2013 Hollywood Turf Express (LS)

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A return to Betfair Hollywood Park proved the tonic for Boat Trip, a last-to-first winner of the Hollywood Turf Express, but a rare triple dead heat for 2nd may have stole the show.Read More
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  • travel_vic · Forgotten in all this discussion is that the findings of the judges is final, so if they say dead heat, that is what it is. We did have one, on the turf mid-summer where the nose was blocked on both the main and mirror view, and the stewards did the right thing: called it a dead heat. Without exacting evidence (sort of like the review process in the NFL play evaluations) they call the most equitable result · 127 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · Don't know how many times a leg, or flapping tongue is well ahead of another horse, yet the nose is the standard · 127 days ago ·
Jonny's Choice, Unbridled's Note, Boat Trip.

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