2014 New Orleans Hcp. (G2)

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What the Nation is saying about the 2014 New Orleans Hcp. (G2)...

Palace Malice rolled home to an an impressive score in Saturday's Grade 2 New Orleans Handicap. Read More
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  • Sullivan · With the recent stud deal you may not be far off, though it ought to be noted that Lukas did bypass the New Orleans Handicap to have him somewhat fresh for the Oaklawn Handicap. I would expect for them to go to the Alysheba after, then Stephen Foster, Whitney, Woodward, JCGC and end in the BCC, assuming he is sound. · 17 days ago ·
  • tmallios1 · Sometimes i am puzzled by the fans.They love it when their favorites Globe Trot and fly or van all over the country to race every race. Although the doses and medication are strictly legal,and absolutely necessary. Every time a horse ships from one local to another. They are sedated so that they do not injure themselves by overreacting to a situation. Not an expert in the medicine field,but logic tells me the more and more they get sedated,it can't be all that good. · 17 days ago ·
From Dubai to California, and warm places in between, Zipse at the Track tells his version of the facts from a huge week in racing.Read More
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  • gatetowire · Honestly, I thinkuntapable is as good as it gets for the Oaks OR the Derby. Hopefully her connections decide on the Oaks, as that may prove a more practical choice in the long run. I was not impressed with Constitution, or Vicar's In Trouble. IMO, both will be In Trouble come Derby day · 18 days ago ·
  • Sysonby · really, really like Toast of New York, just saying · 18 days ago ·
Dogwood Stable’s Palace Malice, hero of last spring’s Belmont Stakes, should go favored over a familiar rivalin in Saturday’s Grade II New Orleans Handicap.Read More
  • goblin · DRFHersch is reporting that Prayer For Relief will be scratched from the New Orleans Handicap tomorrow. https://twitter.com/DRFHersh · 21 days ago ·
Dogwood Stable’s Palace Malice, hero of last spring’s Belmont Stakes as the final jewel of racing’s 2013 Triple Crown, has been assigned the top impost of 121 pounds for next Saturday’s 90th running of the Grade II New Orleans Handicap on Louisiana Derby Day at Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots.Read More
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  • AmbitiousD · I apologize if I have not explained this clearly. Ratings in Hong Kong are not speed ratings for races like Beyers are here. Think of them more like rankings in the BCS system for college football. But in your specific example, a horse that races in graded stakes will be rated in the top tier of horses in HK, as its a prerequisite. The priority for filling stakes races is the rating system. So a G2 caliber horse would likely be rated in the 90-100 range, however if the field will be filled based on the ratings of the horses nominated. So if a specific horse carries a rating of 90, he will be entered into a graded stakes field only if it does not fill with horses that are rated higher than him. if the field is full with horses rated higher, then that horse can be an AE or opt to run in high class handicap to try and increase its individual rating. The HK system is specially designed so that "allowance" (aka ratings 0-80) cannot openly engage in competition against stakes level horses (typically ratings 80+). They have to increase their ratings through continually improving agains their own level of competition and "rising through the ranks" so to speak. · 24 days ago ·
  • ekindy · Just my opinion of course, but in this race I see the post positions and weather as having a far greater effect on the outcome than the weights assigned. The weights are just not high enough to have that serious of an effect on the placings, especially at 9 furlongs. I'm going with Golden Soul because I think PM will have a hard time overcoming his outside post and the slop. Bradester would not surprise me either, but I'm expecting the speed to break down some in the final furlong, especially if Smith fights to get PM out front and they battle early. Of course I'll wait to see how the track plays out, if it's good or better then I'll have to consider NI. · 22 days ago ·
I'm a Palace Malice fan, but I'd like to see Bradester take this one. If you are excited about the New Orleans Hcp, and want to try your hand at fantasy Horse Racing, this race is featured in the game I run, the Pick 6 Challenge. Each week you are presented with 6 races from around the US, and you get 15 picks to spread across those 6 races. Most correct picks wins. Its fun and easy to play. We're half way through the Derby Point Series Challenge, but you could get experience for the Triple Crown Segment. Try it out at http://games.scaredycatfilms.com/pick6/
Going with Sunbean!
It may be a year late, but I have no doubt that Palace Malice and Cot Campbell deserve a big win together in the Big Easy.Read More
Many may remember when Fordubai made his stakes debut in last spring’s Illinois Derby. He was all but ignored at the windows, and was sent off at odds of 23-1 in the field of 14, despite coming off a win over the track at Hawthorne. He ran much better than his odds that day, finishing second to the...Read More

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