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2013 Preakness Stakes (G1)

5/18/2013, Pimlico Race Course
Post Time:
6:19 PM ET
1 3/16 m (Dirt)
3 M

What the Nation is saying about the 2013 Preakness Stakes (G1)...

His career spanned four (4) decades. 4,888 trips to the Winners Circle include 3 in the Kentucky Derby, 2 Preakness’, 3 Belmont Stakes and 8 in the Breeders’ Cup. Since 2005, he has mounted only one thoroughbred for a competitive race. Yet, just 2 months shy of age 50, Gary L. Stevens still has the ...Read More
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  • Sullivan · I think you have the wrong site. If you'd like to fight, please go here> http://www.goarmy.com/learn/apply.html · 93 days ago ·
  • Mary Z. · Quit dredging up this old thread. Why not build a crucifix out back already. Guy made the wrong prediction; so what? I hate this thread. · 93 days ago ·
Gary Stevens as the 2013 Big Sport of Turfdom? I’d say so!Read More
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  • LennyGeorge · And don't forget....He rode Seabiscuit to victory hahahaha .... Congrats Gary · 155 days ago ·
  • Floridaf · Great choice! Saying his Classic victory with Mucho Macho Man was popular is quite the understatement, though. · 154 days ago ·
Could the resurgence of the Handicap Triple save racing?Read More
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  • Mike in SB · I would like a series of races like the old Championship Racing Series for older horses, actually in every division of racing. It would be better in my opinion to have the races all around the country not just in New York. Anyway the idea of a handicap triple crown would not work today since no trainer wants to run with added weight, most of the handicaps today are run with the high weight actually carrying less weight than in weight for age races. Handicaps, with real weights, are a thing of the past. · 159 days ago ·
  • EP Taylor · take a page out of the Qipco Champions Series, The Global Sprint Challenge etc etc. A Series of races for each division. Then load up the purses and Market the heck out of it. · 159 days ago ·
"Pace makes the race" is an old and famous adage. Let's take a look at the extreme pace scenarios we've seen in this year's Breeders' Cup preps.Read More
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  • icyhotboo · TM, I'm curious as to where you're going to get those desperately needed 2/5 of a second at the second call? Make no mistake, he, GOD has less chance this year than last. The only way he can finish in the money IMO is if MMM scratches. Even though I doubt MMM will win, his pace will put GOD away. It's probable four horses will leave the gate faster than GOD, two of those will hit the 3/4s faster, I just don't see a win or money finish with both MMM Fort Larned in the race. For GOD to finish in the money one of the aforementioned horses has to falter, namely MMM who will be running along side him. Just so you know where I'm coming from GOD is a favorite of mine, the most predictable horse to ever set foot on a track. He always runs the same race, anyone who hasn't made money wagering on him whether for or against is hard to imagine. Even if Baffert works him to the point he does get the second call fractions, he's then in the position he was last year, over extended and unable to finish in the money. For GOD to win he has to hit the second call in 1:10.3/5,and have enough energy left to not falter, besides that Mike Smith is a definite bet against all day long, this isn't the early 90s. · 188 days ago ·
  • tmallios1 · Icy,that is Bullet Bobs worry,the reason i am so on board with him,is how he is finally handled.The days are gone where they emptied his tank in worthless races.You saw the monster that ran in the Pacific Classic off of a layoff.The 2 months off will make him that much better.If all i have to worry about is 2.5 ths of a second.Maybe i will take Lisas adviceshe gave me for Noble Moons debut. I shall seek out loan officers. I go into the races assuming they will all run their best,except for horses like MMM and Ron The Greek,who emptied their tanks in the preps.That being the case.For right or wrong.This in my eyes might be over when the Marshall in the paddock says "Riders Up' · 188 days ago ·
The Maryland Jockey Club today announced that tickets for 2014 Preakness day go on-sale at 8 a.m. Tuesday, October 1. The 139th running of the Preakness® Stakes will take place May 17, 2014 at Pimlico Race Course. Ticket renewals will be mailed out today. Read More
A look back prior to this weekend's Florida Stallion Affirmed Stakes at CalderRead More
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  • travel_vic · In one of the Noor/Citation races, several track and new world records were set. · 239 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · mixed two ideas: paces were very quick in the Noor/Citation series and several track and world records were established. · 239 days ago ·
As of today, all the leaders of the three-year-old division, Orb, Oxbow, and Palace Malice, are on a collision course … destination Saratoga.Read More
After attending the Belmont Stakes last weekend, I completed my journal of handicapping angles to look for on next year's Triple Crown trail.Read More
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  • travel_vic · correction ORb made a very late tepid move on these so at least SOMEONE showed some stamina power · 309 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · AP INDY, a stamina colt, CLOSED on the late pace fractions 24.2, 24.6 and 25.0 There is your stamina example very different than the "survivor" · 309 days ago ·
Make no mistake, a victory Saturday would resurrect plenty of chatter about Orb being a special horse and certainly clinch the 3YO male division if the trend of recent years Eclipse Award voting continues. Since 1970, only four horses have completed the Derby - Belmont double making it rare air inde...Read More
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  • tmallios1 · yes gallop,just like last years derby and preakness winner whose trainer served a 60 day suspension after the triple crown.yet for some reason,i never followed this site last year.i can almost bet you never broached the subject.it is refreshing to know how selective you are in pointing out trainers.1 more before i go.steve assmussen served a 6 month and a 3 month suspension.on your theory,are we to assume rachel and curlin wre needled as you say. i do not think so.so stop speaking out of the wrong anatomy of your body before you have concrete proof and add others sto your list.am i pissed,damn right.you are slandering a friend of mine. · 316 days ago ·
  • On The Gallop's · tmallios- Oh excuse me did I touch a nerve?....sorry your buddy Rudy should have a fix for that. Scr*w all the dirty trainers...all of them. Stop being so sensitive, how many times must a man get fined or banned for illegal substances administered?.... · 316 days ago ·
Orb's trainer Shug McGaughey discusses what went wrong in the Preakness and what he hopes will happen in the Belmont.Read More
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  • Buckpasser · Almost forgot Carry Back who won the Everglades, then the Flamingo, then the Florida Derby, lost to Globemaster I believe in the Wood and came back two weeks later to win the Derby. As Mike in SB said look at the race records to see the number of starts many of the horses had then and compare it to the race records today. Today you have horses that do a lifetime of 15 to 20 starts, some horses did that in one season. · 320 days ago ·
  • LAZMANNICK · There were many back in the day who raced off little rest like Quadrangle, who contested the Derby and the Preakness, ran 2nd in the Met Mile, then came back a week later and won the Belmont. Citation won the Derby Trial four days before the Derby, won the Derby and the Preakness and before moving onto the Belmont won the Jersey Derby. There are many, many examples of horses racing successfully off little rest. And jammed in between these races they often had numerous workouts, some as much as a mile long. For instance, between the Derby Trial and the Derby itself, Citation also had a 3f work. · 320 days ago ·
There are only three possible rubber match outcomes between Orb and Oxbow, which one will we see?Read More
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  • jinlie01 · and maybe Palace Malice..will probably narrow it down to one or two of the prelim picks come race day. · 322 days ago ·
  • derek.getty · Orb looked like a heavyweight boxer surrounded by bodyguards down the backstretch in the Preakness. When he tried to move, Lucas' other horse did everything in his power to stop him and did, let alone all the others. Oxbow won because Stevens was given a gift. He even said it himself. The question is will he get another one? I doubt it. The Belmont is all about breeding, just ask Smarty Jones. Whoever wins on the 8th will be bred to run that far and a whole wack of these are not. Orb, Revolutionary, Golden Soul and Palace Malice. · 322 days ago ·
Orb may not be the immortal everyone thought him to be, but one loss at the hands of a bad post takes nothing away from him. He can still be great.Read More
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  • matthewmartini · I'm remember thinking before the race that only two horses had won the Preakness since 1960 from the #1 post. If one is superstitious (and I'm not), one could think that Orb would be in trouble. Despite the post, I felt that if Rosario could get him outside by the second turn that he was going to win. He didn't, he looked bothered on the inside, and tired on top of it. Even if he had been able to get on the outside, I still think that he would not have run down Oxbow. The pace was too slow and Orb's big run in the Derby led to a bounce. And the post didn't help. Itsmylucky day ran better than I had anticipated. · 332 days ago ·
  • Jay S. · You said it matthew! · 332 days ago ·
I remember saying history speaks for itself and I was told history doesn't matter. Well guess what history does matter and thats most of the reason why Orb lost. Orb ran his race and did a great job but the pressure got to him and just couldn't put it together.
1st- Orb, 2nd- Itmyluckyday, 3rd- Goldencents, 4th- Departing.
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  • gelded1 · Thanks. When he first told me today I took it he found it after the race and won almost a grand but finally got the story straight and saw how much better it could have been . 12 hour midnight shifts all weekend will make a guy crazy. lol I don't need an excuse like that and everybody knows it already . · 335 days ago ·
  • rafirox · BY THE WAY (travel vic)... Bobcat Jim was posted BEFORE the race on my Preakness thread. So I don't want that crap. However, Itsmyluckyday wasn't posted, but I didn't put any money on him anyway. · 335 days ago ·
thank god for the on line betting sites that stream live racing.if we depended on pin heads like NBC we would miss everything.are you kidding me.the sprint is going on,and i am watching these mental midgets discuss orb and the preakness.there are 2 hours to go.they could care less about racing.it is the ratings.when the racing heads realize that horse racing is fueled by gamblers and not the clueless who tune in 3 times a year.oh sure,nbc will gladly kick in money to fuel the purses.no folks,that is from the money wagered.no wonder the weather is bad again.it is like the track gods of old are looking down and saying.you incompetants do not desrve good weather to air the trash you put on.you must arn it by taking care of the public.who knows.these idiots might forget to show the preakness.maybe they will run a special on the infield party goers or compare the dresses of the derby as opposed to the preakness.
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  • sallyeastman · k, I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio and can tell you that Turfway Park is a great place where lots of Cincinnati and go to watch racing and simulcasting.when I lived in the area we would go over a few times a year.also note worthy is the fact that Cincinnati TP market had the highest rating on the Kentucky Derby broadcast of any major US city 2 weeks ago. Cincinnati tends to be crazy for horse racing. · 335 days ago ·
  • buckpasser · With the new River Downs facility being built and the other changes in Ohio, racing is on the upswing there. · 335 days ago ·
Super(NotSo)Screener Gets Crushed AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!
Hey, everyone. I had a wonderful time at the track today, watching the Black Eyed Susans card live. I was right near the finish line. The best part of the day was certainly watching my filly, Fiftyshadesofhay, win the Black Eyed Susans by a small margin. I had the 2nd place filly (what's the name?) in my super. Unfortunately, for me, Emollient is the only filly in by four horse Super box not to come in. It was a beautiful day today- nice, sunny and about 80 degrees. I didn't specifically like watching the racing through a glass, but I was right near the finish line. My two sons LOVED getting off of school. Funny story, they refused to wear pink... I finally told them: "Real men wear pink. And girls like guys who wear pink." :). The surface was pretty favorable to stalkers and off the pace types. As for betting standpoint, I finished at minus $21 (I believe that's the correct amount). I handicapped very well. In the final seven races, I had the winner 6 times. The one time was the Turf Sprint, I had Bridgetown, but my second horse Ben's Cat won the race. I handicapped very well, but I executed my bets very poorly. It was a really chalky day- I hope there are some payouts tomorrow. After the races, we went to the hotel and went swimming and stuff. Anyone ever been to the Baltimore Hilton? Very nice. Also watched part of the Rays-Orioles game from the hotel view. I'll stop blabbering about my day :). Fantastic day of racing tomorrow, I can't wait to see Optimizer, Zee Bros, Orb, etc. I won't be on (again) tomorrow. Enjoy the races, everyone. Good luck with any wagers :).
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  • Jay S. · It was also great that he is personable enough to give your boy a high five. I bet that made his day. · 335 days ago ·
  • TREBOHJOE · Super(NotSo)Screener Gets Crushed AGAIN!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! · 335 days ago ·
As of now, Departing and Will Take Charge are my upsetters...hope there is no rain in forecast.
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  • buds · Not titletown5 · 337 days ago ·
  • jinlie01 · Oxbow! Made my weekend and made up for my KY Derby loss. Wish I had to exacta and trifecta. I thought Orb would finish in the money. · 335 days ago ·
Very reminiscent of the 88 Derby - Stevens and Lucas worked the same tactics then
My predicted order of finish: Orb, Mylute, WTC, Departing, Oxbow, Itsmyluckyday, Goldencents, Govenor Charlie, Titletown Five.

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