners ran in the Tampa Derby. Musket man won the Tampa Derby in 2009 and ran 3rd in the Kentucky Derby. Since 2007, if my addition is correct, of the intermediate preps, the Tampa Derby has produced more horses that finished in the top 3 in the Kentucky Derby than the FOY, Risen Star, Rebel, or San Felipe. I’m not saying that’s predictive as the sample is somewhat small but I found it ironic if the results of the Tampa Derby are dismissed. · 39 days ago ·
Ring Weekend led at every call to steal both the Grade 2 Tampa Bay Derby and 50 points toward getting in the starting gate of the Kentucky Derby at odds of 14-1.Read More
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  • mhmacfarlane · Congrats Graham, Westpoint Team and St. Elias and partners! So exciting to go to Derby! :) · 40 days ago ·
  • skid24 · Keyed Conquest with Venemous, Ring, and horse running off of syn #4; tri was killed by surfing; not surprising but key is that ring can run 1/1-16 and 1/4. My reservation is his front running style. · 40 days ago ·
It was a hard ringing weekend for contenders! No one had the winner! https://sites.google.com/site/hrnderby/rankings
5 w 7,9 w all & 5 w all w 7,9 tris for 50 cent and 5 w 7,9 w 7,9 w all, 5 w 7,9 w all w 7,9 & 5 w all w 7,9 w 7,9 supers for 50 cent. $37
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  • Sully · You've gotta be kidding me...2nd,3rd,4th,5th. The one I decided to throw out wins. Just not my day today. · 41 days ago ·
  • Mary Z. · Would be way weird for me, ha,ha. · 41 days ago ·
Conquest Titan all the way.
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  • tcglory · Im picking Vincermos again like i did last time he ran, just this time I wont get as good of a price · 44 days ago ·
  • shackleford · Ouch. Should've stuck with my first instincts. · 41 days ago ·
The 1 1/8 distance of the $100,000 Private Terms Stakes fits the mold of a true Derby prep, but the politics of horse racing at Churchill Downs, Inc. must not believe Laurel Park is a suitable venue for a Derby prep. Read More
If you are in to horse racing fantasy games, it is not too late to join the Pick 6 Challenge. Each week you get 15 picks to spread across 6 races. The most correct picks wins. This race is one of the featured races this week. Free to play, and fun, sign up at http://games.scaredycatfilms.com/pick6/
Let’s face it; we all handicap in our own way. We can read the pink sheets, pick a number, a favorite jock, or even just like a name of a horse--sort of like my girlfriend at the time picked Jersey Town at 34-1 and took the Cigar Mile—my tickets became confetti. I sort of have the same philosophy on...Read More
  • Mimi Hxx · I'll try again. I think you are a pretty good cook. I'm a plain Pa Deutsch cook who is lost in Oklahoma. The food out here doesn't hardly resemble food from the NE and I didn't notice the food being odd when I visited my cousin in Illinois. Those recipes sound good! · 42 days ago ·
  • Mimi Hxx · I'll add this - the main staples of the cooking in OK are white gravy, biscuits, chicken fried steak [a cube steak heavily breaded and deep fried], and catfish breaded in cornmeal and deep fried. The white gravy is a peppered gravy mix with no other flavors added. · 41 days ago ·
HRN ROAD TO THE KENTUCKY DERBY CONTESTANTS: Please fill out the form by 12 noon on Saturday EST! Good luck! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_MqMkzos_-HPNrdR5LrAV5Zz10yCcrUm_fGNucgajAI/viewform. A link to the website is https://sites.google.com/site/hrnderby/home
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  • Sullivan · x · 42 days ago ·
  • CauseForConcern · Cocoa, I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for putting this together. It's been entertaining, and I look forward to the coming weeks. I thought I'd mention, that I appreciate you catapulting me into 3rd place, but, if you double-check the numbers, you will find that I have been rewarded an extra 10 points. If you're new to spreadsheets, give me your e-mail address, and I can give you the formula, if you want. But, anyhow, thanks. · 42 days ago ·
What do you do when you have a closer preparing for the Kentucky Derby at a track that you really don’t think suits his style?Read More
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  • indiancharlierules · Casse is one of the worse trainers in the country. Total mishandling of dynamic Sky last year. Conquest Titan will not make the gate on derby day. · 42 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · For a `worse`trainer (please look up the series bad, worse, worst) he certainally has a hiugh win percentage. He has won, easily, Woodbine for several years and his record in stakes races approaches record status. · 42 days ago ·
Conquest Titan (Casse): With a lovely pedigree for the long distance, and his new found come from the clouds running style, Conquest Titan looks like the one to beat here. Last out, he finished second to Cairo Prince. His run looked even more impressive later on when the horse he beat, Intense Holid...Read More
  • Floridaf · I don't think Vinceremos got lucky in the Sam F. Davis. He has all the talent, etc. His luck was in having a smart rider that knew he would idle on the lead and wait on others to come to him. He's mighty dangerous here with another smart ride from Edgar Prado. · 43 days ago ·
I like East hall in this race..
IS SAD THAT BOND HOLDER WON't run saturday is it due to situation on the plane

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